MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 4/10: Maryse is annoyed at the “sound of golf,” Miz marvels at a golf cart, Miz & Maryse welcomed to neighborhood with a pie, neighborhood app gossips about Miz & Maryse, poo pick-up

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


APRIL 10, 2019

The show opens with Miz dressed in full golf gear playing virtual golf. Maryse is annoyed at the sound of the golf. I completely understand. Closing the door does not help. Still both Miz & Maryse are charming – so, it’s actually funny. Then one of their neighbors (a lady named Angela) welcomes them to the neighborhood with a pie. Miz is very excited about the lady’s golf cart. We spend the next few minutes going over Maryse’s lack of hospitality to this gesture. Yes, this is one of the subplots of the episode. I think the fact that as the audience you get to laugh at so many things on this show is why this show is enjoyable. As Maryse is trying to discuss whether or not welcoming neighbors with a pie is a thing, the Miz interrupts the moment with a golf cart. Marjo tells Miz that “you look like an a–hole right now” as he arrives on this tricked out golf cart. It’s funny. Miz and Maryse are then both dressed in ring gear and take the golf cart for a spin while posing on it.

There’s an app for their neighborhood where all the neighbors gossip about each other. Since Miz and Maryse are heels on TV, they are described by someone as “uppity.” Maryse pronounces it “you-pity”; it’s funny. Anyway, they read people talking shit about them. Fortunately, it doesn’t turn into a Total Bellas level pity-party. Commercial.

Back from commercial, Miz is inside reading gossip his neighbors have posted on the app. Evidently Marjo let the dog poop on someone’s lawn. Miz and Maryse dress in black and go out and pick up the poop. Yes, this was weird. The couple then confronts Marjo with the poop. Marjo says she was going to pick it up. Miz then takes away Marjo’s golf cart privileges and replaces her ride with a child’s motorized jeep. Marjo is unphased by this and drives the child’s toy.

Miz and Maryse got caught by their neighbor picking up the poo on the app. Yes, they are spending way too much time obsessing over this app. Miz decides to become friends with the neighbors while handing out autographed action figures. “Some people make pies, other people give action figures. We’re not pie people,” says the Miz of this situation. They probably should have boxed the figures. They clearly have no idea where to place them by a gate. I imagine several were run over by cars. Yes, I delivered phone books early on in my career… there were rules for that. You were supposed to leave them on doorsteps and had to make sure that people didn’t walk out of their house and trip over a phone book. For real.

Back from commercial, the Miz has purchased a right-handed golf simulator for Maryse. Oh, and Miz has made a nursery room for Monroe. The dog immediately pees on the floor. It’s very colorful and there is a giant window. So, evidently Miz’s golf room was turned into this play room. Everyone is happy. Oh, and the neighbors are happy about the action figures. Marjo wants to go to the store. No one is willing to drive her, so she steals the golf cart and drives away with it even though it was chained to a shelf. Maryse and Miz chase after her with the Miz shouting about how “the neighbors were just starting to like us!”

Next week: Miz and Maryse experience the parenting problem of always having the baby around during the night time.

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