1/28 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on post-Royal Rumble episode including Seth Rollins Rumble victory

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JANUARY 28, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-Cole introduced the show as they zeroed in on the WrestleMania sign in the crowd. He said they are on the Road to WrestleMania.

-Seth Rollins made his way to the ring to his music as Cole talked about his Rumble victory. Fan chanted “Burn it Down!” He said he vowed to outlast 29 other guys because of his heart, determination, passion, and love. He said tonight he is standing in the ring and can say, “Seth Freakin’ Rollins is going to the main event of WrestleMania!” Fans chanted “You Deserve It!” at him. He looked up at the WrestleMania sign. He said he told himself no matter what he wasn’t going to do it, but then he pointed at the sign. He said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!” He said all he ever wanted to do was point at the sign and main event WrestleMania. He began to break down a little and well up with tears. He said winning the Rumble isn’t the end of the journey, it’s the beginning of the journey. He talked about the choice between facing Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar. He said he needs to take some time to think about.

Triple H’s music played and he made his way out and smiled and hugged a kid in the front row. Triple H entered the ring and fans loudly chanted “NXT!” Hunter said he would have been disappointed in Seth if he didn’t point at the sign because he knows that’s his dream. He said a few months ago he stood in the ring and called for him to bring back the old Seth Rollins. (So it’s because of Hunter that Seth is main eventing WM!) He said he’s proud Seth stepped up to the challenge. He said the Royal Rumble was designed to test the limits of the athletes involved. He said they fight until there’s one left, “and last night we found out who The One is.” He said The Machine moves fast and they need his decision. He told Seth that he has until the end of the show and then the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will be there to hear his news. Seth looked like he was deeply contemplating a major life decision. “I need you to tell me whose ass you are going to kick at WrestleMania,” he said. Fans chanted “Slay the Beast!” Seth said it’ll be one of the biggest decisions he ever makes. He was interrupted by Dean Ambrose’s music.

As Dean walked to the ring, Cole said there’s no doubt he’s coming out to steal the spotlight. He said this father-son schtick is so cute “it makes me absolutely sick.” He said when they were riding around Florida in beat up cars to earn $500, Hunter didn’t believe in him and wanted to get rid of Seth. Dean said he always believed in him. He said they were going to take over and Hunter tried to stop them. Hunter said if he’s talking about “his brother” whom whom he stabbed in the back the same night the other brother informed them was battling cancer again. Dean leaned into Hunter and said, “I’m sorry, but this conversation doesn’t concern you!” Hunter said everything in this ring concerns him. Dean asked if everyone can see what’s going on. He said Seth is a suck-up and a kiss-ass for hanging out with Hunter. Dean said he hopes Seth beats Brock Lesnar. He said Seth has never been able to beat him, Dean, without someone’s help. He asked Hunter to make the match happen. Hunter began to leave without saying anything. Dean asked if he has to ask permission from his father-in-law first. Hunter called for a referee “right now.”

(Keller’s Analysis: It seems crazy to give this match away on Raw without notice like this given the history of The Shield, but this fits a pattern in WWE over the decades of giving a match away on TV after it’s done the house show circuit and been featured on PPV to present the last gasp of the feud to the largest audience before both move on to other things. The segment was really good, with Seth bonding with the fans and really effectively putting over the “prize” that is main eventing WrestleMania. The hook for later with Bryan and Lesnar both present for Seth’s decision is a good way to try to save the third hour viewership from another big crash like last week.) [c]


The bell rang about 19 minutes into the first hour right after the break. Seth went aggressively after Dean in the corner. Graves said he was in the car for a lot of those conversations with Seth and Dean. Cole asked if he ever saw their relationship reaching this point. Graves said no way. After some offense by Dean, Seth stomped the mat and signaled for a Stomp. Dean rolled to the apron and then tried to drive his shoulder into Seth. Seth countered with an attempted powerbomb at ringside, but Dean slipped free and threw Seth into the ringpost. Back in the ring Dean scored a two count and then settled into a chinlock. Cole said it would be a huge victory for Dean to beat him just 24 hours after Seth’s big Rumble win. Seth was going to dive through the ropes at Dean, but Dean punched him. Dean then chicken wing face-planted Seth for a two count. They cut to a break. [c]

Seth hit three dives through the ropes to the floor. He went for a frog splash, but Dean moved. Dean then scored a two count on Seth with a magistral cradle. Both were slow to get up. Seth rallied and went for the Stomp again. This time he nailed it and scored the clean pin. Dean pounded his fist on the mat in frustration afterward.

WINNER: Seth in 12:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Well, that was decisive. Makes sense to continue to make Seth look strong as he heads toward a likely WrestleMania win over Brock Lesnar.)

-Dean was still in the ring sitting on a chair mid-ring. He said he was about to be serious with everyone. He said when he signed with WWE… at which point Tamina and Nia Jax interrupted. Dean stood up. The announcers talked about what Nia did in the Rumble last night. Dean and Jax exchanged words mid-ring. Tamina approached. Dean turned to look at Tamina. Jax knocked him out of the ring. Graves said you can’t do that to Dean because he’s a lunatic. Cole said things are going from bad to worse for Dean tonight. Graves warned against provoking him. Dean began to walk to the back. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James walked out.

(Keller’s Analysis: What was Dean about to say? Will we never know? Thanks Nia and Tamina!)

-A soundbite aired with Alexa and Mickie. Mickie said if Tamina & Jax won the tag team titles, it reminds her of something her mom used to say, that it’d be like putting lipstick on a pig.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not a fan of anyone being scripted to use the term “pig” on TV against women who are on the heavier end to the spectrum on WWE’s roster. For Mickie to be instructed to say it after she had to endure the “Piggy James” storyline makes that even more unfortunate.)

(2) NIA JAX & TAMINA vs. ALEXA BLISS & MICKIE JAMES – Elimination Chamber Qualifier

The announcers talked about how Bliss said she’s going to introduce new moves that she learned during her hiatus. Jax shoved Bliss into her own corner and knocked Mickie to the floor hard. They cut to an early break. [c]

Back live Tamina grounded Bliss mid-ring with a chinlock. Bliss came back with a sunset flip for a two count. Graves talked about all of the men it took to eliminate Jax last night. He said it was insane, but also inspiring for people all over the world watching. Bliss came back with a sunset flip again for another two count. Mickie encouraged the tag and eventually got the tag. She leaped off the top rope and took Tamina down. Mickie then gave Tamina a neckbreaker for a two count. Mickie landed a spin kick to Tamina’s head, but it knocked Tamina right into her corner where she tagged Jax. Jax lifted Mickie onto her shoulders. Bliss climbed to the top rope. Jax went over and grabbed her. She then delivered a double Samoan Drop on both Mickie and Bliss. Bliss rolled to the floor as Jax scored a three count on Mickie.

WINNERS: Nia & Tamina qualified for the Elimination Chamber to crown first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Champions.

-Dasha Fuentes (Graves said her name when throwing to the segment!) interviewed Kurt Angle earlier in the day. She asked why he wanted to face Baron Corbin. She said the last time that match was supposed to happen, instead he faced Drew McIntyre and was humiliated. She asked if he’s scared the same thing will happen to him against Corbin. Angle was emotional as he said it took him a long time to get over what happened when he lost to Drew, but Corbin is the only one who should be worried about tonight’s match. He said if not for Corbin, he’d still be Raw G.M. [c]

-Corbin came out first. Then Angle. When Angle entered the ring, Corbin said this is exciting because Angle is one of the greatest. He said he won a Gold Medal with a broken neck. He said the fans make him believe in something that isn’t true. He said when he hurts him, they won’t be there for him. He said he’s going to humiliate him. Angle popped Corbin. The ref called or the bell.



Angle punched Corbin a few times and then hit a German suplex. Corbin made a comeback and took Angle down with a clothesline. Angle took a hard flat-back bump. Corbin beat down Angle and then gloated while standing over him. Graves said Angle is so busy trying to recreate past glory it’s getting in the way of other Superstars having the chance to shine. Renee pushed back hard against Graves trying to bury Angle. Angle avoided a charging Corbin who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Angle delivered three suplexes and scored a two count. Corbin’s shoulders were up long before the two count. Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Corbin slipped out and kicked Angle down and scored a near fall. Graves got worked up and yelled at Renee: “Renee, stop! Can I finish my thought here. You’re killing me!” Cole said Graves is Corbin’s best friend and was in his wedding and that’s why he’s defending him. Angle came back with an Angle Slam for a two count. Angle applied the Ankle Lock mid-ring. Corbin reached for the bottom rope, then twisted and kicked out. Corbin then hit a Deep Six for the win. Corbin came up limping and seemed to be favoring his knee.

WINNER: Corbin in 4:00.

-Corbin decided to re-enter the ring and deliver an End of Days. Cole wondered if that “End of Days” signifies the end of Angle’s career.

(Keller’s Analysis: Corbin’s push continues. Angle’s unceremonious elimination from the Royal Rumble early last night and how he was portrayed tonight felt like a burial. That had the vibe of being Angle’s last TV appearance for WWE.)

-Cole hyped the Seth decision announcement.

-They showed Finn Balor backstage who was congratulated by Heath Slater, Rhyno, Apollo Crews, Sasha Banks, and Bayley for his effort against Lesnar as Cole talked up what a fight he put up. He also walked past Heavy Machinery who were acting like buffoons. Well, Otis was. [c]

-The announcers threw to a montage of highlights from the Balor vs. Lesnar match the night before.

-Balor made his way to the ring. Cole said he put an “*an* heroic effort” (as if the “h” in heroic is silent). Cole said he showed he belongs in the ring with The Beast. Graves wondered if what happened to Balor will affect Seth’s decision later. Graves said avoiding The Beast at all costs helps career longevity. Graves wondered if his spirit was broken. Fans chanted “Too Sweet!” at Balor. Balor said he went toe-to-toe for ten minutes with Brock last night, but he makes no excuses for losing. “Brock Lesnar beat me, and then Brock Lesnar beat me again,” he said. He said he never felt speed and power combined like he did last night. He said he’s hurt tonight, but he’s not standing there with his head hung low. He said he’s standing there with his head held high. He said Lesnar beat him and then he beat him again “because I made Brock Lesnar believe.” He was then interrupted by Bobby Lashley’s music. Cole said Lashley was embarrassed last night when he lasted a mere 12 seconds in the Rumble match. Graves said he saw Lashley eat 11 donuts earlier “and still has more abs than I have fingers.” Cole said it’s carbs day.

Lio Rush told Balor it’s a disgrace “a twerp like you even got an opportunity at the Universal Championship.” He said everyone knows he almost beat Lesnar at the Rumble, but he wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Lashley. He said Lashley is bigger, faster, and stronger than Lesnar will ever be. Lashley held up his IC Title belt. Rush said the ass whipping he took from Lesnar is nothing compared to what Lashley would do to him. Balor said he lasted a lot longer against Lesnar than Lashley lasted in the Rumble. Lashley kicked Balor. Then he gave him three chokeslams before leaving.

(Keller’s Analysis: They’ve quickly given Balor a new rival coming out of the loss against Lesnar. That’s good, as disappearing for a while would have sent the wrong message about how he took the loss and how WWE feels about his value.)

-The announcers commented on a clip of Corbin and Drew injuring Braun Strowman’s elbow last November. Graves said he’ll have the opportunity to get revenge against Drew tonight.

-A commercial aired for Halftime Heat during the Super Bowl on Sunday. They even drew attention to Maroon 5 being the official halftime act and showed distressed and crying male fans, then said instead you could watch “this.” They aired highlights of wrestlers in the six-man tag match doing big highspots. [c]

-They replayed Lashley chokeslamming Balor.


Cole said Hawkins and Ryder are lifelong friends in Long Island who started their careers together on the indy scene, then “burst onto the WWE scene in 2008 as the Major Prothers.” They showed footage of them on Smackdown in 2008 when they become the youngest tag team champions in WWE history. He said they were part of Edge’s “Rated R Entourage” known as “The Edge Heads.” As Renee romanticized the story of Hawkins and Ryder, Graves wanted similar praise given to the Revival who are a team that has stuck together. He questioned the wisdom of Ryder choosing to team with someone with Hawkins’ losing record just out of friendship. Fans chanted, “Let’s Go Hawkins!” The Revival actually won, hitting the Shatter Machine with Dash Wilder pinning Hawkins.

WINNERS: The Revival in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Hmmm. I definitely expected Hawkins & Ryder to win their reunion.)

-Dasha approached Bryan and Erick Rowan backstage and asked if he would need Rowan to help him beat Seth if Seth chooses to face him at WrestleMania. Bryan said he would have defeated A.J. Styles without Rowan’s help. He said as for Seth, he celebrates air pollution and destruction every time he says “Burn it Down!” He said if Seth’s chooses him, they won’t wait until WrestleMania. He said he will end of all of Seth’s WrestleMania hopes tonight.

-They went to the announcers on camera who talked about teaming with Unicef for a kid’s charity initiative. They went back to the arena live where a group of kids in blue “Unicef Kids Power” t-shirts in the front row.

-Elias strummed his guitar. [c]

-Elias sat mid-ring. He said he’s been testing the fans, but they’ve let him down. “You need to be better,” he said. He said when they introduce him, everyone should be on their feet giving him a standing ovation and cheering wildly. He said there should be signs for him everywhere “across every arena, across every globe.” He said they are in the presence of greatness, but now it’s too late. Graves asked, “Did he say ‘every globe,’ as if there are multiple.” (He should be giving Cole a hard time for saying “an heroic” earlier.) Fans chanted, “We’re not worthy!” He said he won’t write songs for the fans anymore. He said his songs are for him. (The fans don’t seem sure if he’s really truly breaking up them.) He told fans to silence their cell phones and most importantly shut their mouths.

“Double J” Jeff Jarrett came out with his guitar. “Listen up, slap nuts!” he said. Jarrett said he better not worry about having a problem with these fans because he has a problem with him. As he began to spell his own name, Road Dogg came out in a “The Man” t-shirt. He told Elias if he wants to play for himself, play with himself on his own time. Fans and announcers laughed. He then went into the “suck it” bit. Fans began chanting “Holy sh–!” He told the fans it’s a family show so stop. The chant got louder. He said he made it worse and apologized to everyone in the back. Then “With My Baby Tonight” began to play. Road Dogg sang next to Renee who stood and danced. He pointed the mic at her and she didn’t know the words. She said she was waiting for the female part. Cole and Graves laughed and pointed at her. Jarrett and Dogg walked to the ring singing. Elias hit Dogg from behind with his guitar at ringside. Then he beat up Jarrett in the ring. “So much for some fun!” said Cole. Jarrett fired back with some punches on wobbly legs. He lifted a guitar and the crowd cheered. Elias gave Jarrett a low blow and then bashed him across the back with his guitar. Graves said if this keeps happening, Jarrett will stop coming back to Raw.

(Keller’s Analysis: So Elias has tried to turn heel, but the fans are still cheering him, but they also like Jarrett. This was weird.)

-Renee plugged the women’s tag match up next.

-They showed Natalya warming up backstage next to Dana Brooke. She said she understands Ember Moon, Natalya’s first choice to be her partner, got hurt, but she’s as good as Moon. Natalya wouldn’t confirm that. Dana took exception and said she’s not only better than Moon, she’s better than her. Tension between teammates! [c]

-Mojo Rawley spoke off camera blaming someone for his mess. He said he is the best combination of speed, size, strength, and intelligence that WWE has ever seen, “but they think he’s a nobody because of you!” It turned out, as the camera panned to the side, he was talking to himself in the mirror. He said that ends now because soon everyone will see who he really is.

(Keller’s Analysis: Mojo always seemed to have more potential than his start and stop short pushes would indicate. I’m curious to see how this plays out.)

(4) NATALYA & DANA BROOKE vs. SARAH LOGAN & LIV MORGAN – Elimination Chamber Qualifier

Natalya put Morgan in the sharpshooter mid-ring. Brooke knocked Ruby Riott off the ring apron. Logan then shoved Dana into Natalya. Liv rolled up Natalya for the three count. Graves said Logan & Morgan might be the odds on favorites to become tag team champions in the Elimination Chamber.

WINNERS: Logan & Morgan in 2:00.

-Renee plugged Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge up next. [c]

-Cole touted the announced crowd of 48,193 at Chase Field for the Rumble.


-Ronda Rousey made her way to the ring. She smiled and slapped hands with fans. Fans said if you can’t dream big ridiculous dreams, what’s the use of dreaming at all. Fans began to boo her. She seemed a little perplexed and sold it with an off-mic comment. She said she stepped into the ring for an all-women’s Royal Rumble last year. Then she stopped talking again because of the boos. Graves said the partisan crowd wants Becky Lynch and nothing else. She said she dreamed ridiculously big and a year later, she stands before them as the Raw Women’s Champion. More boos.

She said Sasha Banks gave her the fight of her life and she has more passion and desire than any competitor she has ever faced. Fans began loudly chanting “Becky! Becky!” Rousey paused, then thanked Banks for making her better. She laughed and said, “Okay, okay, you got me to stutter. Good job.” More boos. She looked around. Renee said there is nothing she could say to the crowd tonight. She pointed at the WrestleMania sign and said she knows Becky is watching. Another “Becky!” chant. She said Becky has a choice to make. She raised the mic and then pulled away once fans booed and began playing with the mic like a fidget stick. Then Bayley’s music saved her.

Bayley answered Rousey’s Open Challenge. She said she isn’t Becky Lynch, but she is half of the Boss & Hug Connection. She said Sasha gave her the match of her life last night. Bayley said if Rousey’s up for a fight, put her title on the line against her, a former Raw Women’s Champion, here in Phoenix. As Bayley walked to the ring, Cole addressed the Becky chants. He said she won the Royal Rumble match last night and can choose to face either the Raw or Smackdown champion at WrestleMania.

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t know what would have been more awkward – Rousey just plowing through her script without acknowledging the boos or what she actually did. Between the crowd reaction to Rousey and the chants that Road Dogg acknowledged, not to mention a mixed reaction to both Elias and Jarrett, I’m waiting for Phoenix to be added to WWE’s Bizarro World on their globe… or globes.)

(5) RONDA ROUSEY vs. BAYLEY – Raw Women’s Title

They did formal ring introductions. Graves said this could be the one time it pays to be Sasha’s friend. Bayley went after Rousey’s arm at the start that Banks injured the night before. Rousey applied an armbar over the top rope, although it was a bit of a mess setting it up. The ref counted and Rousey broke before five. Bayley snapped Rousey’s neck over the top rope leading to a two count. Bayley whipped Rousey into the corner. Rousey tweaked her knee. Bayley clipped her leg from behind. [c]

Back from the break Bayley worked over Rousey’s leg. Fans stirred with boos when Rousey made a comeback and then began singing. Bayley surprised Rousey with a kneebar. Rousey escaped and reversed it. More boos. They rolled to the floor and fell to the mat hard. They were slow to get up. Bayley stood and surprised Rousey with a “Bayley to Belly” into the ringside barricade. [c]

Back live, Bayley was in control. She landed a top rope elbow drop. Instead of going for the pin, she applied the Bank Statement. Graves said that’s not her move and she might not have mastered it like Sasha has. Rousey crawled toward the bottom rope and put her fingertips on it to force a break. Bayley broke at four. Then she pounded the mat in frustration. Ronda made a comeback to boos, but Bayley cut it short. Rousey leaped at Bayley on the top rope and tackled her to the mat and applied an armbar to get a quick tapout win.

WINNER: Rousey via tapout in 16:00 to retain the Raw Championship.

-Rousey stood and talked with Bayley. They shook hands. Cole called it a great show of respect. Graves said Banks was a sore loser when given the same opportunity.

(Keller’s Analysis: Announcers cannot talk about “sore losers” when Ronda is on the screen unless they’re referring to her. It’s too ironic and breaks things randomly worldwide otherwise.)

Becky came to a big ovation, limping her way to the ring and playing to the fans. Fans held up paper “The Man” signs in the front row. She told Ronda that she told her she’d find a way to meet her again. She said the last time she came to her show, she dropped her right there. She pointed to the spot in the ring. Rousey stared fiercely at her, but Ronda never came looking for her to prove she is the baddest, “so I came looking for you to prove you’re not.” Fans loudly chanted for Becky again. She said last night she won the Royal Rumble match and, unlike Seth Rollins, she doesn’t need time to think. “I choose you,” she said. Fans chanted “Yes!” Rousey held her ground. “At WrestleMania, I am going to break your mystique,” Becky said. “I’m going to take your title and kick your ass in front of the whole world.” Fans chanted, “Kick her ass!” (This is what WWE was trying to avoid when they tried hard to turn Becky heel.) Ronda took the mic and the crowd booed. She said she wants the whole world to hear this.

“How’s your leg,” she said. She said unlike her, she wants her opponent to be 100 percent and the best version of Becky Lynch that has ever existed. She said everyone knows she can re-break her face faster than she can say “Nia Jax.” She said everyone knows she has the ability to kill her with her bare hands without breaking a sweat, and the only thing stopping her is her decision not to. She said they are the same age, which means while Becky was training, she was main eventing in a sport that didn’t even want women. She said while Becky was on the Kickoff Show at WrestleMania last year, she was stealing the show in her debut. She asked Becky how long she’s been The Man because she’s been a household name for a decade. “You gotta learn something here, honey,” she said. “Any ring I step into is mine. I own the ground under my feet and I’m going to own you at WrestleMania.” She slammed the mic down and had a brief intense staredown with Becky. Becky smiled. Ronda broke the stare and left. Cole asked if WrestleMania can happen tomorrow. Rousey stomped to the back red-faced as Becky absorbed fan chants in the ring as Rousey’s music played.

-They showed Seth Rollins backstage. Braun Strowman walked up to him. There were more Becky chants in the background. Braun said Seth earned it last night, “so go make the right choice and make it count at WrestleMania.” [c]

-They showed a video of a boy over the weekend getting a tour of the Make-a-Wish headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz. He feigned fainting when Seth and Sasha were at the front desk. He played ping-pong with Seth and mixed with various WWE wrestlers including Ronda Rousey, Sasha Banks, and Stephanie McMahon.


A minute in Braun charged at Drew at ringside, but Drew side-stepped him and Braun flew into the ringside barricade. [c]

Drew had Strowman in a sleeper mid-ring after the break. Braun turned and slapped Drew. Drew bumped onto his back like he was knocked out cold. Braun struggled to stand and put weight on his left leg. He shook it out and then charged at Drew in the corner. He sold his knee some more, then forearmed Drew across his chest and clotheslined Drew over the top rope to the floor. Braun yanked Drew hard off the ring apron the floor seconds later. Then he picked up the ringside steps. Corbin showed up and attacked Braun from behind and threw him into the ringpost. Then he grabbed a chair and jabbed Braun in the abdomen. Braun knocked the chair out of Corbin’s hand and threw him into the ringside steps. Fans chanted, “Get these hands!” Braun circled the ring and knocked Drew hard into the barricade. Drew came back a minute later and kicked Strowman as Strowman was beating up Corbin. Drew and Corbin began to retreat as Braun tried to get back to his feet. Drew and Corbin decided to go after Strowman again. They lifted him and dropped him back-first onto the steps.

WINNER: Strowman via DQ.

-They showed Bryan and Rowan chatting backstage. Then they showed Paul Heyman outside of Lesnar’s locker room. [c]

-Cole announced Sasha & Bayley vs. Nikki Cross & Alicia Fox next week in an EC Qualifier.

-Lesnar and Heyman walked out. Heyman introduced Lesnar. Heyman said the whole premise of this show is absurd because Seth’s choice is easy. He should challenge for the championship held by Daniel Bryan. He said they can have a fun grappling match. He said it takes a special kind of being to take the beating Lesnar administers, especially when you try to take away from what he rightfully earned – the Universal Title. Seth’s music interrupted.

Seth marched out with purpose and got in Lesnar’s face. Lesnar laughed. Seth punched him and kicked him three times. Lesnar went down after a kick to the abdomen. Lesnar, though, caught Seth and turned it into a sudden F5. Seth went down face-first and stayed down. He delivered another F5. And a third and fourth and finally a fifth one, this time on his Universal Title belt. Seth struggled to try to stand. He sat up and leaned on the bottom rope and yelled, “Hey Lesnar, is that all you got?” Lesnar looked over and charged at Seth and gave him another F5. And that’s how it ended.

17 Comments on 1/28 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on post-Royal Rumble episode including Seth Rollins Rumble victory

  1. WWE has every right to use the word PIG when referring to Nia Jax. I was so glad to see the fans boo Rhonda Rousey like that. I hope WWE makes the right choice and lets Lynch beat Rousey at WM 35 otherwise Rousey will become another Reigns. WWE already screwed Sasha Banks out of a huge WM win a few
    years ago. I hope the fans boo Rousey at every event going forward.

    • Pat,

      I can’t disagree with you about NIA. Her behavior is pretty piggish even we don’t discuss that she is 300 lbs. Why WWE keeps pushing her I have no idea. She makes you want to turn the channel that is for sure. She has the right partner in Tamina, another one that seems to lack talent.

      • Jax looks fatter then ever. She is outright dangerous in the ring and I feel sorry for anyone who gets in the ring with her. WWE should have suspended her for that careless punch. Maybe they are leaning toward Jax being in the ring against men because the women are scared to get in the ring with her. I remember Chyna was the best female to get in the ring against the guys because she was a true athlete.

    • You know, it’s just this politically correct virtue signaling thing that has taken over where everyone needs to be coddles like little children.
      First of all, being fat is mostly a choice. Unless Nia Jax has thyroid issues, she has no excuse for being this fat especially as an athlete, and it’s her own choice. People can be criticized for choices.
      I myself have gotten fat and still am overweight. If someone calls me fat and i don’t like it, guess what? I should hit the gym so they can’t call me fat anymore. And i actually lost some weight without anybody needing to remind me of my weight problem. So Nia Jax being a “pig” is her own choice. She can hit the gym and lose a lot of those pounds but she clearly prefers eating more calories than losing them through exercise.
      (And why the way, with Jimmy Snuka still looking reasonably in shape at geriatric age when he still alive, what’s Tamina’s excuse?)
      Second of all, once upon a time people used to realize that unhealthy lifestyles and being way too overweight could actually be a hazard to your health. Does anybody need to remind the SJW-squad that Yokozuna got more and more morbidly obese until he ended up dying?
      These people would rather be “nice” to overweight people even if it meant that no life-style changes are made and they end up dying from heart attacks, than they would be honest and perhaps motivate people to start dropping some weight.
      Probably nobody is telling Kassius Ohno that he looks horrible and ridiculous after letting himself go, and that is why he doesn’t even bother getting in shape.

      • Great post and I agree 100 percent. I understand that people are overly sensitive now, and it’s not nice to call someone fat, but you make a very valid point about some SJW’s denying “fat” exists. Instead of fat, they are “plus sized.” And they will make excuse after excuse for being fat. They will even claim they are a “healthy” 300 or 400 lbs. They will say things like they are happy with themselves and not fat. I am all for someone being happy, and if they are happy at 400 lbs that is cool, but they are still fat. 🙂

        I don’t even know why Tamina is there? She doesn’t work the mic well. SHe is not a good wrestler and her father, well we know what kind of trouble he was in, and other wrestlers have been let go for less.

  2. Corbin is another bum, lacking in talent, that someone thinks can entertain. The crowd doesn’t really react to him. He gets X Pac heat sometimes, but that is about it.

  3. That was an interesting follow-up to the Royal Rumble. May I add a comment to two? Thank you, I believe I will (LOL). Nia Jax and Tamina are being groomed for a championship, but I personally believe it is a “loyalty” reward (Tamina). Although her “brothers”, The Uso’s have worn gold many times, Tamina has never been close due to numerous injuries. I am a fan of loyalty and she keeps coming back, even though (other than size) she is not very good in the ring. Nia Jax and Tamina being bigger shouldn’t even enter into anyone’s mind, especially if you have been a fan of old-school wrestling, when there were no diva’s or beautiful women wrestlers. I look at Nia Jax and Tamina as “throw-backs”, all brute, very little beauty and two that will bulldog their way to a limited championship run. Of the two, it will (probably) be Tamina that ultimately becomes the weak link, causing them to lose and go their separate ways. Obviously, Nia Jax is being pushed into another direction (novelty act?), but where is anyone’s guess. Moving on, the match with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose looked like Impact Wrestling, with Dean stopping many times or getting in position for a Seth Rollins move. Seth Rollins is moving on and Dean may just be moving out. Last, Beck Lynch facing off with Ronda Rousey was intense (to me). Like so many others, I am a huge Lynch fan. That said, she has been pretty nasty via social media. I am not sure how much is real and how much is scripted, but I think she may have touched a nerve with Ronda. Ronda’s in-ring reply was by far her best mic work to date and (in case it wasn’t scripted) Becky was “wise” not to say a word. Like many others though, I suspect Becky Lynch will get the nod over Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, giving them fuel for many years of feuding (once Ronda returns from her expected maternity leave). In fact, I really thought Bayley had a great chance of scoring a victory last night, although it probably would have been a DQ. And as far as the rest of the show goes, it was a great opportunity to see what was on the other stations, hit the bathroom or grab a snack. Let’s see what SmackDown brings, because this episode of RAW was good, but forgettable. Thank you.

    • Did you take into consideration the trouble that her father as in and that he probably would be in jail right now if not for other circumstances. I understand your point about loyalty, but there also is a lack of talent there. The fans really aren’t interested in Nia Jacks or Tamina.
      It is being widely reported that Rousey is done with WWE. There is no indication that this is a temporary leave. It was interesting that they booed Rousey heavily. I don’t think she expected that reaction and if WM is truly her last match, not a good way to go out. 🙁

      • BTW, I realize nothing is forever in wrestling and the likelihood of Rousey coming back for some paydays is probable, I am just saying that as of now, it doesn’t look like it’s a temp leave.

      • I understand the issues with Jimmy Snuka, but the child should not have to suffer because of the sins of a parent. And, as stated above, Tamina is big and intimidating but is not very good in the ring. Still, I have noticed over many years that WWE recognizes and rewards loyalty. You can see this with Kane, Ms.Vicky and again with Tamina. They don’t have great talent or “crowd appeal”, but they are
        loyal to the company. Every once in a while, a loyal employee gets recognized. So. Tamina will probably finally get a belt, even if it’s for a limited run. Thanks.

  4. I hope Ambrose took the opportunity to talk to Jeff Jarrett about how to handle doing the job for a woman on the way out the door, because it looks like they are working toward Dean losing to Nia Jax at Wrestlemania.

    • I hope Vince is stupid enough to book that match with that ending. They will boo Nia out of the building. Ratings will continue to fall. Poor clueless Vince. 🙂


      • Is there any other form of entertainment that has such an adversarial relationship with its fan base as the one WWE has with us? I don’t know of one.
        I’m with you! I cannot wait for AEW!

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