GILL’S AEW DYNAMITE COUNTDOWN SHOW REVIEW 10/1: Alt Perspective report on preview show featuring Jericho, Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody and Brandi, more

By Patrick Gill, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 1, 2019

– The Countdown to AEW Dynamite opened with highlights from various specials and PPVs with loud AEW chants in the background. The expected major stars such as Cody, The Young Bucks, Omega, and Jericho were featured prominently. (Interestingly, Dustin Runnels was shown in his crimson mask, unedited, from his Double or Nothing match).  As the highlights continued, Jim Ross calls were infused into the package reminding viewers (and informing new ones) of his involvement. The intro concluded with the famous video of Jon Moxley declaring, “This is what we call a paradigm shift.”

– Tony Schiavone (in quite the dapper AEW-embroidered sports jacket) opened in a television studio describing AEW as a show and promotion for the fans. We get a more formal rundown of performers including video and anecdotes for each of the major players ending with AEW Champion Chris Jericho to cap it off. This leads directly to footage from the introduction press conference in Jacksonville with Cody, The Young Bucks and Chris Van Vliet with Tony Khan. Several wrestling personalities (including Raven and Dave Meltzer) talk up Cody and the work he has put into this venture, followed by Jericho declaring he’s ALL IN with Nick & Matt Jackson, declaring his signing as the biggest signing in wrestling history.

– Back from commercial, Schiavone is back with a look at the Double or Nothing main event between Jericho and Omega. Footage aired of both men talking about how much it would mean to them to win the no. 1 contender match. Highlights aired including the Judas Effect ending. It continued with a look at Jericho and Page at Double or Nothing. More non-still shot video highlights aired (which is refreshing considering the WWE alternative). The full ending of the match aired as did the post-match promo with Jericho demanding a thank you (and a lil’ bit of the bubbly).

– Schiavone back at it, this time with a hard plug for the Cody vs. Jericho championship match at Full Gear. Then came a sit down interview with Tony and Cody. Cody talks about his history in WWE and his views on the wrestling business. Sammy Guevarra was next up. He talked up his love of wrestling and declared that he is here now and he knows Cody is overlooking him. Cody said he’s “very much” looking forward to his match with Sammy. (A lot of raw, emotional, but more importantly, REAL stuff right now).

– Schiavone continued the countdown with an intro of Kenny Omega. Omega said how important AEW and Double or Nothing was to him until Jon Moxley showed up. The attack on the stack of chips is shown and Kenny goes into promo mode about Moxley’s attack and his subsequent removal from All Out. Omega said he got himself into the best possible shape for the match and that Moxley was “careless.” He said: “I’d like to wish you a speedy recovery. That’s what im supposed to say.” It concluded with Omega saying he doesn’t care if Moxley ever comes back. Quick cut to Schiavone talking up the first AEW Women’s Championship match at Full Gear. He named a few of the standouts and Brandi Rhodes continued with the build. Riho and Nyla Rose were next with some honest promos from both including Nyla discussing her diversity, size, and confidence.

– Back from break, Tony talked up the All Out ladder match between The Lucha Bros and The Young Bucks before more footage aired with the big reveal of (the former) LAX at the end. Cut to Jericho in the back (still beat up and enjoying some bubbly) talking to LAX and Schiavone confirmed it will be Jericho teaming with Santana and Ortiz against The Elite tomorrow night on Dynamite. The rest of the big Wednesday night show is run down as this hour countdown concludes with an impassioned message from Schiavano and several AEW stars asking wrestling fans to give AEW a chance and thanks us for watching. Show ends with footage playing under a heavy metal sounding song and CREDITS.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Just some terrific hype for both new and long-time fans and some equally attractive teases for what is to come with Dynamite and AEW in general. Great use of television time for AEW and  I’m MORE excited for tomorrow’s show than I was before the countdown, which was the point, and I’d be willing to bet that’s the case for many others are as well.

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