5 YRS AGO – Mad Dog Vachon Tribute Show in St. Paul, Minn.: Mr. Anderson, Rikishi, Daivari, Arik Cannon, Ken Patera

Mr. Kennedy (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following report was originally published five years ago this weekend on PWTorch.com…

Heavy on Wrestling Results
“Mad Dog Vachon Tribute Show”
November 30, 2013
St. Paul, Minn.

The show began with a ten be salute to “Mad Dog” Vachon lead by Mick Karch. Al Derusha, and Kenny Jay also stood with the locker room around the ring during the salute and were acknowledged by Karch.

Immediately following the salute, Armando Alejandro Estrada stole the microphone and spent several minutes belittling the city of South St. Paul. Two South St. Paul High School sports coordinators stepped in the ring and demanded that Estrada stop talking down to the city of South St. Paul. Before backing down from a fight that Armando himself instigated, the two coaches indicated that they would be in the corner of Renny D. and Rikishi in the main event when Estrada teams with Heavy on Wrestling Champion, Ariya Daivari.

(1) Kingz of the Underground (Scot Summers & Ryan Genesis) beat Horace the Psychopath & Benjamin Sailer. The match ended when Benjamin refused to tag his partner, Horace. Sailer abandoned the match and The Kingz picked up the victory. After the match, Horace tried to place one of the Kingz’s masks on his face before having the mask stolen by Summers. A feud between Summers and Horace is brewing.

(2) Dan Jesser (managed by Ken Patera) beat Ox of The Barking Spiders (managed by his partner, Clutch).

(3) Arik Cannon beat Luke Hawx of The Kingz of The Underground. Said to be an amazing contest won by Cannon after Horace The Psychopath distracted Hawx to allow Cannon to pick up the win.

(4) Darin Corbin defeated Pete Huge.

A 20-minute intermission featuring a meet-and-greet with Ken Anderson, Darin Corbin, Rikishi, Armando Estrada, Ken Patera, Luke Hawx, and more.

(5) Ken Anderson of TNA Wrestling (replacing Perry Saturn) beat Big Mitch Paradise with the Mic Check. After the match, Anderson invited a boy named Hayden into the ring to do Anderson’s match winning outro. For the record, the kid absolutely nailed it.

(6) Main Event: Rikishi & Renny D beat Armando Estrada & Heavy on Wrestling champion Ariya Daivari. During the match, in what was said to be a hilarious moment, Estrada rang the ring bell and established that the referee had disqualified Rikishi for being too fat. The match continued through to the finish.

Afterwards, Renny D invited about 50 kids in the ring to celebrate with Rikishi in a great moment caught on camera. According to the promotion, the reaction coming through Facebook was very positive, with many fans saying that are anticipating Heavy on Wrestling’s return. HOW’s next show is Mick Foley’s “Tales from Wrestling Past” comedy tour in Duluth, Minnesota on February 21, 2014.

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