WEEKLY OVERVIEW – IMPACT WRESTLING (thru 2/10): Top stories of week, major show lineups, live event results, schedule of live events, noteworthy social media posts, more

By Landon Pipkin, PWTorch Contributor


The following is the latest in a new series of weekly in-depth articles exclusive to PWTorch which will help put in perspective major wrestling promotions with a weekly overview, looking at news and roster developments, results, future line-ups, social media activity, key interviews, plus a timely commentary at the end. We will be featuring similar features on other promotions each week and each will be updated weekly.

•Top Stories of the Week

  • On this week’s episode of Impact, The Lucha Brothers defeated LAX to win the Impact World Tag-Team championships. LINK
  • On Friday, Impact Wrestling Tag-Team champion, Fenix, was injured during a match while competing for AAW. Fenix was hospitalized, but was released after he was treated for a muscle contusion. LINK
  • The main event for United We Stand was announced on this week’s episode of Impact. Rob Van Dam & Sabu will face The Lucha Brothers in an extreme dream match. LINK
  • PWInsider reported that AAA’s partnership with All Elite Wrestling will not affect their current partnership with Impact Wrestling. LINK

•Live Event Results

Taped 1/26/2019 – One Night Only: New Beginnings, Holy Family Academy, Hazleton, Pa.

(1) Fallah Bahh defeated Evander James

(2) Scarlett Bordeaux (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Christina Marie

(3) Desean Pratt defeated KM

(4) Sean Carr (c) defeated Tony Storm, Sam Adams, Cody Vance, KC Navarro, and Mike Orlando. – Ladder match for the PPW Championship.

(5) Rich Swann (c) defeated Sami Callihan – X-Division Championship match.

(6) Arrogance of Excellence (Clutch Adams & Johnny Moran) (w/ ?) defeated South Philly’s Finest (Jimmy Konway & Luca Brazzi) (c) – PPW Tag-Team Championship match.

(7) Eddie Edwards defeated Moose – Street Fight

(8) Johnny Impact (c) defeated Eli Drake – Impact World Championship match.

•Upcoming Major Show Line-up: Rebellion in Toronto


•Upcoming Events

2/15/2019 – Impact Live, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.
2/16/2019 – Impact Live, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.
2/17/2019 – Impact Live, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.
3/22/2019 – Impact Tapings, St. Clair College, Windsor, Ont.
3/23/2019 – Impact Tapings, St. Clair College, Windsor, Ont.
4/04/2019 – United We Stand, Rahway Rec Center, Rahway, N.J.

•Latest TV Highlights: (2/8 Impact Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling from Feb. 8, 2019, from Mexico City, Mex. At Frontón México. Aired on Pursuit/Twitch.tv at 10 p.m. EST.

Announcers: Josh Matthews and Don Callis.

(1) Willie Mack & Rich Swann defeated Dave Crist & Jake Crist

(2) Kiera Hogan (w/ Jordynne Grace) defeated Dark Allie (w/ Su Yung)

(3) Trey defeated Rohit Raju

(4) Sami Callihan defeated Puma King

(5) The Lucha Bros defeated LAX (w/ Konnan) (c) – Impact World Tag-Team Championship match.


PWTorch.com’s Mike McMahon and Andrew Soucek discuss the possibility of Dean Ambrose going to AEW. They also break down the results and news items coming out of MLW Superfight. Pentagon and Fenix are headed to AEW? They review Impact Twitch and YouTube numbers, and it looks like the Undead Realm is popular.

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•Impact in the Media

  • Eli Drake was recently a guest on the WINCLY podcast and he discussed his thoughts on how TV deals are still important in 2019. Drake said, “I think it’s still necessary only because the biggest advertisers are still in television…”. When asked about the TV deal with pursuit and Impact simulcasting on Twitch, he said, “It’s an interesting dynamic because Anthem actually owns Pursuit so it makes it a little bit convenient in the sense that, now there’s a little bit of freedom as far as what we can do for simulcasting,”, “And Pursuit is – I guess a bit of an outlier of a channel in a sense…” LINK

•Social Media Scene

•Closing Commentary

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was the most compelling episode of Impact in recent memory. The past few weeks, Impact has really put together a great television show with interesting storylines.

This week, I remembered that I get Pursuit Channel, so I decided to watch on Pursuit rather than Twitch. Unfortunately, on Dish Network, Pursuit isn’t offered in high-definition, so I was stuck watching it in SD. That was my first gripe, but it wasn’t my last – the commentary volume was super quiet and the crowd volume was way too loud. About thirty minutes into the show, this changed and commentary became audible.

The Lucha Brothers and LAX had a great match in the main event, but in retrospect, it wasn’t as good as their match at Homecoming. LAX dropped the titles, and I’m interested to see what the future holds for them in the tag division. Also, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen new Tag-Team champions, so this move will provide a breath of fresh air in the division.

Where Impact really shined this week was on the undercard. Willie Mack and Rich Swann had a good match with Dave Crist and Jake Crist, of oVe. And the Women’s tag match was average, even though I hate the undead realm storyline with Rosemary. Also, Rohit Raju had a good TV match with Trey that did exactly what management wanted it to do. Trey has been the main focus of the Rascalz since their arrival, and this match reinforces that statement.

At first, I wasn’t a fan of Impact running shows in Mexico, but after the last few weeks of TV, I have changed my mind. Originally, I thought the fans seemed disinterested and forced to be there, but the fans have been much better during this set of tapings. When AAA talent is used properly, like Puma King was this week, the fans are engaged. Puma King was a major babyface in Mexico and Callihan got legit heat for pinning him. This was a great match and even better booking. Hopefully, we have more great episodes of Impact like this in our near future.


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Landon Pipkin has been a pro wrestling fan for over a decade. He is from Raleigh, North Carolina. Find him on Twitter @pipkinbrand. Email: pipkinlandon@gmail.com

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