15 YRS AGO: WWE live event in Syracuse with HBK, Shelton, Mike Mizanin, Val Venis, Angle, Edge, Big Show, Eugene, Victoria, Hurricane

Kurt Angle (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


WWE Raw house show
August 6,, 2005
Syracuse, N.Y.
Report by Scott Dixon, PWTorch.com reader

(1) Rosey & Hurricane defeated The Heart Throbs when Rosey pinned Romeo. Decent opener. A lot of people had no idea who the Heart Throbs were. Decent back and forth action with Hurricane taking a solid beatdown before the hot tag to Rosey who cleaned house and the new finisher side slam/Eye of the Hurricane being Romeo’s downfall.

(2) Christy Hemme defeated Victoria by pinfall. Very sloppy. A few missed spots. Christy looked A lot greener than she has as of late on TV. Victoria looks really rough live. I guess with out the TV make up artists you see these ladies “real” beauty. The end was a botched spot in the corner and Victoria basically pulled Christy on top of her for the roll up win. After the match Victoria returned and gave Christy the Widow’s Peak which brought Coach into the ring to gloat and that was followed by Viscera coming down doing his thing and beating down the Coach. Standard stuff, a few punches, the Samoan drop and the dry hump routine. So very homoerotic. Vis gives Christy a big wet kiss at the end.

(3) Garrison Cade & Trevor Rhodes beat Chris Cage & Mike Mizanin when Cade pinned Mizanin. The Trevor guy looked like a young Dick Murdoch and he and Cade were doing the old cowboy gimmick. Before the match even started people were chanting “boring.” I would have to say that this was the match of the night though. Cade and partner had some great continuity and some excellent tag team moves. They seemed to be working VERY stiff with Mizanin (which I can’t say I minded), but what truly made this match great was Cage. He is very solid, crisp and energetic. He reminds me of a younger and better Jerry Lynn. The end was kind of a mess not sure how it ended but Mizanin did the job to Cade.

(4) Kerwin White pinned Val Venis. Loud Chavo chants. Basic match, worked well, but very standard house show match with plenty of rest holds, comedy spots with Chavo and that stupid sweater and a botched ref bump. Kerwin won with a roll up in the corner with his feet on the ropes.

(5) Big Show beat Chris Masters by DQ. Masters came out for a Masterlock Challenge, Show answered. Masters spent the match getting the big chest slap and headbutts galore (Show’s 2 best moves!) until Snitsky ran in and they attempted a beatdown on Show which lasted for about 15 seconds before both were on the receiving end of chokeslams.


(6) Carlito retained the IC Title over Shelton Benjamin. Missed 75 percent of the match due to long bathroom lines. Match ended with yet another roll up in the corner with Carlito’s feet on the ropes.

(7) Eugene pinned Kurt Angle. Decent match for what it was. Good back and forth action. Eugene did an extended move set of the Junkyard Dog, including the headbutts and the lifting of the leg routine. Fun match that ended with Angle reversing the ankle lock into one of his own and getting rolled up for a Eugene win.

(8) Shawn Michaels pinned Edge. LAME. Lots of stalling and barely 10 minutes worth of a match. Edge with the upper hand most of the match. Michaels battles back, ref bumps Edge hits the spear for a 2 count. Ref is still groggy Edge grabs the briefcase and Michaels super kicks it into Edge’s face for the very slow and predictable 1-2-3.

Notes: Overall a very flat crowd, biggest pop was for Angle by far, Shelton a close 2nd and Michaels a distant 3rd. Room holds 6,200 for wrestling and it looked to be about 1/3 full. Ouch! I would have definitely been unhappy if I was one of the people that paid for this card. Not one match from either advertised card actually happened and no one seemed genuinely happy to be there (except Eugene).

RECOMMENDED: 10 YRS AGO: WWE live event in San Diego with Orton vs. Sheamus, Bellas & Eve vs. Alicia & Jillian Hall & Maryse, Nexus vs. Cena & Rey & Morrison, plus Edge, Goldust,Ryder, Usos, Miz, Henry

5 YRS AGO: WWE live event in Victoria, B.C. with Stardust (Cody) vs. Zack Ryder (Matt Cordona), Team PCB (Paige & Charlotte & Becky) vs. Team BAD (Sasha & Naomi & Tamina), plus Reigns, New Day, Bray, Rusev, Miz

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