10/11 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick, Lorcan & Burch vs. Gulak & Nese

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 11, 2019

Announcers: Aiden English, Tom Philips

-The show opened with a video package highlighting the Cruiserweight Title match between Drew Gulak and Lio Rush on NXT. Both the title and the division were referred to under the NXT brand rather than the WWE brand. The package ended showing Lio Rush defeating Gulak and being congratulated by NXT general manager William Regal, which was followed by the 205 Live intro video.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Normally, I would hold WWE responsible for the lack of explanation regarding the Cruiserweight brand switch. In this case, I’m not sure how they would do that without totally burying the failures of 205 Live under the WWE name. This change could greatly benefit 205 Live but the specifics are still undetermined. Will the 205 Live roster be featured on both shows?

The arena was noticeably more full than previous weeks. The new Smackdown set, as well as some of the new camera angles, freshened the show up which was a big positive. The two-person announce team was also a nice change. English and Phillips sounded natural together throughout the show.)

-After the intro, the camera held on a wide shot of the arena until Drew Gulak and Tony Nese made their entrance. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch then followed. Phillips talked about the previous match between these two teams noting that Gulak and Nese were looking to avenge the previous loss.


-The match began with Lorcan and Gulak. The announcers briefly talked about Gulak’s lack of commenting on his loss, stating Gulak was not one to dwell on a loss.

-Nese tagged in and cinched in a headlock. After quick tags from Lorcan to Burch, the two attempted tandem offense which was reversed by Nese. From there, Nese tagged Gulak who worked on Lorcan in the corner. Nese hit a standing moonsault for a two count and then attempted a back suplex. After countering, Lorcan tagged in Burch who rallied against Nese. Gulak tagged in Nese who grounded Burch. Nese and Gulak kept control of the match after a series of tags, using various submissions. Eventually, Burch was able to counter charging Gulak and made a tag to Lorcan. Lorcan hit a running uppercut on both Gulak and Nese which sent them both to the outside. From there, Lorcan dove on Gulak and Nese from the top rope. With Gulak and Nese back in the ring, Lorcan suplexed Nese onto Gulak for a two count. Lorcan tagged Burch and they hit a tandem offense on Gulak. With Gulak on Burch’s shoulders, Lorcan scaled the top rope. Nese broke up the attempted offense and shoved Burch into Lorcan. The pace quickened, and Lorcan dove from the top rope and broke up a pinfall attempt on Burch. Gulak tagged Nese who hit a 450 splash on Burch for a two count. All four men entered the ring and exchanged strikes which Aiden called a “hockey fight”. Burch Lorcan then hit a modified DDT on Nese for the victory.

WINNERS: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a good match with a lot of hard-hitting offense. Lorcan continues to shine as a potential break out star.)

-A video package for Isiah “Swerve” Scott aired.

-The show returned with the announcers talking more about Scott, calling him a highlight reel. They then threw to an interview with Gulak after his title loss to Lio Rush. Gulak humbly accepted the loss said Rush deserved the victory that night. The camera then showed Rush celebrating his and being photographed with the Cruiserweight title. The announcers congratulated Rush, calling the last year of his life a tumultuous one.

-Ariya Daivari made his ring entrance with a microphone in hand. Daivari insulted the audience and said the best part about being in Las Vegas was being able to leave it. He called out the “local jobber” in the ring who was his opponent Chris Bey.


-The bell rang and Daivari beat Bey down against the ropes. Daivari then backdropped Bey over the top rope and Bey hit hard on the outside floor. With Bey back in the ring, Daivari propped him on the top rope. After slamming Bey hard to the mat, Daivari hit a hammerlock lariat for the victory.

WINNER: Ariya Daivari via pinfall

(Taylor’s analysis: Giving Daivari a squash match was an interesting choice, as he hasn’t been built around in quite some time. His promo was very cliché and didn’t get heat from the audience. He did look dominant in gaining the victory so easily, which just goes to show how effective squash matches are).

-A commercial for WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen aired.

-The show returned a graphic on the screen detailing the Smackdown draft pick of Lucha House Party. Akira Tozawa then made his ring entrance. A video package was shown highlighting the history of The Brian Kendrick and Tozawa. Kendrick then made his ring entrance.


-The bell rang, and Kendrick pulled a kendo stick from under the ring. Tozawa did the same. As Kendrick entered the ring, Tozawa hit him several times with the kendo stick. From there, Tozawa punished Kendrick with a series of strikes. The pace quickened and Tozawa hit a hurricanrana that sent Kendrick out of the ring. Tozawa attempted a suicide dive, but Kendrick stopped him by throwing a chair into Tozawa’s head.

(Taylor’s analysis: I’m not sure how or why WWE sanctioned this. How is throwing a steel chair any different than swinging it? There’s less impact, but there’s still potential for serious damage. WWE shouldn’t allow anything like this under any circumstance. There’s too much risk involved.)

-Kendrick threw Tozawa into the ring steps as the crowd chanted “We want tables!”. With Tozawa back in the ring, Kendrick hit a DDT onto a steel chair. Kendrick then went back under the ring and pulled out a roll of duct tape and used it to tape Tozawa to the top rope. With Tozawa defenseless, Kendrick struck him several times with a kendo stick. From there, Kendrick brought four more chairs into the ring and set all of them up. After freeing Tozawa fro rolltop rope, Kendrick attempted to slam Tozawa into the chairs but was countered. Kendrick landed back first on four chairs and Tozawa made his way to the outside of the ring. Tozawa threw several more chairs into the ring and piled them onto each other. Tozawa then hit a suplex as both men hit the pile of chairs. From there, Tozawa tried to pull a table from under the ring but was thwarted by Kendrick. They traded strikes on the outside of the ring until Tozawa regained control. Tozawa returned to the table and set it up in front of the announcer’s table. With Kendrick on the table. Tozawa hit a senton bomb from the ring apron. With both men back in the ring, Tozawa piled chairs onto Kendrick and scaled the top rope. Mike Kanellis then came from the crowd and shoved Tozawa off the top. Kanellis then beat Tozawa with a kendo stick. After the beatdown, Kanellis dragged Kendrick on top of Tozawa and the referee made the three count.

WINNER: The Brian Kendrick via pinfall

-Kanellis then helped Kendrick to his feet and they both celebrated the victory. The announcers questioned the relationship as 205 Live ended.

(Taylor’s analysis: The no DQ stipulation was a nice change of pace for 205 Live and the crowd appreciated the action. As I mentioned, there were some spots I disagreed with but Tozawa came off looking sympathetic as a babyface, and Kendrick came off looking vicious as a heel. It’s a shame Mike Kanellis has been so badly damaged in recent weeks. How is anyone who watches both Raw and 205 Live supposed to take him seriously?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid opening tag match and a fun No DQ main event made this a better than average episode of 205 Live. The conversion to the NXT brand makes me optimistic about the future of the roster.

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