COLLECTIBLES COLUMN 5 COUNT: Figures of WrestleMania’s Top Stars

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


Five years ago, WWE gave fans the last great WrestleMania moment when WrestleMania 30 ended with Daniel Bryan celebrating his WWE World Title win. But in 2019, Bryan is almost an afterthought in this year’s WWE World Title match as Kofimania runs wild.

The top five stars in this year’s WrestleMania are arguably the three women headlining the show and the two men challenging for the company’s top two singles belts. Here’s a quick look at a cool action figure of each.

  1. Kofi Kingston Mattel WWE Retro Series 5. Collectors love the old school look and feel of these figures, which are based on the popular WWF line of Hasbro toys from the 1990s. The fifth series of retro figs included all three members of the New Day. This figure’s popularity has grown over the past few months; there are very few listed on eBay at any given time, and they sell quickly at $25 each.
  2. Becky Lynch Mattel WWE Women’s Division Elite Walgreens Exclusive. Lynch has been a fan favorite ever since debuting on Raw back in 2015, but her transformation from the “Irish Lass Kicker” to “the Man” has taken her from a spot in last year’s women’s battle royal to the main event of this year’s WrestleMania. Mattel’s bad face sculpts of Becky have become a source of frustration for many collectors, but this Walgreens exclusive is the best of the bunch. The figure comes with a Smackdown Women’s Title, which Becky may be hoisting in the air to close the show. You may be able to still find one at your local Walgreens for $20; if not, expect to pay $30-$35 online.
  3. Ronda Rousey Mattel WWE Basic Series 90. Mattel hasn’t quite hit a home run with the first couple Rousey figures. Although Elite figures are typically more popular with collectors, Rousey’s figure from Elite Series 65 had her in non-wrestling gear and came with a table, WWE contract and oversized pen. The better looking Basic figure has Ronda in her “Hot Ronda” T-shirt and black pants, and can be found for $10-$15. If you’d rather wait to get your hands on a Ronda figure, Mattel is including her in its first wave of the new Ultimate Edition line. The Ultimate Edition figures, currently scheduled for a May release, are highly detailed with interchangeable heads and ring gear, and carry a price tag of about $40 each.
  4. Charlotte Flair Mattel WWE Elite Series 54. Mattel has made a handful of Charlotte figures to date, and this one is undoubtedly the best. The head sculpt isn’t great, but the removable blue cloth robe more than makes up for it. The packaging of Elite Series 54 is a favorite of collectors, because it features some cool artwork courtesy of Rob Schamberger. This Charlotte figure can usually be found for $20 or less.
  5. Seth Rollins Mattel WWE Elite Money in the Bank Toys R Us Exclusive. Rollins has more than a dozen Elite figures and even more Basic figures, but this Toys R Us Exclusive from 2015 is probably his most popular. The figure comes in special “Seth Cashes In” gold packaging and includes a gold Money in the Bank briefcase and the WWE World Title belt, commemorating Rollins’ big moment at WrestleMania 31. It typically sells in the $30-$40 range.

Five Count is a new format for the Pro Wrestling Torch’s long-running collectibles column, which began in 2011. PWTorch Collectibles Specialist Michael Moore can be contacted Follow him on Twitter @MMooreWriter. 

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