VIP AUDIO 12/19 – East Coast Cast #429 (NSFW): Bryant & Hawkins discuss fallout from TLC PPV, McMahons announcing they are starting fresh, is Vince trying to hustle his audience, are Triple H, Steph, and Shane trying to hustle Vince, more (178 min)

December 20, 2018

SHOW SUMMARY: This week’s show focuses on the fallout from the TLC PPV this past Sunday and the announcement from the McMahons that they are starting fresh! They half-assed admitted management hasn’t been listening to the […]

VIP NEWSLETTER – PRO WRESTLING TORCH #1595 (December 19, 2018) – Cover Story on WWE’s empty “shake up” and return of Vince McMahon to TV, Parks review of “Death of Territories” book, TLC Report & Roundtable, more

December 19, 2018

PWTorch Newsletter #1595 Cover-dated December 19, 2018 LINK: 1595 PWTorch Newsletter PDF –LIST OF ALL LATEST NEWSLETTERS –CLICK FOR ALL 2017 NEWSLETTERS –CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTORY OF ALL PAST NEWSLETTERS BY YEAR SUMMARY: This week’s PWTorch Newsletter includes Wade Keller’s Cover […]

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