10/22 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Special preview for next week’s AXS TV premiere first-run episode, Wagner Jr. & Aerostar & Taurus vs. The Rascalz, Madison Rayne vs. Shotzi Blackheart

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 22, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis


-This episode is the episode before the premiere and is basically serving as an introduction to some of the stars of Impact. Josh Matthews is with Scott D’Amore from a studio in New York. They talk about the success of Bound for Glory and they give thoughts on the entire roster and then a video package for Michael Elgin.


-Impact’s newest signee, Blackheart, meets in the middle of the ring with Rayne to start the match as Rayne starts trash talking about being the locker room leader and how she should get an easy win here. Blackheart then howls at Rayne and then arm drags her into the corner and hits he with a low drop kick. Rayne espcaes to the outside and uses Hogan as a distraction to hit Blackheart with some stiff forearms. Back in the ring after a commercial break, Blackheart is getting some momentum back before Rayne hits a northern lights Suplex for a two count and near fall. Rayne gets control of the match again after hitting Blackheart with knees to to stomach over and over again. Rayne hits a step up enzuigiri but Blackheart gets up and hits a reverse sling blade followed by a boot to the back of the head for a near fall. Blackheart then hits a 619 and then misses on an aerial move and Rayne counters and gets the upper hand. Rayne then connectes with her swinging neck breaker for the three count and the win.

WINNER: Rayne via pinfall in 6:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A solid match between the veteran and the newly signed Blackheart but I do question the boring to not give Blackheart the win here or have a dq finish to put over the new star. It didn’t really feel like Rayne needed the win here but unless this is setting up a feud between the two, I think the wrong call was made here.)

-Back in the studio, Matthews and D’Amore are putting over how strong the Knockouts Division is right now. We then see highlights of a Knockouts Women’s Championship match between Valkyrie, Su Yung, Havok and Rosemary. This was a Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary. This transitions into talking about Valkyrie’s run as the longest reigning Knockouts champion.

-Callis has a interview with Ace Austin as he “apparently” has gotten a movie role and is on set now. Austin talks about how since winning the X Division championship, he’s been getting offers left and right.

-Back from break, Matthews and D’Amore talk about the tag team division. D’Amore thinks Swann and Mack are strong contenders and also the Desi Hit Squad. This then transitions to talking about the champs, The North and how they put away LAX. The North then issues a challenge for the premiere episode on AXS to whom ever thinks they can beat the North.

-Matthews and D’Amore then discuss RVD heel turn at Bound for Glory against Rhyno. We also get a recap of the match between Moose and Ken Shamrock and what’s next for Shamrock at Impact. Live via Skype we get an interview with Moose. He basically just brags about his win against Shamrock and how he doesn’t feel bad about Shamrock’s lost and potentially retiring him.

-Back from break, Melissa Santos interviews Taya Valkyrie, she talks about her historic run and how she has beaten every woman on the Knockouts roster. We then get a recap of her match with Tenille Dashwood at Bound for Glory. Valkyrie talks about being the greatest Knockout champion ever and how she’s ready for the premiere on AXS. John E. Bravo then interviews people in Windsor, Ontario about how they are “excited” for Valkrie return to Windsor.


-Back from break Matthews and D’Amore talk about Brian Cage’s reign as champion and his feud with Sami Callihan. Matthews and D’Amore then interview Cage live on the set. They talk about his victory at Bound for Glory. They also talk about his injury, his troubles with Callihan and how he has wanted his reign to be better. We then get a recap of the match at Bound for Glory. He then talks about having positive momentum now and moving forward to a new challenger when Sami Callihan interrupts and demands a rematch. Callihan then reveals that oVe knows Cage’s home address and will attack his family unless he gets his rematch. Cage then gives him his rematch on the premiere episode on AXS.

-Back from break, we hear that next week’s championship match between Cage and Callihan will be a steel cage match. D’Lo Brown then joins the two at the desk. They break down the odds of next week’s match about how Callihan is now in Cage’s head and it will work against him.

-We then get a video package for Tessa Blanchard. Its a great package that really puts her over as the biggest star on the brand. The panel talk about how her focus is on oVe and trying to become a champion again.

-We then go back to the set of Austin’s movie and it seems like the movie he is in is a porn movie. This lead to a video package on Eddie Edwards. This also leads to a discussion of the X Division and the championship. We then go back to the movie set and Austin is in bed with a girl about to shoot the porn when we go to break.

-Jimmy Jacob then interviews Johnny Swinger. He talks about being the hottest signee for Impact Wrestling and how his experience is going to put his over in Impact and how he is going to give back to the sport that has been good to him.


-Lucha libre trios rules apply in this six man tag team match. The AAA stars clear the ring as it leaves Xavier in with the trio. They continue to beat up individually all the member of the Rascalz. Miguel is left in the ring with the three and eats a couple stomp by Aerostar. Xavier then comes in and clears the ring of the luchas and hits Aerostar with the bronco buster. Miguel hits Taurus with the double stomp followed by Wentz hitting Wagner with a set up super kick. The teams then trade some dives to the outside of the ring. Wagner and Xavier are then in the ring with Wagener getting some good offense going and even taking off his mask and delivering a power bomb. Taurus hits a big Suplex on Xavier. Miguel then hits Aerostar with a top rope stomp with Wentz coming in an hitting a shooting star slam on him for the three count and the win.

WINNER: The Rascalz in 8:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A pretty fun warm up match that set the stage for the Bound for Glory PPV. It did its job in getting the crowd pumped up and put over some cool moves for The Rascalz but was a pretty forgettable match.)

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  1. Did I just miss the headline, or are we still waiting on a Bound for Glory review here?

    Good review, I really enjoyed the main event. Can’t wait for the true AXS premiere next week!

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