5/5 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Moxley vs. Kaz, Omega & Broken Matt vs. Jericho & Guevara, MJF returns, Archer in action, Cody vs. Janella

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


MAY 6, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

LAST WEEK’S REPORT: 4/29 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on TNT Title Semi-finals Dustin vs. Archer, Darby vs. Cody, Brodie Lee vs. Marko, Moxley speaks


-They opened with a video package on last week’s Dynamite. Then the Dynamite opening theme played.

-They cut to Daily’s Place live with wrestlers in the crowd area, some wearing facemasks. Ross, Schiavone, and Excalibur sat next to each other at the announce desk and hyped the line-up.


Schiavone noted that Janela won three of his last five matches. Cody came out to his music next and a full pyro blast. Early in the match during a lock-up, Ross touted Janela’s recent wins over Rey Fenix, Shawn Spears, and Kip Sabian. Excalibur said Cody has more to lose than Janela in this match. Schiavone said Cody took this match because the only way to get better is to wrestle, and that’s why he took this match. They exchanged some sunset flips and roll-ups. Janela stood and chopped Cody in the chest. Cody fired back. Schiavone snuck in a merchandise plug. Ross talked about the AEW wrestlers and staff in the crowd. He said everyone has been tested and is social distancing. “We’re following the rules here,” Ross said. Excalibur said the Jacksonville Mayor has made testing available for everyone within the shadow of the stadium. Ross shifted to talking about what an adventure it is to talk with Janela all the time. Ross drew some chuckles from Schiavone and Excalbur with a Joe Stecher comparison when Janela applied a body scissors. Ross said Stecher in the early early 1900s would body scissors sacks of feed, it’d make the front page of the paper, and they’ll sell tickets to his matches that way. Janela whipped Cody into the ringside barricade. Spears sounded an air horn and the announcers complained.

Janela chopped Cody on the ring apron, then charged from the stage. Cody side-stepped him and then took over with a Disaster Kick to the jaw. Cody then landed a moonsault press off the stage. Ross said Cody is a winner. Cody showed fire in the ring, but Janela caught him with a surprise superkick to the jaw. Janela climbed to the top rope. Wrestlers at ringside danced and cheered. Janela landed a top rope elbow for a near fall. He climbed up again, but Cody popped up and knocked him off balance, then gave him an inverted suplex off the top rope onto the mat for a near fall. Cody ate a spinning elbow from Janela, but when Janela set up a package driver, Cody snap powerslammed him as a counter for a two count. Janela came back with a clothesline, but Cody avoided a top rope Janela moonsault. Cody then gave Janela a Cody Cutter off the top rope for a near fall. A minute later they were exchanging blows mid-ring. Cody then finished Janela with a sudden Crossroads for the win.

WINNER: Cody in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nice attention to detail early by mentioning Janela’s recent wins and why Cody would take this fight less than two weeks before his TNT Championship Finals match. Good back and forth battle. Maybe a little more long-term selling of the bigger moves would’ve improved the match. Ross sounds energized. Those post-shows he did with Taz and Excalibur might have been the extended conversational engagement he needed in AEW’s storylines and characters to get him sharpened and more enthusiastic and confident.) [c]

-They went to the announcers at ringside. They threw to a video package on Nyla Rose beating Riho to become the AEW Women’s Champion. Then the narrator talked about the contenders, including Brit Baker and “countless hungry contenders.” The narrator said Baker has emerged to be “the scourge of the locker room.” Then he touted Hikaru Shida’s 7-1 record and said it’s not if, but when she gets a title shot. The narrator also discussed Penelope Ford.

-Schiavone interviewed Rose on the stage. She asked who Schiavone thinks the most dominant force is. She interrupted the start of his answer and yelled that it is her and it will always be her. She told Schiavone to get his ass over there and do his job. Ross said Schiavone won’t have the type of relationship with Nyla that he has with Brit.


Paige is an 18 year old rookie. Ross said she was trained in Knoxville, Tenn. by Dr. Tom Prichard with some tutoring by Ricky Morton. Rose gave Paige a nasty back suplex a minute in. MJF was yelling at ringside, but told the camera guy to back away because of social distancing. Ross flip-dove off the top rope onto Paige. When she covered Paige, Rose lifted her shoulders at two to continue the beating. They showed Shida looking on concerned. Rose continued with more powerbombs and finally the Beast Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Rose in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Productive segment including the video package to reintroduce the AEW Women’s Division to the audience and give Rose a strong showcase victory.)

-MJF sat in a room that appeared to be an empty penthouse condo in the city. He said he’s the next big thing after being on national TV for just five or six months. He said nobody wants to admit it because they all hate his guts. He said he’s being compared to legends, like Ric Flair, The Rock, and Roddy Piper. He said when people say he can’t live up to them, it’s a sign of insecurity by other wrestlers. He said they think he’s “a 24 year old kid who is taking their spot.” He said he’s a prodigy bell to bell who will be a champion before a blink of an eye who has more “it” in his pinky than other wrestlers do in their entire bodies. He said he’s not Rock, Flair, or Piper. Instead, he said he’s something the sport has never seen before. He said that’s why he can afford to miss some TV and lick his wounds, drink fine wine, and watch some old school wrestling because he knows when he comes back to work, his spot on the throne will be right back where he left it without a solitary scratch. His red chair was replaced by a worker with a fancy throne chair. He said next week he sits back on his throne.

-The on-screen graphic said he’ll be back in action next week. Ross begrudgingly said he’s talented as hell. [c]

-Shawn Spears narrated a video package on Lance Archer bloodying and defeating Dustin Rhodes last week. He said he doesn’t blame Dustin for competing in the match or Archer for executing the beating, but rather he blames Cody for letting it happen. Spears said if his one brother, who is 11 years younger than him, was ever in danger, he would do everything in his power to stop it. “I would shield him, I would protect him, but you decided not to do that, didn’t you Cody?” he said. He asked if he’s selfish and wants to be the only one carrying on the Rhodes family legacy. He said he couldn’t live with watching his brother take such a beating, but Cody has already shown he can.

-Schiavone interviewed MJF and Spears at ringside, with Wardlow standing right behind them. He insulted Spears in a sideswipe, then apologized insincerely and made a face. He then then told Spears he is brave to say what he said about Cody. Spears asked if MJF is fully healed. MJF said he is not only 100 percent, he’s “over-healed, I’m that good.” They exchanged compliments back and forth. Schiavone said they’re both great. Schiavone then said MJF has been signed for Double or Nothing to face Jungle Boy. MJF spit out his beverage at that news and said he didn’t sign up for that.

-Frankie Kazarian came out to SCU’s music with Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky. He then headed to the ring alone as Excalbur said he’d face AEW World Champion Jon Moxley next. [c]


Ross said he’s not sure if he’s ever been around somebody so mentally focused and as intense as Moxley. Ross wondered who Moxley will defend his title against at Double or Nothing. Excalbur said a win by Kaz here would give him consideration for a rematch with the belt on the line. About 6:00 in, after a slow pace to start, Mox backdropped Kaz over the top rope and he sold a knee injury. [c]

They stayed with the action on split screen during the break with Mox in control. After the break, as Mox flew off the top rope, Kaz caught him with a boot to the face. Mox went down hard at ringside. Kaz tried to regain his senses, then threw Mox into the ring. Kaz scored a near fall a minute later. They exchanged shotgun dropkicks. Mox then set up a Paradigm Shift, but Kaz blocked it and applied a “three in one” mat hold. Mox kicked at Kaz’s face with his one free limb to break free. Kaz countered a Mox spear through the ropes with a legdrop to the back of Mox’s head. Mox caught Kaz on the top rope. Kaz elbowed free, but Mox quickly countered with a Paradigm Shift for the win.

WINNER: Moxley in 16:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid match between two babyfaces, although maybe a little long for a match with no real rivalry built in or high stakes. Interesting to see Moxley have a straight up wrestling match with minimal ringside brawling. It was a nice portrayal of Kazarian as a solid singles wrestler, too.)

-As Moxley celebrated, seven masked Dark Order members attacked Moxley afterward. Daniels and Sky ran out for the save, but they were overwhelmed. Brodie Lee walked out onto the stage eventually and bashed Daniels with a chair. Brodie then attacked Moxley with a clotheslines as Dark Order members held him up. Ross said he’s hungry for success. Brodie stood over Moxley with a mic in hand and said he is there to answer the bounty that Moxley put on his head last week. He said there is no crowd to save him or energy to lift him up. He said the Dark Order is the energy he feels now. He said he is a leader who makes lives extraordinary. He said any of his followers will stand up and sacrifice for him. He said he appreciates Moxley making himself available to them tonight. He said Mox is the unfortunate soul who has come into possession with something he wants and desires and needs. He said Evil Uno tells him that he is a reasonable man. He said he has the crown jewel of pro wrestling. He challenged him to a title match. He said he doesn’t know if he’s an actor or movie star or MMA fighter or rebel or just a scared little fatherless boy from Cincinnati. “Answer my challenge, Mox, or we will make you!” He threw the mic onto his head. Ross asked what he meant by that. Mox coughed and gasped for breath and spit before looking up and saying, “Dude, all you had to do was ask.” Then he laughed a little. As Mox sat up, Brodie gave him a running boot to the face. The Dark Order group attacked Mox again.

(Keller’s Analysis: That answers the question of who Mox will be facing at Double or Nothing. It’s a bit out of nowhere, but there’s value in striking early with Brodie Lee as a new act before he’s been defined at any other level. Curious how he looks against Mox in that high profile main event setting on May 23 on PPV.) [c]

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Ross said he is appalled at what he just saw. They commented on a replay of highlights of the beatdown. Then they shifted to a segment with Brandi Rhodes.

-Brandi addressed Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. She called Jake “Mr. Roberts.” She said she wanted to respond to his “advances.” She said Archer’s attacking of her brother-in-law and his constant name-calling of her on national TV, those are messages clearly received. She said she thinks she knows what happens next – he’ll confront her in the ring with Archer in tow and maybe they’ll back her into the corner to scare her “and once I perfectly personify the damsel in distress, here comes my hero, my husband, running to my rescue right into my trap.” She told Jake in his heyday, that’d have been perfect, but it’s not 1991. She said he can’t slap her in her face and have it go unanswered. She said her husband is a good guy in the company, shaking hands and kissing babies, and she’s “more challenging to pinpoint.” She said her mom told her not to f— with people you don’t know. She said they might know her history and family and he’s known most of the people she does business with longer than she her, but they don’t know her. She said she’s not Bill’s Monica. “I’m Brandi Rhodes, I’m the Chief Brand Officer of All Elite Wrestling, and from now on you will keep my name out of your dirty old mouth.”

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s fine that Brandi is Chief Brand Officer of AEW, but it makes zero sense to draw attention to that in the course of her on-air work, which has been so scattershot since Dynamite debuted, since now she’s a manager of a new tag team. That aside, strong delivery for sure.)

(4) Q.T. MARSHALL (w/Brandi Rhodes) vs. LANCE ARCHER (w/Jake Roberts)

As Archer and Jake walked out (Jake was wearing a facemask), Archer walked past wrestlers in the front row and then took shot at Jason Cade, a wrestler at ringside. Marshall tried to hit Archer before he was ready, but Archer just brushed him off and then posed on the second rope and taunted the babyface wrestlers at ringside. Archer dared Marshall to hit him again. Marshall did. Archer no-sold it and threw him hard into the corner. Schiavone noted that Marshall works in the front office. He said they give him a hard time about that, but he said he’s in the best shape of his life. They showed Jake leaning against the ramp with his mask pulled down and laughing at what he was seeing. Marshall ducked a charging Archer, but Archer caught Marshall diving at him over the ropes and chokeslammed him on the ring apron. As Archer took some threatening steps toward Brandi, they cut to a break at 2:00. [c]

Back from the break, Archer was in control, methodically taking it to Marshall. They showed that during the break, Archer tossed Marshall around. Archer gave Marshall a boot to the head that sent him to the floor. Baker hit Marshall with her shoe at ringside. Brandi yanked it away from Brandi and threw it into the crowd. There were staff and production people spaced out in the bleachers making noise. Back in the ring, Marshall made a comeback with a cartwheel enzuigiri. “He thinks he’s Inoki,” said Ross. Marshall landed a suplex. They showed Jake at ringside hanging his head. The announcers wondered if he was losing faith or maybe was concerned. Archer made a comeback with a tackle, then gave Marshall a top rope Black Out, but he lifted Marshall’s shoulders before the third count. He began ramming Marshall’s head into the mat over and over while he had him in a claw. He allowed the ref to count to three.

WINNER: Archer in 7:00.

-After the match, Brit Baker gave Brandi a DDT on the floor. Then she threw him into the ring. Archer dragged her to the middle of the ring. Ross said her husband Cody is there, but he’s probably in the training room. (Nice little comment to explain why Cody might not be out there already.) Jake entered the ring and put a snake over the chest of Brandi. Ross said that went away in the ’90s. He then covered her with his body in the missionary position. Ross asked how he thinks Cody will react when he sees this. Schiavone said it’s just more fuel for the fire in the championship match at Double or Nothing. Ross said the symbolism is disrespectful and distasteful. Ross said he locker rooms are over at the stadium and you need to take a golf cart to get to Daily’s Place (again a nice touch to explain why this is going on without anyone making a timely save.) Jake threatened the wrestlers stationed in the crowd area with the snake. Ross asked, “Oh my god, what’s going to happen next.” They cut to a break. [c]

-The announcers hyped the Double or Nothing line-up so far including Moxley vs. Brodie Lee for the AEW World Title, MJF vs. Jungle Boy, Cody vs. Lance Archer for the TNT Championship, and a Casino Ladder Match to earn a future AEW World Title shot. Ross said they’d have details on that match next week.

-Taz interviewed Darby Allin backstage. He asked how he is feeling. Darby was hanging his head and didn’t say anything. Taz said Darby basically pinned himself last week, and he said he’d love to help him off-camera, professional to professional. Darby looked up, shoved the mic aside, and walked away.

-Ross called that an interesting development. They announced Brodie Lee vs. Christopher Daniels next week. Also, MJF in his first match “since injury.” Plus Jurassic Express (w/Marko Stunt) vs. Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy), Brit Baker vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander, Chris Jericho in a match, and an interview with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer.

-Jericho and Guevara made their way to the ring to Jericho’s music. Ross said Jericho had him on his show as a guest the other day and he is a very good interviewer. Schiavone acknowledged it’s National Nurse Day. Pineapple Pete took a swing at Jericho. Ross then acknowledged the death of Joe Pedicino and sent condolences to his wife Bonnie and his son. The heel wrestlers at ringside sang and danced to Jericho’s entrance song. [c]


As Omega came out, Schiavone said this is the first time these two have ever teamed. As Hardy came out, Ross said this is Hardy’s debut in the ring for AEW. Ross wondered what it’s like when Hardy attends a parent-teacher conference for his kids. (Based on last week’s regular Matt Hardy appearance, it takes away some of that mystique, since he likely shows up as regular ol’ Matt.) When Guevara pointed his finger in Matt’s face, Matt grabbed it and bit it. As Jericho battled Omega at ringside, throwing him into the ringside steps, Matt beat up Sammy in the ring. Schiavone announced Jericho’s match next week will be against Pineapple Pete. Hardy hit an early sitout powerbomb for a two count. Omega entered a minute later and moonsaulted Sammy.

Jericho returned, but Hardy immediately clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Sammy caught Omega with lifted knees on another moonsault attempt. Jericho threw Hardy into the entrance tunnel. Jericho returned and joined Sammy in double-teaming Omega. Sammy posed on his side. Jericho joined him, leaning on his shoulder. Schiavone said Sammy needs to pull his tongue back into his head. Hardy made his way back to the ring and he clotheslined both Jericho and Sammy with clotheslines and backdrops and Side Effects. Omega gave Sammy a nasty Snap Dragon. Jericho hit Omega across his back with a baseball bat a second later. Ross said they miss The Young Bucks “during this COVID situation.” He said they have young families. He said it’s the same thing with “Hangman” Page. “Social distancing,” he said. Ross said people keep asking where the old Kenny is who wrestled Okada. He said Kenny is right here in AEW and he’s doing damn well. (The mini-rants by Ross are so fun.) At 6:00, Omega set up a table mid-ring with a ladder setup. They put Sammy on a table and then Matt leaped off the ladder with a flying splash, crashing through the table. That was good for a two count, with Hager yanking the ref out of the ring before he could count to three. Omega slingshot himself at Hager, but Hager caught him and dropped him face-first over the ring apron. [c]

They stayed with the action on split-screen where the fight moved backstage. When the break ended, Ross and Schiavone noted that Daily’s Place is attached to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL stadium. Hardy threw Jericho at an ice machine. Jericho came out of it with a bag of ice and rammed him with it. Hager and Jericho threw Hardy into the ice machine and closed the doors, then high-fived. Omega attacked them with a metal trash can. Ross noted it was metal. Guevara threw Omega at the ATM. Guevara then pulled out some money and tucked it into his pants. There were people, including kids, watching wearing face masks. Omega powerbombed Sammy into a steel storage garage door. Hager charged at Omega, but Omega moved and thus Hager splashed Sammy against the garage door instead. Then Omega threw Hager into some barricades stacked up. Jericho charged at Omega with a rolling cart. There were wrestlers and personnel spaced out around them reacting to moves with gasps and ohh’s.

Hardy got in a golf cart, told the camera guy to record these events, laid on the horn, and charged at Jericho, knocking him over. Hardy then chased down Sammy, with Omega in the passenger seat. Sammy tried to leap out of the way, but got clipped by the frame of the front windshield. Hardy put Jericho on a table. Omega stood on a scissor lift. Hager ran in for the save. Omega leaped off the top with a moonsault onto Hager, Hardy, and Jericho. Omega lifted Jericho onto his shoulders. Santana and Ortiz showed up to yank Jericho to safety. The Inner Circle outnumbered Hardy and Omega. Hager powerbombed Hardy through the table that Jericho was on a minute earlier. Inner Circle lifted Omega to Jericho who powerbombed Omega on the roof of the golf cart. Jericho then gave Omega the Judas Effect for the 1-2-3, with Sammy pushing on Jericho’s shoulders for extra leverage.

WINNERS: Jericho & Guevara in 2o:00.

-The show ended with Inner Circle posing together in the opening to the Jaguars football field, and the big screen in the stadium said Inner Circle.

(Keller’s Analysis: Somewhere in there, Hardy changed outfits twice. That was a blast. It was fun without being too corny, but also had hard-hitting intense moments and big spots.)


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  1. Hey, a WWE castoff comes into the company and is immediately put into the title picture. It’s like watching TNA in 2011…only everyone will give AEW a pass for doing the same thing because it’s AEW.

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