11/19 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch, Cabana & Starks vs. Aron Stevens & Question Mark, Kay & Vox vs. Rosa & Belle

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Announcers: Jim Cornette, Joe Galli

(Taylor’s Analysis: This report was written after the controversial and inappropriate remarks from Jim Cornette were removed in post-production.)

-The show opened with various clips featuring Nick Aldis and Kamille. A replay of the ending of the NWA National Heavyweight match between James Storm and Colt Cabana followed. James Storm was shown angrily challenging Nick Aldis as the replay ended. “Into the Fire” began as did the Power intro video. The camera entered the studio and panned the audience. The announcers ran down the card for the evening and then threw to Dave Marquez.

-Marquez introduced NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Marquez immediately brought up Kamille. Aldis said Kamille’s decisions were her own and that’s why she wasn’t by his side for the interview. He said the NWA was “the place where we wrestle” and he wanted to get back to wrestling. He announced that he would be facing Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match after the interview. Murdoch entered the ring as Aldis confirmed the match was only an exhibition because Murdoch had not earned a title match. He concluded by saying Murdoch had often longed for the NWA title but tonight would likely be the closest he would ever get. Aldis entered the ring.

(1) NICK ALDIS (CHAMPION) vs. TREVOR MURDOCH – Non-title match

-The bell rang, and they shook hands. They traded holds until Aldis straddled the middle rope causing the referee to separate them. As Murdoch backed off, he kicked the middle rope and Aldis writhed in pain. From there, Aldis charged at Murdoch but he avoided contact and hit Aldis with three power slams. Murdoch then hit a bulldog from the top rope and attempted a pinfall, but Aldis was able to reach the bottom rope with his foot. Murdoch scaled the ropes again and attempted a dropkick but missed. With Murdoch on the mat, Aldis cinched in the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf for the tap-out win. After the match, Aldis and Murdoch shook hands.

WINNER: Nick Aldis via submission

(Taylor’s Analysis: Aldis continues to have just enough of a chip on his shoulder to keep the crowd from turning on him fully. Murdoch now has something to come back from. If he goes back to winning consistently, a rematch for the title would mean something in the future.)

-A commercial for the NWA’s first pay-per-view Into the Fire aired.

-The show returned with Dave Marquez introducing The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton announced that they had an NWA Tag Title shot against The Wild Cards. They started a “Rock and Roll!” chant and then let the interview. The Wild Cards entered the booth and said there was no way they’d be losing the titles to anyone, especially not The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Marquez asked Tom Latimer about his relationship with Kamille. Latimer said they were just friends and the show cut to a commercial.

(Taylor’s Analysis: It wasn’t explained why The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express has earned a title shot and several chapters to this story seem missing. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express should have either won a series of matches or should have at least explained in a promo what winning the titles again would mean to them.)

-A commercial for Highspots.com aired, followed by a replay of the debut of The Question Mark.

-The show returned with Colt Cabana on commentary. Cabana said he was there to scout Rick Starks after Starks’ challenge to Cabana last week. Starks was shown in the ring and The Question Mark made his entrance to loud cheers.


-Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. Question Mark quickly took control with strikes. Cabana countered with a dropkick and then threw Question Mark to the outside. Starks hit a suicide dive. Aron Stevens attacked Starks on the outside of the ring and the referee called for the bell. Both Stevens and Question Mark attacked Starks. Cabana left the announce table and made the save.

WINNER: No contest

(Taylor’s Analysis: Why wasn’t this deemed a disqualification win for Starks? The Question Mark is over with the crowd, but still seems like a novelty that has the potential to fade quickly.)

-Cornette and Galli were shown in the interview booth and announced the main event of the show would be The Question Mark and Aron Stevens against Rick Starks and Colt Cabana. Galli then introduced Eli Drake. Drake called out Ken Anderson for interrupting him last week. Drake said Anderson was past his prime. Anderson walked out and said he had been all around the world, but there was nowhere he’d rather be than in the NWA. Anderson said he was tired of Drake running his mouth and then challenged Drake to a match. As both men made their way to the ring, Drake attacked Anderson from behind. The crowd booed loudly. He pulled out a turnbuckle rod and hit Anderson in the back. Referees ran out and attended to Anderson. Drake tried to attack Anderson again but was stopped by officials. The show cut to a commercial.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Drake is much better as a heel, but it’s not clear why these two have a problem with each other. There’s plenty of time to solidify their issue and this has the potential to be a very good feud.)

-A commercial for the NWA’s first pay-per-view Into the Fire aired.

-The show returned with a replay of the altercation between Allysin Kay, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle. Belle and Rosa were then shown in the ring.


-Kay and Vox ran to the ring which caused Rosa and Belle to retreat. Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. Belle and Vox started the match and locked up. They traded holds until Vox hit a drop toe hold. Vox hit a senton for a two count. Belle returned to her feet and knocked Vox down with a kick to the mid-section. Rosa tagged in and chopped Vox in the corner. She cinched in an armbar and taunted Kay. Belle tagged back in and clotheslined Vox in the corner. Belle scored a two count. With Vox back in the corner, Belle charged but was countered with a boot. Kay and Rosa tagged in and brawled. Rosa scaled the top rope but was met by Kay who hit a superplex. Both women laid on the mat and the camera cut to the crowd. Melina was shown making her way to the ring through the stands. Melina watched on from ringside which distracted Kay. Rosa rolled Kay up from behind and scored the win. After the match, Belle and Rosa continued to attack Kay and Vox. Melina entered the ring and joined Belle and Rosa in celebration as loud drums played in the background.


(Taylor’s Analysis: A faction between Belle, Rosa, and Melina is intriguing. However, it’s unclear which women will challenge Kay for the title at this point. Why would Belle stand back and let Rosa or Melina challenge for the title? What would she do if either woman wins? There’s certainly storyline potential after this development.)

-A commercial aired for Austin Idol’s wrestling school aired.

-The show returned with Cabana and Starks in the ring. Stevens and Question Mark made their ring entrance. The crowd loudly booed Stevens but cheered wildly for Question Mark.


-Formal ring entrances took place and the match began with Stevens and Starks. Stevens quickly tagged in Question Mark. Starks knocked Question Mark to the mat and hit a dropkick. Cabana tagged in and chopped Question Mark in the corner. Question Mark responded with strikes and tagged in Stevens. Cabana tagged Starks and Stevens retreated. Stevens refused to wrestle Starks and tagged in Question Mark. From there, Question Mark punished Starks in the corner. The crowd rallied behind Question Mark who hit a back-body drop. Question Mark and Stevens made frequent tags and both chopped Starks in the corner. The crowd booed Stevens and cheered Question Mark with each tag and started a “Question Mark!” chant. Stevens tagged back in a mooned the audience. Starks hit a sling blade and tagged Cabana who hit Stevens with several strikes. Chaos ensued as all four men briefly brawled in the ring. Stevens and Starks both tagged in and Starks tried to take Question Mark’s mask off. Question Mark hit his signature strike and tagged in Stevens who pinned Starks for the win.

WINNERS: Aron Stevens & ?The Question Mark?

-Stevens and Question Mark entered the interview booth after the match. Steven said they won with “the power of karate.” Marquez tried to close the show but was interrupted by James Storm. Storm yelled angrily that he was tired of seeing Nick Aldis compete against wrestlers who weren’t deserving. Kamille entered and whispered something into Storm’s ear and walked to the back. Storm followed her and the show ended.

(Taylors Analysis: This was a very captivating way to end the show, as the cliff hanger should keep the viewer’s attention. James Storm needs to stop yelling every time he’s on the mike. His promos are going to lose value over time if he’s always that intense.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: There was a lot of character and storyline development on this show. Questions were asked but remained unanswered. It’s great to see week-to-week planning at a pace that is easy to follow and digest. Another solid episode of NWA Power.

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