ROH booker and talent Marty Scurll issues second statement on sexual assault allegations, says he hopes to be an agent of change in the industry

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

Marty Scurll (photo credit Sean Radican © PWTorch)


Marty Scurll has issued a second statement regarding his sexual encounter with a 16 year old in England after she had worked at an IPW wrestling show on Twitter. The woman accused Scurll of sexually assaulting her in a hotel hallway before he was forced to leave when he friend arrived on the scene.

Scurll denied the allegations from the woman on Twitter and considered their encounter consensual. Scurll referenced that his encounter with the woman was technically legal in England in his statement as well.

Today, Scurll issued a follow up statement on Twitter. Scurll again said the encounter was consensual and said he lacked good judgment when he had the sexual encounter with his accuser. Scurll said that he recognizes there is a problem with the wrestling system in the U.K. and how young women have been groomed by people in positions of power. Scurll concluded that he wanted to help be an agent of change in the wrestling industry.

PWTorch has reached out to ROH multiple times for a statement on the issue, but they have not issued one as of this writing.

You can read Scurll’s entire statement below:

In 2015 after a wrestling event in the UK, I had a brief consensual sexual encounter with a woman. In that moment, at a bar, in those circumstance, I had no cause to question her age. I don’t say of of this lightly or to seek absolution for my ignorance. Although I did not become aware of her age until after the encounter, the reality of the age disparity is not lost on me. I understand that although our encounter was technically legal in the UK, my lack of good judgement that evening has disappointed many fans.

This week, the woman I’m referencing bravely shared her stories of abuse she experience while attending wrestling events during that time period. My name has been included in one of the recollections she has shared. I can only speak to what I know to be true and my own actions.

It is my understanding that this woman continuously supported our sport through her attendance at events, seminars, and training sessions, and as an industry, we failed her. I cannot begin to understand the difficulties she must be experience, and in that spirit I ask that you please continue to respect her privacy.

My immediate priority is to seek forgiveness for unknowingly contributing to a culture that for too long has promulgated ego over humanity and hurt many along the way. For those of us with a voice that can reach beyond our own doorsteps, it is our shared responsibility to be better and do more.

The system must change to protect the most vulnerable and provide an ecosystem where female fans and athletes can engage and participate safely. The time is now. As a person who has been identified as part of the problem, I am unreservedly committing to be part of the solution. In the very short term, I am looking to work within the industry to create better security protocols at events to provide a safe environment for all fans. Words are no longer enough, action is needed.

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