MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 7/23: Miz and Maryse work with Robert Irvine to create gnocci, Maryse wants a $900 wheel of cheese, Miz buys a smoker

By Sarah K, PWTorch contributor


JULY 23, 2019

Miz and Maryse are hosting a dinner with Robert Irvine, so they have a week to learn how to cook well. Mike immediately drops a container of 36 eggs. Yeah, Miz is wearing a chef hat. It devolves into a food fight. Maryse calls Miz because something doesn’t work on their very complicated system. Rusev tries to help. It’s a Rusev cameo, I think we all know how I feel about Rusev (who should have a show instead of Total Bellas). Moving on, Miz and Maryse go to Costco to buy items for a fancy dinner. Maryse plays a piano. And Maryse wants a $900 wheel of cheese. It’s 72 lbs. of cheese. Maryse says, “I’m a grown woman, I shouldn’t have to ask for permission to buy a wheel of cheese.”

Okay, the cheese wheel has become the focal point of this episode. They have no knife to cut this cheese. Mike gets a chainsaw. It’s a mess, but it’s effective. As a solution to the problem that we encounter in the first segment, Miz is going to make a video of how to turn things on in the “entertainment room.” Yeah, he manages to turn on everything but the TV. Moving along, Miz and Maryse are going to a cooking class. The wheel of cheese is brought in on a baby stroller. They’re making gnocchi. Whatever Miz made is terrible. Since he’s competing with Maryse, he pretends it’s delicious.

Miz purchased a $1,500 smoker, on which he is going to smoke half the wheel of cheese… pretty sure it ends up on fire. Robert Irvine arrives and begins asking questions. Yes, Miz and Maryse are competing to make the best gnocci. Miz tries to steal Maryse’s plate, but gets caught by Ryan Cabrera. This chicanery is interrupted by the cheese being on fire. Cut to commercial.

Maryse gets the fire extinguisher and sprays down both the Miz and the cheese. Maryse, as it turns out, did a decent job of making gnocci. The celebrity chef approves. Miz tries to play music and it will only play his gym playlist – which is not appropriate for a dinner party. Surprise ending – Robert Irvine got them a gift — it’s another wheel of cheese. Maryse winks and the show closes.

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