Former ROH producer claims WOH Champion Kelly Klein has been fired, ROH issues response on Klein’s status to PWTorch (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (twitter: @sr_torch)


Former ROH producer Joey Mercury announced on Twitter that current ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein has been fired from the company. Mercury shared an email from ROH COO Joe Koff to Kelly Klein where Koff told her that he would not be extending her current deal once it ends due to her violating her contract by making the details public. Klein’s contract details were made public by Mercury earlier this month. You can see Mercury’s tweets regarding the situation and Koff’s email to Klein below:

Klein’s husband, B.J. Whitmer, confirmed Mercury’s tweet saying that she had been fired by Koff and is still suffering from post concussion syndrome. Whitmer’s tweets about the situation can be seen below:

Klein also tweeted about the situation on Twitter saying that she’s glad to be an agent of change. You can see Klein’s tweets below, which includes a statement by Klein saying she wished she had been invited to the ROH talent summit tomorrow in Baltimore:

PWTorch reached out to ROH for a statement about Klein’s status with the company. ROH sent the following response regarding Klein:

We don’t generally discuss personnel issues, but they seem to have made it public – we didn’t fire her and she is still under contract.

We just notified her that we would not be renewing her contract at the end of its term.
Radican’s Analysis: Mercury’s tweets have been very damaging to ROH this month. He has published a lot of private information including conversations he had with ROH GM Greg Gilleland. Mercury has been teasing he has more damaging evidence that will harm Koff and Gilleland on standby. 
Although ROH didn’t technically fire Klein, they’re going to take a big public relations hit for telling Klein through email that her contract isn’t going to be renewed when its term ends while she’s recovering from post concussion syndrome. 
Hopefully ROH can right the ship and provide some evidence publicly that they have a solid security policy and a concussion protocol. Mercury brought these issues to light earlier this month on Twitter when discussing the incident Bully Ray had with a fan backstage over the summer and claiming there was no concussion protocol when Klein suffered a concussion during ROH’s recent tour of the U.K. in October. 
It will be interesting to see what news comes out of ROH’s talent summit tomorrow.  

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