RADICAN UNBOXES: A look at Forever Collectibles new line of WWE bobbleheads – Styles, Cena, Andre The Giant (w/video)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

FOCO AJ Styles


FOCO.com (Forever Collectibles) has released a new series of WWE bobbleheads. These are high quality bobbleheads. The first three dolls released in the line are A.J. Styles, Andre The Giant, and John Cena.

Each bobblehead is handcrafted and hand painted and as you will see in the video accompanying this article, they are well-made. Each bobblehead in the collection is portrayed on a stage with a Titantron like entrance in the background and character-specific designs along the edge. There are also logos for each wrestler in the background and on the reverse side of the stage. Each figures is 8 inches in height.

The boxes for each figure are impressive. They come with a slick design with a nice high-quality picture of each WWE wrestler on the box. The front side of the box features a nice shot of the actual bobblehead on its stage.

FOCO did a nice job of capturing the signature poses of Styles and Cena for their respective bobbleheads. Cena is doing his signature salute and is posed so that he looks like he’s about to run down the entrance ramp. Styles is featured with his signature arms wide pose holding a microphone. Andre the Giant is featured in his signature pose with his arms folded.

The bobbleheads are packed well in each box. The stage and bobblehead are packed separately. All you have to do is screw the bobblehead into the stage, which you will see me do in the video below. After that, the bobblehead is ready to display in your collection.

And now onto the FOCO WWE Bobblehead unboxing video for A.J. Styles, Andrew the Giant, and John Cena:

Also, be on the lookout for FOCO to release more WWE bobbleheads in the near future. The Rock has just been released. Ronda Rousey and Ric Flair bobbleheads are available now for pre-order and are expected to be released in the near future.

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