MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 4/16: Miz laments lack of sex, looks for room to sleep with baby and dog in his place, potato peels clog disposal, crib building

By Sarah K, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 16, 2019

The show opens with Miz needing to retrieve Marjo from wherever the golf cart has died. Yeah, they could use a tow rope. Anyway, evidently Miz is tired and wants the baby and dogs out of the bed so that he can sleep. It is actually possible to put a crib in their bedroom. Miz tries to negotiate the baby sleeping in the nursery – to everyone falling asleep on him. There’s an R-Truth cameo. Truth’s latest kid evidently stayed in the bed until the age of 3. Miz laments his lack of sex and too much baby-in-the-bed time. Anyway, Miz and Daniel Bryan were having a match at some Saturday night event called “Super Showdown,” so, footage of that was shown. Anyway, Maryse had a plumber fix the toilet. Miz evidently thinks he’s Mr. Fix-it. He leaves with Marjo. For whatever reason, he had to buy her food from McDonalds. Miz does not want to discuss sex with Marjo, so, you know she discussed it, that’s her charm.

So, they’re going to try putting the baby in the nursery. I’m not sure why they don’t just put the crib in their bedroom, but whatever. As soon as they leave the room, she starts crying. Cue footage of the baby crying repeatedly. The following day the Miz begins on the chores. Miz operates a chainsaw and a power washer, and Maryse takes pics.

Back from commercial, Miz is out for a run and Maryse texts him two emojis – I believe eggplant and peach. By the time he gets back to the house, Monroe is awake. Ha ha. Then Maryse says the sensible thing: We’re going to have to put the crib in our bedroom. Miz’s poor mom has to help them move this crib. That lady is a saint. Evidently Miz is okay with doing it while the baby is in the room. That is both amusing and cringe-worthy.

Back from commercial, Miz tries to put something on one of the shelves he built… It falls. Meanwhile, Marjo has clogged the garbage disposal with potato peels. I’ve lived a garbage disposal free life, so, uh, at my house potatoes are peeled while someone stands over the garbage can. It hasn’t killed us yet. Anyway, Miz tricks Marjo into looking under the sink and then sprays her with water – and then runs. Marjo chases him with flowers. Marjo then offers to babysit Monroe so that Miz can get his “camel clutch” on with Maryse. Yes, she said that. Maryse smacks Miz on the butt as they walk away.

Miz and Maryse sit outside on their patio. Maryse explains that she would like Miz to just call a handyman so that they can spend their non-work time together. Evidently Miz and Maryse are ready to do it again. Yes, that’s how the episode ends.

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