6/15 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Backlash fallout including Drew & Truth vs. Lashley & MVP, Asuka vs. Jax rematch, Ric Flair appears

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 15, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe

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-The Raw opening theme aired. Phillips then introduced the show as they showed applauding audience members (Performance Center trainees and NXT wrestlers). He hyped Drew McIntyre & R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley & MVP. Samoa Joe hyped a rematch for the WWE Raw Title between Asuka and Nia Jax. Saxton hyped the invitation by Seth Rollins for Dominic to step into the ring alone with Seth.

-Randy Orton made his ring entrance. Phillips said many people believe last night Orton and Edge had the greatest wrestling match ever. They went to the announcers on camera who noted that Edge suffered a torn triceps last night and required surgery. Orton struck a celebratory pose on the second rope. Phillips wondered if that was the end of Edge’s redemption story,

Orton said last night at Backlash he did what he said he was going to do. He said he humiliated and embarrassed Edge, and wrote the final chapter of his redemption story. He said he also gave him closure. He said he knew the minute he saw him in January when he saw him at the Royal Rumble, there was no way in hell he’d be the competitor he was back in the day. He said all he needed to do was let him help him, but he was too stubborn to trust him. He said he trusted Edge years ago when he saved him from his own destruction. He said at WrestleMania, he wasn’t the last man standing, but he stands there in the ring having won the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, which makes him the greatest professional wrestler ever. He said he doesn’t need a title to prove it. He said he wanted to thank Edge for igniting the fire in him that only burns at the expense of other legends. He said he helped him remember what it feels like to be The Legend Killer. He said he’d like to thank him in person. He said he’s not there, though, because he punt kicked him and tore his triceps right off the bone. He said he knew right when it happened and he could have ended it there, but he wanted him to suffer. He said he’s in a hospital recovering from doctors trying to surgically reattach that muscle to the bone. “Seems like you have another mountain to climb,” he said. “I hear you’re going to be cleared in July – July of 2029.” Boos from the audience. “Hopefully our paths cross again in, say, nine years.” He chuckled. Christian’s music played.

Christian asked him what kind of man he is. He said he thinks he’s cold, calculating, and a son of a bitch. Orton laughed. Christian said Edge’s career isn’t over. He said he’s known Edge his entire life and he won’t quit now or ever. He said when the time comes, Edge will get closure on his terms. “He’s coming back,” he said. Orton asked if it’s okay if he cuts him off now. Orton said this story is about him and Edge, not Christian. He said he’s jealous of his friend. He said he knows what Christian wants. “You want one more match,” he said. Christian denied it emphatically. Orton said he knows Christian isn’t medically cleared, but he offered to fight him in an unsanctioned match. Christian looked conflicted. Orton began to leave the ring, but stopped and said the offer expires at the end of the night. He said if Christian doesn’t accept it, it proves he’s a coward. The announcers said Christian has no business competing in the ring with his medical situation, especially someone the caliber of Orton.

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s too bad about Edge, but Christian being on hand to represent him in pushing back against Orton’s gloating made for a really good overall segment. Orton was great here gloating. He also planted that seed with Drew McIntyre when he said he doesn’t need a title to be the greatest.)

-Backstage, Charly Caruso said they’ll await Christian’s decision on that “chilling offer.” She then interviewed Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. A replay aired of Apollo Crews beating Andrade, then the post-match argument with Garza and Andrade. Garza seemed to have zero remorse, smiling after the replay aired. He said Andrade must be hurting, but when you care deeply about something or someone, you have to let it go. Garza said he and Zelina feel bad for Kevin Owens. Vegas said Owens will be shown to be inferior. Garza flirtatiously suggested an in-ring interview with Charly. Andrade walked in and shook Garza’s hand and said said some words to Garza about getting over losing to Owens. Garza shrugged as if he didn’t understand him. [c]

(1) KEVIN OWENS vs. ANGEL GARZA (w/Zelina Vega)

Saxton said he thinks Garza is still bitter he didn’t win the Triple Threat match to get a U.S. Title match against Crews. KO avoided a running dropkick aimed at KO’s knees. Andrade came out to his music seconds into the match. KO then went after Garza aggressively. KO yanked off Garza’s pants, threw them at his face, and went for a stunner. Garza bailed out to ringside. Andrade told him to get back into the ring. KO rammed Garza’s head into the top turnbuckle; Garza fell to the floor. Andrade grabbed Garza’s arm to help him up. They argued. Vega said she is sick of that and stormed away. [c]

Back from the break, KO and Garza exchanged strikes. Owens headbutted Garza, but then Andrade grabbed his leg from behind. The ref yelled at Andrade to get off the ring apron. Garza came up behind KO but then yelled at the ref and Andrade. KO gave him a Stunner and scored the pin.

WINNER: Owens in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not a lot to the match. It was there mostly as an angle to further the dissension with Garza and Andrade.)

-After the match, Garza and Andrade argued more. Vega returned to the ring and yelled, “Enough of this.” She said they both want the same thing and they need to start fighting together. “You hear me?” she asked. Garza and Andrade didn’t seem excited about making up. They left out of opposite side of the ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: I assume they’re heading toward an Andrade babyface turn. I’d rather see the faction stay together longer, but the wheels are already in motion, it seems.)

-The announcers on camera threw to highlights of the Lashley-Drew match at Backlash the night before including Lana’s involvement.

-Backstage MVP told Lashley he guaranteed him he won’t have to deal with that nonsense anymore. Sarah Schrieber approached them and asked about the match. MVP said it was a private conversation. He asked if it looked like they were having an on-record conversation. He told her to go back to journalism school. Lashley jumped in and said MVP is saying they’re in the middle of a strategic conversation about their match later. Schreiber tried to follow-up. MVP said they’d be addressing Lana next. [c]

-Lashley and MVP made their way to the ring. Saxton said Lana tried to catch up with them after the match backstage but they didn’t want anything to do with them. MVP said last night at Backlash, after 13 years without a title match, Lashley should have become WWE Champion. MVP said Lana was thirsting for attention, and she tried to catch Bobby’s eye with her interference last night. He said it’s all Lana’s fault. He said if Drew had any integrity, he’d give him a title rematch on the spot. He said Lana was specifically told not to come to the ring. Lana walked out to her music. She said her Bobby knows she’d never do anything to hurt him. She said she put his career over hers. She said she turned her hair brown for him and got a divorce for him. She said all the positivity and love and happiness and blessings came to him because of her, and everything went wrong when he showed up. MVP said she’s the problem.

Lana told MVP to never talk to him like that. “You are a snake,” she said. “You are manipulating him.” MVP said he got a title shot once he showed up. Lana told him to watch his tone with her. She reiterated that MVP is the problem. “We were on a hot streak,” she said. Lashley asked her when the last time was she laced up her boots rather than worry about likes on social media. He said she made it all about her and ruined everything. He said he’s tired of her putting details of their personal lives on social media. He said she went as low as broadcasting their sex life so she could become famous. She said he’s delusional. She said if she wanted to use her sex life as a tool, she would have slept with someone way more famous than him. She said she should have slept with Drew. Lashley said, “I want a divorce.” He then left the ring. Lana was somehow surprised by that and began to tear up.

(Keller’s Analysis: So Lana’s hardly a babyface here, but I don’t think they’re turning Lashley and MVP, so I don’t know where this is going. I hope it turns out they have someone in mind that all makes sense and benefits everyone involved.)

-They went to the announcers who threw to a two minute video package on the Viking Raiders-Street Profits brawl from last night. Then Schreiber interviewed the Vikings and Profits. They said they are now the Viking Profits in order to work together to fight off ninjas. Akira Tozawa walked up to them with his ninja friends and asked for a sequel. Ford sang, “Anytime.” The super tall ninja showed up and Tozawa laughed maniacally. The Profits held the Vikings back and said, “He ain’t worth it.” Ford said he has an idea. [c]


The Raiders danced into the audience on the other side of the plexiglass and made a bit of a mockery of the whole point of the plexiglass, dancing near everyone and high-fiving a bunch of them. “Joe, are we about to see a ninja fight?” asked an excited Phillips. Joe said Ninja fighting is an unparalelled experience. Ivar and Ford landed stereo top rope splashes on two of the Ninjas and then Ford scored a three count.

WINNERS: Viking Profits in under 2:00.

-Afterward, the big tall Ninja entered. Tozawa stood in front of him and acted cocky as the Raiders and Profits had a conference. They said they want the smoke. Then Big Show suddenly walked out to his music. The Ninjas ran at Show, but he easily fended them off with a shoves, a headbutt, a chokeslams, and a KO punch. The Big Ninja and Tozawa backed up all the way to the stage as Show’s music played.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a whole lot of stupid and pointless.)

-They showed Seth Rollins backstage. Caruso approached him and asked him for his thoughts on Dominic showing up tonight. Seth said his understanding is that no one has seen him yet. He said he can sense his presence. “This makes me happy,” he said. “I want Dominic here; I need Dominic here.” He said he’s going to the ring to deliver a message to Dominic and his father. [c]


-They replayed Orton’s challenge to Christian earlier. Then they went backstage to Christian on the phone telling someone he knows all the risks involved. He took a deep breath and said he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He wasn’t sure if he’d let Randy get away with this.

-They went to the announcers who discussed the situation. Phillips said Orton selected an unsanctioned match because WWE cannot be held liable for what would happen since Christian isn’t medically cleared.

-Seth entered the ring to his music. Phillips said Dominic tweeted he is on his way, but no one has seen him yet. Seth said Rey is a hero because he sacrificed himself for the greatest good of Monday Night Raw. He said Rey, sadly, declined his invitation. He said fortunately, his son Dominic has taken it upon himself to appear at Raw on behalf of the Mysterio family. Rey showed up on the big screen and told Seth to hear him out. Rey said he wants to tell him that he didn’t know Dominic was on his way to Raw until it was too late. He said he can’t stop him, but he knows what Seth is capable of. Seth told Rey he has it all wrong. He said he doesn’t want to hurt Dominic. “I want to help Dominic,” he said. He said Dominic is a part of the future and is already part of the greater good. He implored Rey to help him help Dominic and encourage him to join him and Murphy and Austin Theory. Rey broke into Spanish as he objected to the idea. “Under no circumstances,” Rey said. Seth said Rey is leaving him with very few options. He said Murphy and Theory are looking for Dominic now.

Seth got worked up and said if Dominic isn’t part of the solution, he’s part of the problem and must be sacrificed. Rey said he will end Seth if they touch his son. Seth said he heard him loud and clear. He said fortunately for Dominic, Rey doesn’t make decisions for him. He said he is an adult who makes his own choices, and he has two roads to choose between. He can stand by his side and be on the right side of history, or he can make the choice that Rey made. He dropped to his knees and said Dominic can become a sacrifice as well. Dominic showed up behind Seth. The audience stayed silent on Dominic’s behalf. He attacked Seth from behind and threw him hard into the ringside steps. Theory and Murphy showed up and went after Dominic. He outmaneuvered them and ran away. He kind of came across like Shane McMahon there with his body language, dancing in a celebratory way after dodging the heels. Rey’s music played as Seth, Theory, and Murphy gathered themselves.

-Backstage, R-Truth walked up to MVP and Lashley. MVP asked Truth what he wants. Truth had trouble coming up with the word he wanted to use. Truth said he feels bad for Bobby. He said he not only lost last night, but now he’s getting a divorce. Lashley said he’s making jokes at his expense. Truth said excitedly he is teaming with Drew later. Lashley said that’s later, but he doesn’t see Drew anywhere. Truth turned and quickly left. MVP said he can run, but he can’t hide.

-A commercial said The Firefly Funhouse returns after several weeks of silence on Smackdown this Friday, plus Miz TV with Mandy Rose. [c]

-They cut to the ring where Truth was crawling out from under a ring and saw MVP and Lashley standing there. Drew showed up by his side. MVP said when he sees Drew, he sees a pretender, not a champion. Drew told Lashley that he turned down MVP’s offer because he’s all talk and false promises. MVP said he already got Bobby a title opportunity. MVP told Drew if he had any integrity, he’d put his title on the line. He told Truth to put his 24/7 Title on the line, too, so both belts are at stake – winner takes all. Truth yelled, “We’re gonna do it!” Drew thought for a second and said he’s up for a Winner Take All match. “You’re on,” he said. MVP called him a sucker and walked away. Truth looked excitedly at Drew. Drew gave Truth an intense stare back. “What is wrong with you?” Drew asked. Truth told him that by the end of the night, he could be the new Becky Two Belts. Drew said he doesn’t know what Winner Takes All means. Saxton said Drew could lose his title without even getting pinned.

(Keller’s Analysis: Why would Drew agree to that? He’s putting his title reign in the hands of Truth not losing to Lashley in a tag match later? Dumb.)

(3) NATALYA & LIV MORGAN vs. THE IICONICS (Billy Kaye & Peyton Royce)

Joe said the way Liv has conducted herself lately has been unprofessional.  Liv got a visual three count on Kaye as Royce distracted the ref. After a blind tag, the IIconics double-teamed her for the win while Natalya was knocked down at ringside.

WINNERS: IIconics in 2:00.

-Afterward, the IIconics called out Sasha Banks and Bayley. They said they win two-on-two matches, so they challenged them to a tag team title match on Raw. No response. Kaye said if not tonight, how about next week. They threw down the mics and their music played. Joe said he thinks the match will take place.

-Backstage, Christian continued to mull over the situation. Big Show offered him some advice. He said Orton isn’t offering him a non-sanctioned match because it’s the only way he can be cleared to compete, it’s because he knows how rough that type of match can get. Christian asked if Show was discouraging him from taking up Randy. Show said it’s up to him, but he hasn’t seen Randy this sadistic in a while. He said he could step back and say now isn’t the time, or he could step into the ring and show him he’s not a punk. Show said if it was him and Orton talked to him, he’d erase that snarky smile off his face. He raised his fist. Christian thanked him and said he knows what he has to do. [c]

-Backstage, Natalya said she was trying to keep her cool, but told Liv she made rookie mistakes and lacked discipline out there. “I totally get why Ruby Riot let you do,” she said. Liv walked away. Natalya said she has no respect and appreciation. She said she built this division and she’s only been humiliated. Lana walked up to her said she is supposed to be married to the WWE Champion now, but instead she got humiliated in front of the world. She said she put everything into that marriage and now she’s being blamed. Natalya said she knows how Lana feels.

-Christian walked onto the stage and paced nervously. Caruso approached him and asked if he has an answer yet. Christian said Orton accused him of being jealous and trying to replace Edge. He said he’s proud of his WWE career and has nothing to prove to Orton or anyone, but he won’t be disrespected. He said if Orton wants to give him one more match, he’ll take him up on it. “I accept,” he said. The audience cheered and Caruso’s jaw dropped.

-MVP approached Crews who was warming up with a stretch band backstage. MVP congratulated him. Crews said he’s proud to be a fighting champion. MVP said he has to fight the right person at the right time for the right amount of money. He said he’s about to face Shelton Benjamin, a formidable former U.S. Champion. He said Crews can burn out soon and become a former champion. To avoid those pitfalls, he could help him navigate. Crews said the way he sees it is if he’s not a fighting champion, he’s not a champion at all. He turned down MVP. MVP picked up the U.S. Title belt and said the only way he keeps it is with him in his corner. He gave Crews the belt. Crews said, “Whatever, man.” [c]

-Ric Flair told Charlotte backstage he needs to know what her plan is. Charlotte asked if he means which title she’s going to go after next. Flair said who is getting under her skin. Charlotte said she does what she wants and let out a “woo.” She said, “That is the answer.” Huh?


Apollo Crews made his way to the ring first. Joe called Crews’s win at Backlash a defining win. A soundbite aired with Shelton who said after he beats Crews, he’ll need MVP so he hopes the offer is still on the table for him. They showed MVP watching on a monitor backstage. Shelton tried to pin Crews with his feet on the middle rope. Crews then rolled up Shelton, as Shelton argued with the ref, and held onto the ropes for extra leverage. Phillips said turnabout is fair play. Joe said he might have been wrong about Crews.

WINNER: Crews in 3:00.

-Truth was warming up when Tozawa walked up to him with his ninja friends. He said something and Truth said if he wants it that way, he’ll get it. He struck the Karate Kid crane kick pose. Drew walked up behind Truth and looked irritated by Truth joking around. Drew told Truth he put not only the 24/7 Title on the line, but also his life’s work. He asked if he understands the gravity of the situation. Truth said he understands and told Drew he knows what to do. [c]

-A commercial aired for the Undertaker documentary series “The Last Ride” with chapter four now available on WWE Network.

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Saxton said chapter five, the finale, will air this Sunday on WWE Network. They hyped the Raw Women’s Title match coming up.

-Caruso interviewed Asuka backstage. She asked if Nia is too menacing for her to handle. Asuka ranted in Japanese and seemed satisfied with herself. “Asuka will finish it!” she closed with.

-Elsewhere, Drew was pacing back and forth. In walked Truth. He said he fixed it by talking to the powers that be. He said the one and only title that will be on the line tonight will be the WWE Title. Drew was fuming mad. “It makes sense to me,” Truth said. “They liked it.” Drew said if Truth gets pinned, he loses his title. “I think that’s how it goes,” Truth said. Truth told him to believe in him. He said he knows how painful it is to lose a championship because he’s lost his title many times and it’s taken him several days to win it back sometimes. Drew exhaled.

(Keller’s Analysis: Drew came across as foolish for accepting the match at first, but at least he’s shown remorse since then and is putting over how important the WWE Title is to him. They’ve raised the stakes on the tag match considerably here. But Drew still looks insane for putting himself in this position voluntarily.) [c]


-Show told the Viking Raiders never do carpool karaoke again when the Raiders suggested that. Show said next Monday, he want the Profits to put the titles on the line to settle their issues with the Raiders. They all sang, “We want the smoke!” Show suggested a different cadence and danced. Ford and Dawkins liked it. Ivar danced, too. Erik nodded and smiled.


Lashley and MVP came out first. Then Truth sang and danced to the ring. After formal ring introductions, Drew took it to Lashley in the opening minutes with aggressive offense. Phillips said Drew cannot afford to tag in Truth. Lashley and MVP eventually took control with double-teaming. Drew had MVP down. Truth blind-tagged himself in. MVP overhead tossed Truth into the corner and tagged in Lashley. Lashley threw Truth against the ringside barricade. They cut to a break. [c]

Drew paced at ringside and looked distressed. Saxton said he can’t do anything but watch as MVP dominated Truth and scored a two count. Truth made a comeback with a kick. Both were slow to get up. Drew called for the tag. Truth sat up and tagged in Drew. He clotheslined Lashley and gave him a big overhead belly-to-belly. Lashley blocked a Future Shock DDT and landed a back elbow. MVP blind-tagged in. Drew went after MVP at ringside aggressively, then threw him into the ring. Drew climbed to the top rope and leaped off with a flying forearm. He kipped up and waited for MVP to stand. He then gave MVP the Future Shock DDT. Lashley broke up the cover. Truth ran in, but Lashley threw him out of the ring. Lashley charged at Truth, but Truth used a drop toe hold to send Lashley into the stairs. Drew, meanwhile, kicked out of an MVP roll-up and hit the Claymore Kick. He about to make the cover, but he tagged in Truth and launched him onto MVP for a splash for the 1-2-3. Afterward, Drew’s music played as Truth and Drew celebrated together.

WINNERS: Drew & Truth in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: All’s well that ends well, I suppose. It was nice of Drew to give Truth the glory of scoring the pin. The announcers sufficiently said Drew’s Claymore is so devastating, he had reason to be confident to delay the cover.)

-Backstage Ric Flair approached Christian. He said he’s not ready for this. He said he gets why he’s doing it, but Orton is on top of his game. He said he’s mean and sadistic and wants to prove it to everyone. Flair said the whole dressing room will forgive him, so don’t go out there and get hurt. Christian said he can’t let Orton say what he said. He walked away from Ric after saying he appreciates his concern. [c]

-Bayley and Sasha came out to the ring. Bayley announced it’s her birthday. She said she wants to celebrate her birthday all week. She said they’re going to take a trip to NXT and then Smackdown. Sasha told the IIconics not to tell them when to defend their titles. The IIconics came out. Kaye said no one wants another reading of their resumes, but what they want is an answer to their challenge. Bayley said they lost last night. Sasha said they must feel special about winning a quick match tonight. Bayley said they can beat any team. The IIconics said they beat them last year at WrestleMania for those belts. Kaye said they each had their own separate meltdowns. They mocked them. Kaye said they couldn’t handle the pressure then or now. Royce slapped Sasha. Bayley yelled, “You can’t ruin my birthday like this!” She accepted their challenge. Sasha wasn’t happy Bayley said that. They argued briefly and Sasha shot Bayley a look. The IIconics gloated and backed up the ramp.

-They replayed what happened with Seth and Dominic earlier.

-Nia Jax made her ring entrance. [c]

(5) ASUKA vs. NIA JAX – Raw Women’s Title match

Asuka applied a submission armbar a few minutes in. Jax rolled to the floor to break free. When Asuka went for a slidekick, Jax caught her and powerbombed her onto the floor. They cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Jax threw a fit when when she hit a Samoan Drop, but Asuka’s foot under the rope and the ref wouldn’t start the count. Jax argued with the ref and shoved him. The ref said she crossed the lin. He was about to DQ her, but Asuka rolled her up. The ref fast-counted the pin instead.

WINNER: Asuka in 9:00 to retain the Raw Women’s Title.

-Caruso asked Orton for a comment. He asked her if she thinks Christian is a legend. She said yes. He said then made ominous comments about what it means to be in an unsanctioned match against him. [c]

-Phillips said if Sasha & Bayley retain their tag titles on NXT this week, then they’ll defend against the IIconics next week on Raw. Also, the Raiders challenge the Profits in a wrestling match competition. How novel.

(6) CHRISTIAN vs. RANDY ORTON – Unsanctioned

Phillips said, as Christian came out, this was unthinkable just hours ago. He said this is Christian’s first match in six years. Joe said pride makes fools of wise men. Flair walked out and told Christian he just talked to Edge and he needs to let this go. Flair told Randy to cut Christian some slack. Christian said he has to do this. He gently guided Flair out of the ring. The bell rang.

Christian was dressed in all black like one of the ninjas. Flair gave Christian a low-blow from behind. Christian went down. Orton then delivered a punt kick. Yikes. (Did Orton slap his leg when he did that?) Then he scored a three count.

WINNER: Orton in a few seconds.

-Orton leaned down and pet his head and said this is his fault and he didn’t want to do it. “Why are you here?” he asked. He told the medics to take care of him as he absorbed what he did. The medics put Christian in a neck brace. Orton seemed to being feeling regret and said they go way back. He pleaded with Christian that he didn’t mean to do this, but he had to. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen, but this is my livelihood and I can’t let you interrupt or destroy my livelihood.” He again said he’s so sorry.

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