11/12 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Wild Cards vs. Outlaw Inc., Trevor Murdoch vs. Caleb Conley, Rose & Creed vs. Rosa & Belle, Colt promo, Billy Corgan announcement

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Announcers: Joe Galli, Jim Cornette

-The show opened with a quick replay of the ending of the match between The Dawsons and Outlaw Inc. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express was shown making a surprise appearance and thwarting the run-in by The Wild Cards. “Into the Fire” began as did the NWA Power intro video.

-The camera entered the studio and held on the announcers as they ran down the card for the evening. Joe Galli threw to Josh Marquez who introduced The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express who entered to loud cheers from the audience. Ricky Morton said he was excited that Outlaw Inc. would get a title shot at the tag titles. Outlaw Inc. entered and Eddie Kingston called The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling. He concluded by saying that there was no way Outlaw Inc. would lose their title match after getting the approval of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The camera cut to ring.

(Taylor’s Analysis: It’s great to see the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express treated like legends. They’re endorsement means something, and they have a lot to offer the NWA.)


-The match began with both men in the ring. Formal introductions took place and the bell rang. They locked up and Murdoch knocked Konley down with a tackle. Konley responded with a dropkick and then chopped Murdoch in the corner. Murdock caught a charging Konley and hit a spine-buster. From there, Murdoch hit three power slams as the fans cheered him on. Konley countered a charging Murdoch and quickened the pace. With Murdoch on the mat, Konley hit a double stomp for a two count. Konley attempted a springboard moonsault but Murdoch rolled out the way and hit another slam. Murdoch scaled the top rope and hit a bulldog for the win.

WINNER: Trevor Murdoch via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: I’m anxious to see where Murdoch is headed. His wins should lead to a title match in the future.)

-A commercial aired for NWA’s Into the Fire pay-per-view.

-The show returned with a replay of the 2 out of 3 falls match between Aaron Stevens and Ricky Starks. Back in the studio, Joe Galli introduced Arron Stevens who came out in a pirate costume. Stevens announced that he was no longer apart of the NWA and the crowd cheered. He tried to continue but the crowd started singing “Na-Na-Na-Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye” at him. Stevens said his final goodbyes and left the interview.

-A replay was shown of the altercation between Allysin Kay, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa during last week’s episode. Belle and Rosa were then shown making their way to the ring.


-Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. The match started with Creed and Belle. The two locked up. Creed and Rose made quick tags before Belle tagged in Rosa. Rosa chopped Creed in the corner before knocking Rose off the ring apron. From there, Rosa hit a double stomp to Creed’s back for the win.

WINNERS: Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle via pinfall

-After the match, Marquez interviewed Belle and Rosa. Belle called Rosa her future. Rosa spoke in Spanish as Belle translated. Belle concluded by saying Allysin Kay had no idea what was coming her way.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Thunder Rosa comes off as a legitimate fighter in the ring. She should continue to mount wins and challenge for the women’s title.)

-A commercial aired for an unknown wrestler asking “Who is the ? Mark?”. It ended by saying that the wrestler’s debut was next.

-Commercial for a meet and greet with Nick Aldis aired.

-A replay was shown of Colt Cabana beating James Storm for the NWA National Heavyweight title. An interview with Storm directly after the match followed. Storm said he was robbed and that he was turning his focus to NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis.

-Back in the studio, Josh Marques introduced the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana. Cabana walked out with his title said he represented all the NWA fans. He said he only lost the title in the first place was because of an injury. He passionately exclaimed that he had healed his leg, healed his heart and that he had taken back what was his. Ricky Starks interrupted and hinted that he wanted a shot at the Cabana’s title.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This is what I want from Cabana. While it was a short promo, he came off as truly excited and proud to have his title back. I don’t see Ricky Starks as a title challenger, mostly because his identity hasn’t been established yet.)

-D-Man Dan Parker was shown in the ring as a masked wrestler entered the studio.


-Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. The fans started a “Question Mark!” chant. Parker charged Question Mark in the corner but was countered with a missile dropkick. The Question Mark wound up and hit a big strike for the win.

WINNER: ?The Question Mark? via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: Not many questions were answered here. The whole gimmick is coming off as a bit too comedic in the early stages, but I’ll wait to see how it develops in the weeks to come.)

-A commercial for NWA’s video game RetroMania Wrestling aired.

-A video package aired showing Thunder Rosa preparing for her first MMA fight. The package concluded with a graphic reading “Thunder Rosa: Into the Cage. Coming Soon.”

(Taylor’s Analysis: The tease of this documentary looked great, however, it painted Thunder Rosa has a hard-working babyface. This contradicts her heel mannerisms that have been on display since she debuted. Great content, but a puzzling decision.)

-The show returned with the announcers speculating on the relationship between Aldis and Kamille. Eli Drake walked out unexpectedly and said he didn’t care why Kamille wasn’t talking but wanted to know what she was hiding. He said that if she did talk, she would say that Eli Drake would be the man take the title from Drake. The Wild Cards interrupted Drake and told him to mind his own business and left. Ken Anderson walked out and surprised Drake from behind. Anderson said he heard Drake was looking for a man with a big mouth. Anderson said he was that man before exiting.

– NWA president William Patrick Corgan was shown and he stated he had an announcement. He started by thanking the NWA fans and said the next set of NWA TV tapings were sold out. He prompted fans of the show to sign up to the NWA e-mail list to hear his announcement first.

-A parody commercial for Tony Stark’s Wrestling Farm aired.

-A replay of Nick Aldis and Tim Storm talking off-camera was shown.

-Back in the studio, Joe Galli introduced Nick Aldis. Galli asked Aldis about James Storm. Aldis said too many wrestlers unjustly thought they were owed things. He said there was a reason that he was the champion and it was because he earned everything he had. He concluded by saying he would sit ringside for the NWA Tag Title match to ensure a true winner would be determined. He pulled up a chair as Outlaw Inc. entered the ring, followed by The Wild Cards.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Aldis continues to shine in promos. He maximizes his minutes and always gets his point across.)


-All four wrestlers brawled in the ring as the bell rang. Homicide and Royce Issacs were eventually dubbed the legal men. Homicide hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Issacs responded with a power slam and tagged in Tom Latimer. Both men double-teamed Homicide before he countered with a spinning DDT. Kingston tagged in and clotheslined Latimer for a two count. Latimer hit a spinning heel kick and tagged in Royce. Both men punished Kingston in the corner and kept control with frequent tags. Latimer choked Kingston from the outside as Issacs distracted the ref. Latimer tagged back in and punished Kingston with strikes. Kingston countered with a slam and both men tagged their partners. Homicide hit a clothesline on Issacs followed by a suplex for a two count. Kingston tagged back in and hit a clothesline for a two count. From there, Issacs hit a DDT and attempted a pinfall but it was broken up by Homicide. Kingston attempted a suplex, but his knee gave away. From there, all four men brawled in the ring. An “NWA!” chant started. Homicide knocked Latimer to the outside but was then knocked to the floor by Issacs. Back in the ring, The Wild Cards hit tandem offense on Kingston. Issacs then hit a suplex for the win.

WINNERS: The Wild Cards via pinfall to retain the NWA Tag Team Titles.

-Kamille quickly made her way to ringside after the bell. Aldis stopped her and the two had a confrontation that was interrupted by James Storm, Ken Anderson, The Wild Cards, The Dawson, Eli Drake, and Colt Cabana. The group was seen arguing as NWA officials ran out to break them up as the show ended.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a bit of a lose/lose situation. I didn’t want to see the tag titles change hands but I also think it may have been the right decision given the endorsement from The Rock ‘’n’ Roll Express earlier in the show. Will a similar endorsement from the legendary tag team mean as much in the future?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The involvement of so many wrestlers in the closing angle certainly built intrigue, but the Aldis-Kamille storyline feels like it’s losing a bit of focus. This week was back to a slower, more digestible pace and the chaos was saved for the very end of the show. The NWA continues to produce solid weekly shows as they build to their first pay-per-view on December 14th.

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