25 YRS AGO: ECW live event in Philadelphia with Gangstas vs. Public Enemy, plus Dreamer, Catcus Jack, Raven, Dudleys, Eddie Guerrero, Steiners, Sandman, more

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AUGUST 5, 1995

This report was originally published in the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter #348. Over 1,600 back issues of the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter chronicling pro wrestling since the late 1980s are available with a PWTorch VIP membership. Dive in and explore our unmatched archive insider stories, fascinating interviews, big story coverage, hard-hitting editorials, PPV results, house show reports, and more. CLICK HERE FOR VIP INFO

1) J.T. Smith pinned Hack Myers at 6:33. The pinfall came after Big Val Puccio interfered. Smith missed a dive over the top rope and hit his head

Joey Styles interviewed Steve Richards, Raven, and Beulah. Richards walked around the ring to find his new girlfriend Francine. Richards kissed her and Beulah got mat. Beulah and Francine brawled setting up a “cat fight” at the Aug. 26 return to ECW Arena

Paul E. Dangerously announced that Marty Jannetty didn’t make their flights due to the hurricane and Chris Benoit was injured against Sabu in Japan and wouldn’t be in the six-man tag. He said something about it being Sabu’s decision to return to ECW if he wants.

2) Big Val Puccio beat Tony Stetson via DQ at 1:23. The end came after Myers interfered.

3) The Pit Bulls & Tommy Dreamer & Cactus Jack beat Raven & Steve Richards & The Dudleys. Dreamer sold in the match early taking a beating until he hit a double DDT for a pop. Pit Bull #2 got Richards in the ring and press slammed him over his head. The teams traded the advantage back and forth with no team getting a real advantage. Big Dick Dudley hit a top rope elbow on Dreamer for a near fall. Pit Bull powerslammed Richards for a near fall. In the end, Raven pinned Dreamer after Cactus Jack surprised Dreamer with a DDT. Dreamer had to be helped from the ring. There wren’t any great highspots, but a lot of solid chairshots at ringside. Everyone worked hard. The fans didn’t go crazy at first when Cactus turned. Dreamer had to be helped from the ring. (***)

Rob Feinstein came out and talked over the house mic, although it was hard to hear from the chairs at ringside. He stomped on a videotape. 911 came out as fans chanted “Na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye” chant began. Feinstein said because he had a neckbrace on 911 couldn’t hurt him. Paul E. Dangerously then hit Feinstein with the phone and 911 chokeslammed him. A fan ran into the ring and chokeslammed him three times. Both men were stretchered.

4) Cactus Jack & Too Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko beat Rick & Scott Steiner & Eddy Guerrero when Malenko pinned Guerrero at 21:59. Scorpio came out and badmouthed the fans over the house mic. Raven then came out and said that Cactus would be Scorpio & Malenko’s partner due to Benoit’s absence. The Steiner received a huge pop on their way to the ring. Taz & Scorpio traded mic insults for several minutes. Taz concluded the argument by saying, “When the time is right, he is going to shove his boot farther up Too Cold’s ass than Bagwell’s c—.” That comment got a big, big pop.

Scott controlled Malenko early in the match with a series of powermoves including a press slam and a belly to belly suplex. Scorpio and Guerrero then tagged in. Guerrero nailed Scorpio with some hot moves which were beyond description which got big pops. Rick tagged in and Scorpio took offense on him until Rick hit a top rope bulldog for a huge pop. Cactus and Rick brawled outside the ring. Rick belly-to-bellied Cactus outside on the concrete for a good pop. Cactus’s body hit the concrete with a big thud. Guerrero and Malenko tagged back in which the crowd approved of. They went at it with another series of highspots. Cactus then tagged in and worked over Guerrero. Cactus dropped an elbow off the ring apron onto Guerrero. Scorpio then came in and they did a somersault for a near fall followed by a powerbomb. Guerrero hot-tagged Rick Steiner and top rope suplexed Scorpio. Scott then powerbombed Cactus. All six-men began brawling. The Steiners held Scorpio as Guerrero hit a top rope dropkick. The Steiners then held Malenko on their shoulders and Guerrero hit a top rope frankensteiner for a near fall. Just incredible. All six men continued to brawl during which Malenko managed to cradle Guerrero in the middle of the ring for the pin.

All six men worked hard. Just a great wrestling match. Eddy doing the clean job was a classy ending to the match. (****1/2)

5) Mikey Whipwreck (replacing Marty Jannetty) pinned Sandman (w/Woman) in a non-title match where the loser would get lashed ten times with the cane at 5:51. Mikey attacked Sandman at the bell and almost scored a pin after a victory roll. Sandman then rolled to the outside the Mikey nailed him with a second rope moonsault, which got a big pop. Sandman came back and dropped Mikey over the railing. He then legdropped him in a crazy move. Sandman then dragged Mikey into the ring, only to throw him back out again. He then ran from the far end of the ring and flew over the top rope and legdropped him again. Sandman threw Mikey into the ring and Sandman tried to run, but Mikey jumped over the top rope into a frankensteiner. Instead of flipping Sandman, he put his legs around his neck and fell on top of him. They went back in and 30 seconds later Mikey cradled Sandman for a three count.

Sandman had to take ten lashes with a cane. The ref said if Sandman didn’t take the lashes he would be stripped of the title. Woman went crazy telling Sandman to take the lashes. Sandman refused. Sandman eventually took one shot, then took off his shirt. Mikey then gave him about six more shots before Woman grabbed the cane. Mikey ended up kissing Woman. Sandman grabbed the cane and nailed Mikey as Woman cut him down over the mic, saying, “Take that, little boy.” The ref threatened to strip Sandman of his title if he whipped Mikey one more time. Woman then grabbed the cane from Sandman. As they argued, she pointed to the belt with the cane and hit the belt with the cane saying she didn’t want to lose the belt. Sandman said he would not leave the ring until someone got caned ten times. The Public Enemy’s music came on and Grunge told Sandman to get out of the ring because it’s “Mack Daddy violence time.” Grunge punched Sandman and Sandman hit Grunge with the cane. Rocco nailed Sandman with the dropkick and Sandman fled. The Gangstas then snuck in with a bag full of weapons. The stretcher match began.

6) The Gangstas beat The Public Enemy in a stretcher match at 17:51. A total brawl from start to finish. There were tons of highspots during the match and tables were broken everywhere. Just incredible. Six tables were broken. Grunge hit a legdrop and Rocco hit a bunch of moonsaults inside and outside of the ring. Both of TPE were bleeding within 30 seconds. Most of the match took place in the ring except for one point where Rocco moonsaulted New Jack on top of a stretcher, but he refused to get out of the ring. New Jack was stretchered, but Mustafa managed to spray Grunge with a cane of mace to stretcher him away. That left Mustafa vs. Rocco. They went at it. Rocco hit a moonsault through one table. He tried to put another table in the ring and put a chair on the top rope as a launching pad, but Sandman ran out and hit Rocco with the cane. Eventually Rocco was stretchered so The Gangstas won the match. A total ECW style brutal brawl. Everyone worked hard. Tons of highspots, especially from Rocco. (****)

After Rocco was being stretchered, Whipwreck ran out with his own cane and managed to nail Sandman. Sandman came back out and hit Rocco six more times. A “You Fat F—” chant started at Sandman. Mikey ran out and blasted Sandman with a very vicious shot with a cane. As Sandman began to flee, Mikey tried to help Rocco. Sandman tried to sneak back in, but Mikey nailed him seven or eight times in the head with the cane. Sandman fled again.

Notes The best fan sign read as follows: “I pledge allegiance to the wrestlers of ECW and to the violence for which we demand, one promotion, under Tod, politically incorrect, with broken tables and barbed wire for all”… The show started about 30 minutes late, which is par for the course. between 7:30 and intermission at 9:30, three matches had taken place… Bill Alfonso was never planned to be at the show…

This report was originally published in the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter #348. Over 1,600 back issues of the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter chronicling pro wrestling since the late 1980s are available with a PWTorch VIP membership. Dive in and explore our unmatched archive insider stories, fascinating interviews, big story coverage, hard-hitting editorials, PPV results, house show reports, and more. CLICK HERE FOR VIP INFO

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