Former top ECW wrestler project details released: RVD documentary and Sabu autobiography

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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Sabu and Rob Van Dam got their first big national TV exposure during their runs at main event centerpiece acts in the original ECW in the 1990s. Details have been released on two projects this week involving each of them – an RVD documentary and a Sabu autobiography.

First, the following are press release details on RVD’s documentary…

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Controversial RVD documentary, “Headstrong” to be released Feb. 19 on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU

Professional wrestling legend Rob Van Dam embarks on a life-changing journey across the country in the candid and unflinching documentary, “Headstrong.” Giving an honest look into the life of the athlete known to millions around the world as “RVD,” the film captures him on the road doing standup comedy. While on tour, an unexpected roadblock paves the way for an exploration into the realities of professional sports. What follows is an unforgettable rollercoaster, as RVD gives an unprecedented and unique look into the world of professional wrestling, and his one of a kind strategy in life.

Backrow Studios works in conjunction with RVD Productions to produce “Headstrong,” a feature length documentary that will be released on Feb. 19, 2019. The film is now available for pre-order on iTunes, and will be available to own on iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU.

The following are press release details on the Sabu autobiography being released next month…

TITLE: SABU: Scars, Silence, & Superglue

AUTHORS: “Sabu” Terry Brunk & Kenny Casanova PAGES: 400 pages of brutality 

PICTURES: Rare shots from ECW Photog George Tahinos 

RELEASE DATE: March 2019 



GUEST PASSAGES: Bill Alfonso, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Al Snow, Mikey Whipwreck, Mike Johnson, Justin Credible, Blue Meanie, Don Vega, Mike Johnson, Kevin Sullivan & more! 

“I have said it before and will say it again, there would be no “Taz” without Sabu. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him; both for his great legacy as a wrester and the respect he deserves as the man he is.” – Taz 

“Sabu’s autobiography reads like fiction because his story seems so unbelievable, but every word is true! Nephew of the legendary Sheik, a funny intelligent guy who gave more to the business than most ever will, and a man who has both more balls and athleticism than anyone I’ve ever met.” – Raven 

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Kenny Casanova was selected by Sabu to get his story to paper. As a manager from the northeast who played Kim Chee on occasion, Kenny first published Kamala’s book raising almost 60k, after he lost both legs to diabetes. Kenny has since completed autobiographical projects with Brutus Beefcake, Danny Davis, and also a long-awaited one coming from Big Van Vader (4/2019.) We have two project goals: 

-Print Sabu’s Life Story to offer an autobiography from a man who changed the wrestling business. 

-Create Brand Awareness and merchandise for a man who gave fans many years of his life. (As always with WOHW, the majority of the proceeds directly benefit Sabu!.) 

Sabu’s actions always spoke louder than words. After training with his legendary uncle The Sheik and his big break in Japan, Sabu pioneered a new “hardcore wrestling style” on American television in the 90s. Upon his ECW debut, he immediately dazzled fans with an innovative arsenal that included breaking tables, leaping off chairs, and working highly-acrobatic moves into every match. Raising the bar, he changed the game for professional wrestlers everywhere. Discover how his SCARS from barbwire, his SILENCE on the mic, and use of SUPERGLUE for bleeding led him to every major promotion in the world. Read about being shot in the face, his battle with addiction, road stories, ribs, and his crazy rockstar life! …PLUS: 

-Growing up and training with The Sheik in the territorial days of wrestling 

-Training with student “RVD” Rob Van Dam 

-Being considered “The King of Indies” 

-Scarsfrom FMW Barbwire matches 

-His silence on the mic 

Brutal use of super glue to stop bleeding 

A tell-all on his substance abuse and demons 

-His ECW, WCW, and WWE runs, including heat with certain wrestlers 

-Crazy rockstar-like road stories, ridiculous and horrific wrestler pranks/ribs 

Check ut (with autographed editions available). Additionally, there is currently a pre-order incentive. If fans pre-order the book, they are entered to win some cool rare Sabu merch including a limited version of the book, signed pictures and ring-worn gear.

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