RADICAN’S G1 CLIMAX 29 NIGHT 9 REPORT: Ibushi vs. Archer, Tanahashi vs. SANADA, KENTA vs. Okada (w/spoiler free viewing guide and updated block standings)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


JULY 27, 2019


Note: This section will provide my spoiler free recommended matches to watch from each night of the tournament if you’re pressed for time and only want to see the essentials. The matches worth seeing will start at ***¾ or higher.

(5) Lance Archer vs. Kota Ibushi. (****)

(7) EVIL vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (***¾)

(9) Kazuchika Okada vs. KENTA (****¼)

Commentary: Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.


(1) Suzuki-Gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Minoru Suzuki & Taichi) beat Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita & Jeff Cobb in 8:45.

(2) Bullet Club (Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi & Jay White) beat Toa Henare & Juice Robinson & Tomoaki Honma in 9:00.

(3) CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) beat CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI) in 7:00.

(4) L.I.J. (Shingo Takagi & Tetsuya Naito) beat Jon Moxley & Shota Umino in 8:00.



Archer countered a rana and tried to powerbomb Ibushi over the top rope to the floor, but Ibushi turned it into a rana to the floor! Ibushi went for the Golden Triangle, but Archer cut him off and tossed him into the guardrail. Archer began to target Ibushi’s injured ankle on the floor. Archer caught Ibushi with a black hole slam back inside the ring. Archer went for the EBD Claw, but Ibushi blocked it only for Archer to go right back after his ankle. Archer went for the Derailer, but Ibushi jumped up and nailed him with a double knee strike. Ibushi hit a powerslam and hit ankle nearly gave way when he went for a springboard moonsault from the second turnbuckle, but he held on and hit it for a two count. They battled up top and Ibushi slid under Archer and hit the Last Ride for a near fall. That was nuts given the disparity in size between the two. Archer fired back with a flipping senton off the ropes for a near fall. Archer hit a gigantic chokeslam for a nearfall a short time later. Archer applied the EBD claw, but Ibushi slumped into the ropes to break the hold.

Ibushi got a rollup out of nowhere for a near fall and then hit a Boma Ye to the back of Archer’s head. He set up for the Kamigoye, but Archer countered it into a knee strike to Ibushi’s head that looked sick. Ibushi kicked out at the last second! Archer set Ibushi up and went for a moonsault, but Ibushi rolled out of the way. Archer caught Ibushi running at him and went for Black Mass, but Ibushi caught him with the head kick. Ibushi took down his knee pad, struck Nakamura’s pose in the corner and connected with another Boma ye for a near fall. He lifted Archer and hit the Kamigoye, but Archer didn’t go down. Ibushi pulled down his knee pad as Archer laughed at him and hit a second Kamigoye for the win. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

WINNER: Kota Ibushi (6 pts) in 11:45. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This started hot and never really let up. Archer continues to just be amazing in this tournament. Archer not going down to the first Kamigoye was an incredible moment.)


Ospreay beat Fale in the first round of the NJPW Cup this year. Owens grabbed Ospreay’s leg as he made his entrance. Fale wiped him out. Jado went to hit him with the kendo stick on the outside while Fale distracted, but Ospreay turned around and he hit Owens. Ospreay fired back on Fale and hit Pip Pip Cheerio. Fale whipped Ospreay off the ropes and Gedo nailed him with the kendo stick from the floor as Fale grabbed the ref to distract him. Fale fired back and went after Ospreay’s neck. Fale took the tape off Ospreay’s neck and locked in a camel clutch. Ospreay fired back with a handspring kick finally and both men were down. Ospreay hit a standing SSP for a two count. He followed up with the Robinson Special. Ospreay then went for the Os-Cutter, but Fale shoved the ref into Ospreay and he went to the floor. Ospreay fended off Owens and Gedo on the floor, but he rolled right into a big splash in the corner from Fale. Fale then hit the Grenade for a near fall. Fale set up for the Bad Luck Fall, but Ospreay slid out of it and hit a hook kick. Ospreay set up for the Stormbreaker, but he couldn’t get Fale up. Ospreay hit Hidden Blade a short time later for a two count. He followed up with the Os-Cutter, but Owens pulled the ref and shoved him right into the guardrail.

Gedo tried to hit Ospreay with the kendo stick, but he blocked it. He countered a package piledriver attempt from Owens. Ospreay went for a handspring, but Owens nailed him with the kendo stick and hit the package piledriver. Red Shoes came down and counted to two and then flipped off Fale and called for the bell.

WINNER: Will Ospreay (4 pts) in 9:00 via DQ. (¼*)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match featured tons of interference and poorly executed ref bumps and distractions. This definitely was ridiculous.)


Both went for big moves, but neither man could connect and they came to a stalemate. EVIL tried to out wrestle Sabre and he got the upper hand several times until Sabre used his legs to crank on EVIL’s neck. Sabre went to work on EVIL’s neck. Sabre cranked on his neck, but EVIL managed to hit a bodyslam to shake free. EVIL hit a bronco buster in the corner, but Sabre kicked out at two. Sabre fired back and got a triangle. EVIL lifted Sabre and slammed him to the mat to break the hold. Sabre got a Scorpion DeathLock, but EVIL got to the ropes quickly. EVIL ducked a PK attempt from the apron to the floor. He then elevated Sabre and hit a hanging neck breaker on the floor. Both men were down on the outside after that exchange. EVIL sold his leg, but managed to hit a big clothesline in the corner. EVIL tossed Sabre’s leg to the ref and went for his signature kick, but Sabre countered it into a heel hook! EVIL managed to counter Sabre and he got a modified Scorpion Deathlock. Sabre struggled, but managed to get to the ropes.

Sabre went for a PK, but EVIL blocked it. They went back and forth and EVIL nailed Sabre with a big lariat. EVIL went for Everything is EVIL, but Sabre countered. They traded pinning combinations and Sabre got the European Clutch, but EVIL kicked out at the last second. Sabre countered EVIL and hit a kick to his arm followed by a PK and both men were down. Sabre measured EVIL and hit a big PK for a two count. EVIL fought out of a Zack Driver and hit a headbutt to Sabre’s chest. Sabre had the Octopus Hold, but EVIL countered it into Darkness Falls and both men were down once again! EVIL signaled for the end, but Sabre countered EIE and got a pinning combination for a near fall. They went back and forth and EVIL hit EIE for the win. WOW!

WINNER: EVIL (6 pts) in 16:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good back and forth match once it got going. Sabre never really got on track in the submission game and ultimately EVIL had one last counter to get the win in the end. Sabre is pretty much out of the tournament at this point.)

Sabre pitched a fit like a child throwing chairs around after the match ended.


SANADA is 2-1 against Tanahashi in singles matches. The bell rang and the fans chanted back and forth for both men with the SANADA chants a little louder. What an atmosphere! They traded holds from the standing position and came to a stalemate. SANADA went for the Paradise Lock, but Tanahashi pushed him off. SANADA went for it again a short time later and he got it this time. SANADA played to the crowd before nailing Tanahashi with a dropkick. Tanahashi seemed to be favoring his leg while running the ropes. Tanahashi fired back and went on the attack with a flying elbow off the ropes. SANADA tried to block a charge in the corner several times, but Tanahashi eventually caught it and hit a dragon screw. He set up for Slingblade, but SANADA avoided it and hit a kick to his leg. SANADA then hit a dragon screw on Tanahashi. SANADA hit a springboard missile dropkick and then a slingshot splash to the floor and the fans fired up. They went back and forth and Tanahashi escaped the Skull End and hit Twist and Shout. Tanahashi held on and hit another. He continued to hold on to SANADA, but SANADA put Tanahashi’s feet on the top rope and hit a draping Twist and Shout on Tanahashi!

Tanahashi fired back and went or Skull End, but then hit Twist and Shout when SANADA tried to counter. He hit Slingblade and went up top, but missed a High Fly Flow. SANADA went up top for the Muta Moonsault, but Tanahashi rolled out of the way. SANADA fired back and got the Skull End. He swung Tanahashi around, but Tanahshi got an inside cradle for a near fall. Tanahashi then got a bridging pinning combination, but SANADA turned it into a Skull End on the mat. SANADA got the legs locked in as well. Tanahashi managed to bridge over and get the Skull End, but SANADA flipped over and got the hold once again. Tanahashi flipped over SANADA eventually with an inverted DDT and both men were down. Both men got up and traded blows. Tanahashi ducked a clothesline during the exchange and hit a dragon suplex with a bridge for a near fall. He went up top and slipped, but hit a standing High Fly Flow. He went up top again and hit a traditional High Fly Flow for the win.

WINNER: Hiroshi Tanahashi (6 pts) in 18:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good match. It dragged in parts during the middle portion and never really built to a fever pitch, but it was good for the most part. Tanahashi’s knees looked to be in really bad shape during this match.)


The bell rang and both men looked calm as they started at each other from opposite corners of the ring. The winner here will hold the tiebreaker advantage if both men continue to stay atop the leaderboard. KENTA backed Okada into the ropes and teased clean break before slapping him across the face. The announcers talked about KENTA representing NOAH and Okada representing NJPW. The action spilled to the floor and Kenta jumped off the apron and stomped down on Tanahashi’s head. KENTA worked a headscissors, but Okada rolled into the ropes to break the hold. KENTA hit a kick to the chest and Okada told him to bring it, so he hit another one. Okada fired up as KENTA continued to hit kicks, but KENTA went after his knee and got on top of Okada and worked on his neck. KENTA worked a chinlock on the mat and cranked away on it. Okada fought free, but KENTA caught him with a knee to the gut off the ropes. He then hit a big kick to Okada’s back. He faked a knee drop and hit the backwards kick to Okada’s head. KENTA then did the Rainmaker pose and the fans booed. Okada took a kick to the chest and got up and fired up with some forearms.

Okada finally countered KENTA and hit a northern lights suplex. Okada hit an elbow off the ropes and fired up to the crowd. KENTA fired back and caught Okada with a powerslam off the ropes. KENTA hit a satellite neck snap off the top that sent Okada’s neck over the top rope. Okada caught KENTA with a flapjack a short time later and both men were down. Both men got up and began trading blows. Both men hit some big shots and then hit a hard slap on each other’s backs. KENTA with low with a kick and went to charge the corner, but Okada picked him up, put him on the top turnbuckle and nailed him with a dropkick that sent him to the floor. The fans fired up and chanted for Okada. Okada booted KENTA over the barricade on the floor. He dragged KENTA back over the guardrail, but KENTA countered him and draped him over another section of the guardrail. He hit Okada with some big kicks. KENTA then got a running start off the apron and hit a double stomp to Okada’s neck. WOW! The fans chanted for Okada, who pulled himself back into the ring at the count of 18 only to eat a springboard dropkick. KENTA hit a running yakuza kick in the corner and followed up with the Shibata style dropkick. Okada avoided a double stomp attempt off the top as the announcers talked about Okada’s troubles with former GHC Champions. Okada hit a shotgun dropkick that sent KENTA flying into the corner. He then hit a Shibata style dropkick of his own into the corner.

They battled up top a short time later. They traded blows and KENTA hit a huge slap to Okada’s face. KENTA set up for a superplex, but Okada sent him down to the mat with a forearm. Okada went for an elbow drop, but KENTA got a triangle. He then transitioned into Game Over. The fans fired up and chanted for Okada as the announcers mentioned he had only submitted once in his career. Okada finally managed to get his boot on the bottom rope. KENTA got a running start off the ropes and hit a big busaiku knee. He hit another busaiku knee for a near fall. KENTA went up top and hit a HUGE double stomp, but Okada kicked out at the last second. KENTA has done damage to Okada’s arm with his finishing submission and hit his signature double stomp off the top, but he’s been unable to put Okada away. He went for the GT2, but Okada blocked it and went for a tombstone. KENTA fought out of it and set up Okada for a GTS, but Okada blocked the kick and hit a dropkick to the back of his head. WOW! Okada followed up with a big dropkick off the ropes. WOW! Okada then hit the tombstone and hit the Rainmaker pose as the fans applauded. KENTA ducked the Rainmaker and hit a spinning lariat and both men were down.

Both men began trading forearms from their knees. The fans began firing up with each blow as the 25 minute mark passed. They got to their feet and continued to trade bombs. KENTA countered him with a huge palm strike. KENTA hit palm strike after palm strike. Okada ducked a roundhouse kick and KENTA ducked the Rainmaker. He got a sleeper and dropped Okada for a PK, but Okada surprised him with a big dropkick. Okada staggered around and sold KENTA’s palm strikes. KENTA went for GTS, but Okada turned it into a spinning tombstone. He then hit a big Rainmaker for the win.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada (10 pts.) in 27:00. (****¼)

Okada stood over KENTA after the match and offered him a handshake. KENTA accepted and pointed at Okada’s title. The announcers said Okada’s schedule would be super light going into Wrestle Kingdom if he went undefeated in the tournament.

(Radican’s Analysis: Great match. I think they’re capable of more. The match seemed to be stuck in first gear for a long time. KENTA chipped away at Okada’s neck and arm. He just couldn’t hit the GTS to finish him off. The action for the last 10 minutes or so were excellent.)

Okada cut a promo after the match and said that was his fifth win. He said he has three things to say. He concluded by thanking the fans for coming.

Overall thoughts: This wasn’t the best night of A block action, but it was really good. Ibushi is right behind KENTA now with six points after KENTA suffered his first loss in the tournament. Tanahashi and EVIL are right in the mix with six points as well. The most surprising thing is that Sabre is 1-4 and out of contention to win the whole thing at this point.

Even though Archer lost and has four points right now, he had a great match against Ibushi to open the block action. I’m guessing Archer has earned himself a big paycheck after this tournament is over. He’s been incredible and any company should be clamoring to have him. Archer no-selling the Kamigoye was insane.

EVIL got a big win over Sabre. He seemed to have an answer for everything Sabre tried to do technically and won emphatically with his finish in a very good match. Elsewhere on the card everything was good except for Ospreay’s match against Fale, which was one of the worst matches I can recall seeing in the G1 outside of the ones that the OG Bullet Club members interfered in last year.

The main event told a great story between top guys from different companies. It was slow to get going, but KETNA threw everything he could at Okada only to fall short in the end. It was a nice moment to see Okada show KENTA respect with a handshake after the match, as a big story in the tournament has been that since KENTA is an outsider from WWE and NOAH, he has to gain the respect of the other wrestlers in the company.



Kazuchika Okada 5-0 (10 pts)
KENTA 4-1 (8 pts)
Kota Ibushi 3-2 (6 pts)
Hiroshi Tanahshi 3-2 (6 pts)
EVIL 3-2 (6 pts)
Lance Archer 2-3 (4 pts)
Will Ospreay 2-3 (4 pts)
SANADA 1-4 (2 pts)
Bad Luck Fale 1-4 (2 pts)
Zack Sabre Jr. 1-4 (2 pts)


Jon Moxley 4-0 (8 pts)
Juice Robinson 3-1 (6 pts)
Tomohiro Ishii 2-2 (4 pts)
Toru Yano 2-2 (4 pts)
Taichi 2-2 (4 pts)
Shingo Takagi 2-2 (4 pts)
Tetsuya Naito 2-2 (4 pts)
Jeff Cobb 1-3 (2 pts)
Hirooki Goto 1-3 (2 pts)
Jay White 1-3 (2 pts)

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