6/14 Impact Wrestling Report: Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack, Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. The North, Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne, Havoc vs. Masha Slamovich, Sandman vs. Kross

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor

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JUNE 14, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

Impact returns to the site of Bound For Glory 2018 at the Melrose Ballroom in New York, with the road to Slammiversary as Rob Van Dam teams with Sabu against The North and heavyweights clash in the main event with Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack.

– Recap of last week’s show which featured a near title change in the Rascalz vs. LAX main event


Maybe it was just me but the audio felt really weird here, which is a recurring problem in this company amongst a good product. Sabu and Alexander started things off to a now audible crowd. RVD quickly tagged into a good pop. Ethan Page trash talked the ref from the corner before tagging in. RVD looked smooth here, engaging in some slick encounters with Page. Sabu tagged in for a Rolling Thunder/Leg Drop combo. Sabu tossed a chair at the downed Page before allowing RVD in. Alexander interfered, allowing The North to get back on track, manhandling RVD. Alexander received the tag and began working the leg of the ECW Original. The North began downing RVD in the corner, as the crowd rallied for a tag to Sabu. RVD hit a sloppy kick to obtain the tag, and Sabu opened up with chair shots. These did not warrant a disqualification as he continued to ECW chants. They hit some double team moves for a near fall broken up by Page. Sabu tossed more chairs before searching for a nice table. Alexander was placed on the table by both men as they climbed to the top. Moose interrupted this double team move by sending RVD to the floor. Meanwhile, Sabu crushed Alexander with a leg drop. With RVD gone, The North unloaded on Sabu for the win. Tommy Dreamer came out after the match to attack Moose but he escaped before RVD could get his revenge.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This match was solid with all of the smoke and mirrors. Moose interfering advanced that angle heading into the big PPV, and The North picked up a needed win.)

– Jessicka Havok and Su Yung were backstage with James Mitchell ©

– Moose blamed The North for his failures, as Josh Alexander stood up to Moose. Moose promised to end ECW once and for all.


Havok was accompanied by Su Yung and James Mitchell. Havok predictably began dominating, tossing the jobber around. Masha attempted to come back but Havok kicked her right back down with ease. Havok nailed a chokeslam followed by a tombstone piledriver for the win. James Mitchell grabbed the mic following the victory. He went on to praise Havok for breaking the spell of the demon collar, touting his new monster. Mitchell promised her a Knockouts Championship opportunity for her services, also warning Rosemary.

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a nice squash re-establishing Havok in IMPACT. )


Gama Singh introduced his son, Raj to the ring followed by the entrance of Cody Deaner accompanied by his cousin, Jake. Deaner unloaded on Raj immediately, but the Desi Squad member soon escaped to the outside. Deaner met him on the outside with a big suicide dive. Raj nailed a hangman cutter for a two count and continued downing the redneck. Gama cheapshotted his son’s opponent while the ref was distracted. Blood was seen dripping from the nose of Raj as Deaner began Hulking up. He put his hat on backwards and began lighting up Raj. He nailed the Deaner DDT as Gama got on the apron. Rohit attempted to run in but Cousin Jake caught him. Jake now went after Gama, who faked a heart attack as a result. Rohit came in, catching Cody with a flying knee allowing Raj to connect with a unique move for the win.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was an okay match in a storyline that I do not care for too much.)

– Big Mike Elgin was interviewed backstage as Johnny IMPACT offered his assistance. He was disgusted when Elgin walked away without commenting on his new haircut.

– Rosemary was backstage warning James Mitchell

– Josh Mathews went over IMPACT’s upcoming schedule and revealed that RVD has accepted Moose’s challenge for Slammiversary.

– The IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Samoa Joe vs. Lashley from Slammiversary 2014. ©

– Sami Callihan barged into the women’s locker room as Alisha Edwards told him to get out. Tessa now approached, as Callihan said she didn’t belong in the ring with oVe. She asked to prove herself against Jake Crist next week.


Kiera Hogan entered with new blue hair and an upgrade of a theme song as she joined commentary. The Knockouts grappled as Kiera promised to now think about herself before everyone else. Rayne and Grace went back and forth until the power advantage set in. Rayne took a nasty tumble to the outside, nearly landing right on the barricade. Grace didn’t hold back, scoring a one-armed suplex. Madison locked in a Koji Clutch variation before being reversed into a unique submission of Grace’s own. Rapid one counts occurred between the two before a brutal exchange with Madison getting the best of it. Rayne tripped Grace on the apron followed by a ripcord cutter on the floor. Back in the ring, Madison earned a near fall on a crucifix bomb. Grace responded with a spinning muscle buster for a very close call. Grace went to the top to see Kiera Hogan sarcastically cheering her on. Madison Rayne caught her off guard with a CrossRayne for the 1-2-3.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a really good match with a good introduction to the new Kiera Hogan heel persona.)

– Video package for The Sandman vs. Killer Kross. (c)


The Sandman attempted to sneak attack Kross, nailing him with a signature kendo stick. Kross caught him in the Kross Jacket for the quick win. Eddie Edwards soon came out for the save, as Kross promised that this was not over.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was perfectly fine for what it was.)

– LAX was celebrating as they waited on Laredo Kid to show up. Konnan acknowledged Santana’s black eye. The Rascalz appeared in The Clubhouse, demanding a rematch. Santana smacks Wentz after refusing to show respect. With The Rascalz taken out, Laredo Kid approached confused, taking their wallets. (c)

– The Smokeshow with Taya Valkyrie began as John E. Bravo showed off to the host, Scarlett Bordeaux. Scarlett began asking Taya’s uncomfortable questions about her husband and her title. She revealed that Su Yung will be the next challenger as Taya stormed off.

– Josh previews IMPACT next week as Tommy Dreamer takes on Moose.


Elgin entered to a new video featuring ambulances, which he promised to send Mack away in. The hoss fight began with both men trading blows. Elgin gained the advantage when he dropkicked Mack to the floor as they went to commercial. © Elgin ate a spinning heel kick from The Mack, followed by a big leg drop for a near fall. Elgin regained the momentum with three huge kicks that rattled the whole building. He nearly chopped the skin off of Mack before forcing the ring to jump with a superplex. Elgin attacked Swann at ringside, before nailing a Buckle Bomb and an Elgin Bomb for the pinfall. Elgin wasn’t done there but Swann saved him before Johnny Impact came out to take out his challenger. Johnny shook his hand before Big Mike delivered a big Geerman Suplex, and donned the Johnny Impact glasses. Elgin finished things off with a powerbomb to Willie Mack into the post.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a fun match, with Elgin getting a pretty convincing victory. Impact Wrestling continues to book Elgin as a dominant heel in an entertaining fashion.)

FINAL THOUGHTS:7.0 (out of 10). This was a really good show with a little bit of everything. The matches were very good and a lot of storylines advanced heading into the hottest show of the summer. Elgin’s strong showing continued, looking somehow more dominant than ever.

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