MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 4/3: A spray tan goes wrong, headling to Summerslam with Maryse and Monroe, security camera lesson

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


APRIL 3, 2019

The show opens with the Miz announcing, “The It Couple is back, baby!” Yes, I am delighted to see the Miz – because he is not a Bella Twin or a creepy brother! Miz is delighted to be a father, which is charming – because there’s no humblebragging involved. The couple is headed off to SummerSlam. Maryse wants to bring an extra stroller, Miz does not. This is a delightful argument. Anyway, Maryse brought all the luggage! They get to the hotel, Miz’s Mom is there, and then they get a delivery. Miz has a toy to assemble for Monroe. Uh oh, Miz is going to miss his spray tan session. Maryse’s sister Michelle shows up to help with the baby, she only speaks French, so, Miz is convinced she only says mean things about him – which is adorable.

Marjo was left behind to take care of the dogs. Both dogs are supposed to be on a diet. Marjo isn’t supposed to feed them anything but their diet dog food. Of course, Miz turns on the security camera via his phone and watches Marjo feed the dogs scraps of bacon. Via the phone he gets on the intercom. Let’s just say it ends with Marjo giving his “protocol” the finger.

Miz is in the hotel getting a spray tan. According to him, spray tan is a substitute for a diet because it makes you look thinner. Okay then, at least it was actually funny. Maryse objects to the smell of Miz’z self-tanner. The go out to Central Park. Maryse brought her second stroller, ha ha. They go to a boutique and Miz gets a very dark tan. (commercial). Yeah, Miz is very dark. Evidently the lady at the boutique recommended one coat, the Miz got three. They get back to the hotel and there are fans. Too-tanned Miz doesn’t wanna take pics, so Maryse and her sister go to get a towel. In the mean time, Miz runs up to his room with a jacket over his head. He doesn’t have the key, so he has to wait for Maryse. They begin wiping Miz down with baby wipes.

Miz, Maryse, Monroe, and Dolph Ziggler are hanging out backstage somewhere. Miz learns the hard way about watching Marjo on the security cameras, as she is standing naked in the kitchen. Dolph comments that “she’s living her best life.” “If there is one thing that Marjo is good at, it’s teaching me a lesson,” says the Miz.

Backstage at SummerSlam Miz tells Monroe that he feels she’s a good luck charm. Yes, it’s annoyingly charming because Miz is strangely likeable. Match footage is shown of Miz beating Daniel Bryan. Despite the number of suitcases and delayed tan, Miz is delighted to have Maryse back on the road with him. “To have you back is amazing, it’s great, and I get to be around the person who I most enjoy being around,” he says to Maryse. “I love you, but I think I love Monroe more,” is her response.

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