PARKS’S WRESTLING REVOLVER PANCAKES & PILEDRIVERS 3 REPORT 4/6: Tag Team Title Gauntlet Match, Shane Strickland’s indie farewell

by Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist


APRIL 6, 2019

Commentators: Bork Torkelson, Don Callis, Phil Stamper

Jimmy Jacobs was introduced as the host for the “evening” despite an 11:30 am EST start time (30 minutes later than the advertised start). The Rascalz dressed up as pancakes and came out with him. Beat that, New Day! Jacobs told the crowd they couldn’t serve them pancakes this year, per the hotel that was hosting the event. Fans didn’t like that and chanted “we want pancakes.” Jacobs spent time as ring announcer as well.

(1) David Starr vs. Moose vs. Brian Cage

Jacobs’s introduction didn’t satisfy Starr, who gave Jacobs cue cars to read. Moose and Cage went face-to-face, basically ignoring Starr until he started chopping them to no effect. Cage and Moose tried to keep it one-on-one and keep Starr out of the way until he grabbed them both and DDT’d them head-first onto the apron. Cage delivered a German suplex to both at the same time. Cage dropped Starr on his head on a powerbomb that looked reckless. Moose ridded the ring of Cage and took the pin for himself.

WINNER: Moose, at 5:47. The Starr aspect of this was fun and added a needed dimension to a Moose vs. Cage match.

(2) Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Titles

2a. Besties in the World (Davy Vega & Matt Fitchett) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

The Besties combined on an abdominal stretch on Davis. Davis lit up Fitchett with chops. The Besties were on their heels early on. Fitchett flew around the ring like lightning. There may be no pancakes but Davis brought plenty of chops and clotheslines. High-octane match with lots of double-teaming. The Besties won at 7:30.

2b. The Besties in the World vs. The Rascalz (Wentz & Xavier)

The Rascalz worked in their pancake outfits, at least at first. The Rascalz won quickly, at about 1:30 (9:00 total).

2c. The Rascalz vs. The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon & Fenix)

Two Impact teams going at it. The Lucha Bros. took basically the entire match and won at 2:48 (11:48 total).

2d. The Lucha Bros. vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

The Rascalz attacked Pentagon and Fenix after the match, joined by LAX. LAX then tossed the Rascalz out of the ring and made the pin at 2:12 (14:00 total).

2e. LAX vs. Team Tremendous (Det. Dan Barry & Det. Bill Carr)

Carr dove over the top onto all three men. He delivered shoulder tackles and a Boss Man Slam to Ortiz. Ortiz hit a suicide dive and looked like he hit his head on the guardrail in the process. He appeared to be no worse for wear, though. Barry hit a cutter on Ortiz, who was positioned on Carr’s shoulders. That was good enough for the win and the titles.

WINNERS: Team Tremendous, at 6:25 (20:05 total). This would’ve been a series of matches to give more extended time to, given that talent here. Too bad so many segments were so short.

(3) AR Fox vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Ace Austin vs. JT Dunn

Fox had a crew of three with him and they celebrated with Fox in addition to hitting topes to the outside. A few of them ended up in the audience on that. The other three in the match had to fight off the group before the match went back inside the ring. Dunn and Guevara exchanged chops. Dunn tried to use the tights in rolling up Fox but only got a two-count. Springboard Spanish Fly by Fox for two. Guevara hit a top rope Spanish Fly (the move of the weekend apparently) on Austin that also hit Fox on the way down. Dunn pinned Fox with Death by Elbow.

WINNER: Dunn, at 8:53. Crazy athleticism by all four men on display here.

(4) Revolver Open Invite Scramble Championship Match

This was a battle-royal style match with one pinfall to win. The champion, Caleb Konley was involved, along with Jake Manning, Daga, Clayton Gainz, KTB, Maxwell, Lance Anoa’i, Mance Warner, Arik Cannon, Trey Miguel, John Skyler, and Shigehiro Irie. Daga and Miguel hip-tossed everyone around. Then the WXW ref handling the match hip-tossed Miguel. Anoa’i got a chance to shine. Eye pokes to many by Warner. He brought out Bud Lights and shared with Cannon. Gainz brought in a protein shake. More dives to the outside where everybody sells even though only half of them get hit. Irie pile-drove Cannon into Skkyler, who was horizontal on the mat. Manning retrieved a tent and set it up mid-ring. A Tower of Doom spot took place and they bumped into the tent. Konley took advantage by sneaking in, getting the pin, and retaining his title.

WINNER: Konley, at 14:31. There was a nice mix of styles and size of participants in this one.

(5) Adam Brooks vs. Matt Cross

Cross’s mask hid his growing bald spot while he was in Lucha Underground. Backpack stunner by Brooks for two. A couple of sloppy moments back-to-back. Cross won with his Death from Above move.

WINNNER: Cross, at 4:36. They tried, but it just didn’t work.

(6) Chuck Mambo vs. Rich Swann, X Division Title Match

This was not scheduled to be a title match, but ring announcer and Impact executive Jimmy Jacobs made it so. Jason Cade was out with Swann. Mambo got some offensive time, including a surfboard. Cade got on the apron to distract allowing Swann to go to the eyes. I guess he’s a heel here. Swann slowed the pace as the bad guy. Meteora from the top by Mambo almost got him the win. To the outside, Mambo took out both Swann and Cade. Mambo was about to get the pin, but Cade pulled the ref out of the ring. With Cade in the ring distracting Mambo, Swann rolled him up for the victory.

WINNER: Swann. Nice showing here for Mambo against a talent the level of Swann.

(7) Hoss Fight

This was a multi-person match for the more sizeable talent. Ace Romero, Fallah Bahh, Larry D, Madman Fulton, Jacob Fatu and Dan Maff were involved. Tonga Kid came out to second his son, Fatu. Jessicka Havok came out and declared her intentions to join the match. Havok called the other participants “bitches.” She managed to slam Romero, the biggest guy in the match. Bahh followed with a belly-to-belly on Havok. Fatu and Maff traded superkicks. Fatu also hit the field with a Space Flying Tiger Drop. Romero took out Maff with a suicide dive. Fatu pinned Havok with a moonsault.

WINNER: Fatu, at 5:46. That was a lot of fun, all energy and action.

(8) Ricky Shane Page vs. Tessa Blanchard

Some mind games from Tessa to start. Page with a few pin attempts but then was met with a slap in the face. They traded slaps. Tessa continued to be the aggressor outside the ring. Samoan drop by Tessa on the much larger Page. Page with a release suplex that sent Tessa across the ring. Then he superplexed her off the top rope. A Canadian Destroyer by Tessa off the top rope only got two. That should never happen. A Buzzsaw DDT quickly followed that for the victory.

WINNER: Blanchard, at 13:31. Tessa’s star continues to shine brighter with performances like this.

(9) oVe (Sami Callihan & Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Joe Gacy & Eddie Kingston & Shane Strickland

This is Strickland’s final indie match before starting up at the Performance Center. Colby Corino came out with the babyfaces. The brawl started before the bell. Strickland worked the knee of one of the Crists. He then faced off alone with Sami, as he did a few times here. Gacy and Kingston did double dives outside on oVe. Corino was suplexed off the top onto everyone. JT Davidson, the oVe mouthpiece, followed with a dive wearing a suit. Then the ref dove onto them all, too. Next was a Tower of Doom spot because we haven’t seen THAT often enough. Crist tried to dive from one top turnbuckle onto Gacy in mid-air, as Gacy was going to splash Sami from another turnbuckle. It failed miserably. Strickland ended up getting the pin with the Swerve Stomp.

WINNERS: Strickland, Gacy, and Kingston, at 10:32. Unfortunately for Strickland’s last indie match, this didn’t live up to what he has put forth in his career thus far.

Sami got the mic after the match and gave a brief but emotional speech about how much he loves Strickland. Shane then gave a speech as well and told fans to follow their dreams.

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