IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES – TURNING POINT 11/9: Sami Callihan vs. Brian Cage, RVD vs. Rhino, Crist vs. Ace Austin, Tessa Blanchard & Jardynne vs. Madison Rayne & Jessica Havok

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 9, 2019

Tessa Blanchard & Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne & Jessicka Havok – HIT: This was a good opener. Jessicka Havok was a good replacement for Kiera Hogan (who I assume was legitimately injured on the 10/29/2019 TV episode). This gave Jordynne Grace a powerhouse to square up against and I eagerly look forward to more confrontations between those two. Madison Rayne was great playing up the role of the woman trying to relieve her glory days as high school cheerleader. Tessa wins after hitting Madison with the Buzzsaw DDT. Afterwards Tessa showed a lighter side of herself, celebrating with Jordan Grace, something she needs to show a little bit more of, in order to humanize her character a bit more.

Façade vs. Evander James vs. Desean Pratt vs. KC Navarro vs. Mason vs. Clutch Adams – MISS: This was a Six Man Scramble for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Pennsylvania Premier Wrestling (PPW) is the partner promotion Impact Wrestling used for the Turning Point special, and this match is here to showcase the PPW talent. Unfortunately, without anyone on commentary telling us who these individuals are, its hard to get invested in the match. There was a dubiously earned “this is awesome” chant, so the crowd seemed into it at least. Façade does a variation of a Coast to Coast, where he tightrope-walks the top rope to the halfway point, then delivers a dropkick to Desean in the corner. Façade goes for the pin, but Clutch Adams hits him with a flying elbow drop, rolls him out of the ring, and steals the pin to retain his championship. Clutch indeed.

Michael Elgin vs. Mike Orlando – MISS: The only way a match between two big guys works is if you are either really invested in one, or both, of the wrestlers, or, if they blow you away you with brutal power moves. This match had neither. It was a boring, plodding match, and the ending seemed botched. I was majorly disappointed. Elgin wins with a Sit Out Powerbomb. The crowd was into Orlando though.

Fallah Bahh vs. Moose – HIT: I probably liked this one more than I should have due to the previous match, but Moose is one of my guilty pleasures, and Fallah Bahh really needs to be featured more. The crowd loves Fallah and he’s a joy to watch. Fallah no-sold a few power moves (“NO! NO! NO!”) including a freaking super plex that had me cheering. It wasn’t enough to save him though, as he soon succumbed to a No Jackhammer Needed Spear.

Tenile Dashwood vs. Taya Valkyrie – MISS: Another snoozer. I have tried to get onto the Tenile Dashwood bandwagon ever since she left the WWE but whenever time I see her, I’m left unimpressed. Another slow match this night with a lot of interference from John E. Bravo on the outside. Taya wins by schoolgirl roll up after Bravo distracted Tenille. Bravo and Taya attack Tenille after the match until Jordynn Grace makes the save.

The North vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack – HIT: The North, Ethan Paige and Josh Alexander, have done an admirable job filling in the massive hole left by the departing LAX. All they need is a strong rival team to feud against and you have a team that can main event. Josh Alexander is just MEAN in the ring, and Willie does things a man his size shouldn’t be able to. Good match that ends when The North hits Wille Mack with This is the North for the win to retain their championship.

Eddie Edwards vs. Mahabali Sheera – MISS: Another lack luster performance from a member of the Desi Hit Squad. It is a shame too, since Sheera does have a look and presence about him that can harnessed into something more. Eddie had put the future title shot opportunity he won at Bound for Glory on the line and managed to retain it after hitting his Boston Knee Party.

Jake Crist vs. Ace Austin – MISS: I feel bad giving this match, an X Division Championship rematch, a miss since both workers acquitted themselves well. The problem lies in the fact that both wresters are not only heels, they are scumbag heels. Ace Austin wins after blocking a super cutter from Crist and hitting The Fold for the win. I also need an Ace Austin 3:16 shirt.

Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam – HIT: I almost gave this a miss after the match ended in Rhino being disqualified for driving RVD through a table, a rule that is seldom (if ever) enforced. Rhino went after the referee with a chair though, transferring the crowd’s heat from the promotion, to the referee. Lots of veteran savvy on display in this match. RVD went for several crowd-pleasing spots, like Rolling Thunder and the Van Terminator, but denied the audience at the last second. Katie Forbes accompanied RVD and got involved in the match including hitting Rhino with a low blow and engaging in lascivious acts with RVD. I think Katie is effective in her role but need to tone it down a bit.

Sami Callihan vs. Brian Cage – HIT: Earlier in the night, Sami and Jake cut a promo where Sami said they were the only members of oVe in attendance that night. Turns out that would be a lie. After a good match culminated in the referee being knocked out, Jake comes out to help Sami, but Cage is able to deal with the double team. Then Madman Fulton hits the ring and the trio is too much for Cage to overcome. Sami hits the Cactus Special Piledriver on the championship belt for the win. Oh, and Sami ripped up a kid’s sign at ringside. What a…

Overall – PUSH: There was some good stuff here if you skip some of the more boring matches but the is nothing you have to go out of your way to see. This is an ancillary product that serves to close a few loopholes in the overall narrative told on the TV show and on PPV, like dealing with the “contractually mandated rematches” for Jake Crist and Brian Cage. Next month, Sami will be defending his championship against Rich Swann after Swann earned a title shot when he pinned Sami on the 11/5/2019 TV episode.

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