ROH News: Bully Ray issues statement on fan incident, says fan should have been ejected, The Allure responds to fan on Twitter, Matt Jackson offers tweet of support (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Bubba Ray Bully Ray Dudley (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


Bully Ray issued a statement on his Twitter account in response to a fan that claimed he was taken backstage by security and left alone with Bully Ray after he heckled The Allure during their in-ring segment early in the show, which aired live on Honor Club. The incident could not be seen in full watching the show, as the ring was obscured by a shot of the announcers.

Ray gave himself credit for being nice about the heckling of The Allure saying, “I handled the situation the exact opposite way most would assume, with decorum. I even gave the fan a friendly pat on the back and told him to enjoy the show and ‘go be a fan.’ His response… ‘Thanks Bully.’ Fan version embellished to make fan look like a ‘victim.'” You can read Ray’s first statement below.

The fan in question, Josh Ketch, went on to say on his twitter account that ROH booker Hunter Johnston aka Delirious, escorted him backstage, but PWTorch has learned that it was the head of the ring crew Brian Johnson that took him backstage to meet alone with Bully Ray. You can see Bully Ray’s complete statement on the incident below:

Since Bully Ray’s statement, all three members of The Allure have responded to Ketch’s tweets. Angelina Love tweeted the following response to Ketch’s accusations:

Mandy Leon, who Ketch accused of spitting and face palming him, also weighed in on the incident on her Twitter account in response to Ketch’s tweets. You can see her response in the tweet below:

Velvet Sky then responded to Ketch’s tweet, calling him out for verbal sexual assault. You can see her response to Leon’s tweet below:

ROH GM Greg Gilleland issued a statement to PWTorch saying ROH was investigating the matter. Other outlets received similar statements from ROH saying the investigation would wrap up in 48 hours, but that window has passed and ROH has issued no public statement about their findings on the incident last Sunday in Portland.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks sent out a tweet of support for Ketch earlier today inviting him to work out with him. You can see his tweet to Ketch below:

Radican’s Analysis: I’m eager to hear what ROH turned up in their internal investigation, but my guess is they aren’t going to comment on the matter beyond the initial statements they sent out to the press. If Ketch was being that obnoxious, security should have handled the incident and ejected him from the venue. It’s never a good idea to have a fan escorted backstage to be lectured by Bully Ray no matter how good Ray’s intentions are when engaging the fan in private. 

Incidents like this could turn ugly quickly and put the company in a bad spot if something went wrong between the fan and Ray in private. Several people have mentioned to me this week that this isn’t the first time fan has had a fan taken backstage to lecture them about their behavior. Here’s to hoping that ROH puts in some measures to ensure this incident doesn’t happen again. 

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