RADICAN’S Big Match Spotlight: 11/10 New Redemption: Kenny Omega vs. Rey Fenix in a must-see dream match

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Kenny Omega - G1 Climax 2016 winner


NOV. 10, 2018

Announcers: Gerry Strauss and Robbie E.


This is a first time match. Fenix is the current AAA Mega Champion and Omega is the IWGP World Hvt. Champion. Fenix got a big pop coming out and Omega got a gigantic pop. The announcers mentioned that Omega had beaten Fenix’s cousin Penta El Zero M at All In. Penta is actually Fenix’s brother. Fenix dropkicked Omega to the floor and wiped him with a big tope through the ropes. Omega turned the tables on the outside, but Fenix fired back and walked the guardrail while holding Omega’s arm. He went for a rana, but Omega held on and powerbombed him onto the entrance ramp! Wow! Rey tried to get back into the ring, but Omega hit him with a dropkick. He then set up and hit Rise of the Terminator to a big pop. Omega eventually went for a crossarm breaker, But Fenix stacked him up for a two count. Fenix tried to mount a comeback, but Omega nailed him with a knee the gut. He then followed up with You Can’t Escape for a two count.

Omega tossed Fenix to the floor and whipped him into the guardrail. He hit a big belly to back suplex back inside the ring on Fenix for a two count. Fenix finally fired back and hit a handspring headbutt off the ropes! He then rolled through on Omega and hit an ace crusher and the fans applauded. Fenix went up top, but Omega popped up and cut him off. Fenix fought back and hit a flipping arm drag on Omega to send him down to the mat. He then hit a screwdriver style piledriver for a two count. Fenix then hit a double springboard inside out dropkick to the apron on Omega and the fans fired up again. Fenix went for another rolling maneuver, but Omega blocked it and turned it into a snap dragon suplex! Wow! Omega hit another snap dragon suplex a short time later. He followed up with a third as the fans clapped The Terminator theme. Omega went for a fourth, but Fenix fought out of it. Fenix then sprung off the ropes over Omega and hit a German on Omega! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Fenix blocked one V Trigger and then walked into another. Omega followed up with the Jay-driller, but only got a two count. Omega followed up with a neck breaker over his knee and set up for another V Trigger. Omega connected against the ropes and set up for the One-Winged Angel, but Fenix rolled him up for a two count. Fenix went for a German, but Omega landed on his feet and hit a V Trigger. He went for the One-Winged Angel, but Fenix turned it into a poison hurricanrana! WOW!! The fans exploded and then broke into applause with both men down on the mat. The fans chanted fight forever as the ref began his count. Both men traded chops on the apron. Omega for the upper hand and set up for a One-Winged Angel off the apron, but Fenix fought out of it. He then ran into a boot from Omega, who then suplexed him off the apron through a table on the floor! Wow! Omega eventually rolled Fenix into the ring and made the cover for a two count.

Omega sat Fenix up and nailed him with a V Trigger. He then set him up again and hit another V Trigger. Omega went for another V Trigger and Fenix kicked his leg. Omega then fired back with a V Trigger to the back of Fenix’s head and hit a deadlift German for a near fall! WOW!! Omega set up Fenix in the corner and hit a running V Trigger across the ring. He lifted Fenix onto his shoulder and climbed the ropes for a One-Winged Angel off the top, but Fenix fought out of it. They battled up top again and Fenix hit a super one Man Spanish Fly for a near fall. What?! WOW!! Fenix went for a Muscle Buster, but Omega got out of it and hit a huge V Trigger for a near fall. Fenix went for a double jump corkscrew dive off the top, but Omega just obliterated him with a V Trigger. He then hit the One-Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: Kenny Omega in 27:00. (*****)

After the match, Omega cut a promo. He said there are some people out there upset that he appeared on the show. He said he loved NJPW and Japan, but how could he say no to partying in Poughkeepsie. Omega said he had felt terrible about not having an answer for NJPW not coming to the northeast. He said he took away his free time to give the fans a little taste of what a NJPW IWPG Champion has to offer. Omega said he couldn’t say no to wrestling one of the best wrestlers in the world in Fenix in a singles match. The fans chanted for Omega to come back. Omega said he doesn’t know when NJPW will come to the northeast, but the fans got to have a little Omega. Omega says he loves NJPW, but the world is full of wonderful people. He said he was able to wrestle one of the very best tonight and visit the fans. The fans applauded. A big thank you Kenny chant then started. Omega said he didn’t know when NJPW would come to the northeast, but he could say with certainty he would be back very soon. Omega then hit his goodbye and goodnight catch phrase as the fang chanted along with him.

(Radican’s Analysis: It’s amazing to see this match happen given NJPW and CMLL’s working relationship and Fenix’s affiliation with AAA, but this was incredible. Fenix’s unique high-flying offense was in full effect here and Omega brought it was well with his best singles match since he wrestled Ishii during the G1 Climax. Fenix’s one man Spanish Fly was incredible and his guardrail walking spot was insane only for Omega to counter it into a powerbomb onto the ramp during the early stages of the match. Fenix had some incredible counters for the One-Winged Angel, but in the end Omega managed to land it after a crazy finishing stretch.

The crowd was awesome for this match, but the announcing and production values from NEW left something to be desired. Definitely go out of your way to see this match.)

You can watch this match on demand with a subscription at highspotswrestlingnetwork.com.

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