12/16 WWE TLC On-Site Report from San Jose, Calif.: Key observations on why crowd rejected Seth vs. Dean, how crowd reacted to Rousey costing Becky her title, more on-site observations

Seth Rollins (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


DECEMBER 16, 2018

It looked like a legit sellout. Only seats blocked off were behind the stage. A few seats were open round the hard cam. The upper deck looked completely full. When the pre-show Cruiserweight match started it was about 75 percent full.

-The crowd was into the Cruiserweight Title match. Lots of “205” chants and dueling “Lets go Cedric/Lets go Murphy” chants.

-The crowd was about 90 percent full for Bobby Lashley vs. Elias. The crowd was happy to see Elias and hated Lashley and Lio Rush.

-Moving into the main show, the crowd was very hot for the first half of the show, but there was a definite drop-off after the Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax match until the main event.

-My seats were to the right of the stage, first row near the floor. There was a walkway for people who sat on the floor and during Baron Corbin’s promo, WWE’s production staff were setting up the aren’a security to hold fans back so we knew something was about to go down. When Braun Strowman came out to a huge reaction, Apollo Crews walked right in front of us with chair in hand. At this point Braun got the loudest reaction until Kurt Angle made his return. It was very loud for this. The crowd was really into this whole thing, happy to see Corbin lose.

-Fans were very supportive of Natalya in her match and I would say this match over-delivered. I thought it was pretty good.

-Finn Balor was very over and I thought this result was a huge surprise. Not sure Drew McIntyre should be losing even if they are doing it with screwy finishes. I hope this leads to something for Finn.

-Lots of boos for Nia and I would say about 80 percent positivity for Rousey. I think Ronda is tremendous for how inexperienced she is. Sometimes I’m not sure fans realize it. When Nia was shown walking backstage holding her arm, Becky got a tremendous reaction when she was on the screen and then a bigger cheer when she knocked out Nia. After this, as I mentioned, the crowd seemed a bit tired.

-The crowd was really into the beginning of the A.J. Styles vs. Daniel Bryan match. Lots of dueling chants. Very electric. I’d say mid-match the crowd was wearing down. On a side note, I don’t know how long they will be able to keep Bryan a heel. People still like him. There was a mixed reaction, but he is too entertaining in my mind.

-Onto Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins. The biggest surprise to me was the crowd had zero interest in this match. “This is Boring!” chants were loud. “We Want Tables!” and “Becky!” chants too. I took it as it’s a long show and we want the main event. Also wasn’t as intense of a match as I was expecting. I hope the crowd rejecting this match doesn’t hurt a potential Seth main event push.

-Main event time. All three women got positive reactions, Becky being the loudest. Lots of “Becky” chants. The crowd was into everything. Lots of boos after Ronda pushed over the ladder. I don’t think it was a heel turn, but I don’t see the crowd being happy with her on Monday. Asuka got a massive reaction when she grabbed the belt. The crowd liked her a lot and was okay with Becky losing the title to her. Asuka exited first and then Charlotte and Becky had a staredown on the ramp with referees between them. Charlotte’s music hit and she exited talking trash to Becky. Becky exited last to her music and a great reaction. More Becky chants.

Awesome show live.

Best reactions
1. Becky
2. Asuka title win
3. Seth entrance
4. Kurt Angle
5. Finn Balor

Best heel reactions
1. Corbin
2. Lashley/Lio
3. Drew

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