10 YRS AGO: WWE live event in San Diego with Bellas & Eve vs. Alicia & Jillian Hall & Maryse, Nexus, Cena, Rey, Edge, Sheamus, Orton

Bella Twins (photo credit Wade Keller @ PWTorch)


WWE Raw house show report
August 7, 2010
San Diego, Calif.
Report by Ricky Fernandez, PWTorch reader

(1) Santino Marella & Kozlov beat the Uso Brothers with Santino’s Cobra strike. Santino was funny apologizing to the crowd for not having more t-shirts. Fun match. Nexus attacked them afterward to great heat. They made some inaudible comments.

(2) Great Khali beat Zack Ryder wit a chop to the head. Short, but not bad. Khali was over.

(3) Goldust beat Primo. Decent, but forgettable. Afterward, Edge came out and speared Goldie. He then made a challenge and Evan Bourne accepted.

(4) Edge beat Evan Bourne. Edge crotched Bourne when he was going for Air Bourne and eventually won the match. Afterward, Edge went for the spear, but Bourne countered and hit Air Bourne. Good, exciting match.

(5) Randy Orton beat WWE champion Sheamus via DQ; Sheamus retained the WWE Title. Sheamus was DQ’ed for shoving the ref. He took the RKO for his trouble. Orton was super over.

(6) The Bellas & Eve beat Divas champion Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall & Maryse.

(7) U.S. champion The Miz beat Ted DiBiase and Mark Henry in a triple-threat match to retain the U.S. Title. Miz cut a pre-match promo to tons of heat. Good, decent match.

(8) John Cena & John Morrison & Rey Mysterio beat Nexus (Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & David Otunga) via DQ after the rest of Nexus interfered. Afterward, they were cleared out by the Raw locker room. Bourne hit a double Air Bourne on Slater and Young, I believe. Also of note, David Otunga doesn’t like being called Mr. Hudson or Laundry List. I almost went deaf after Cena and Mysterio’s entrances. Great show, overall.

RECOMMENDED: 10 YRS AGO: WWE live event in San Diego with Orton vs. Sheamus, Bellas & Eve vs. Alicia & Jillian Hall & Maryse, Nexus vs. Cena & Rey & Morrison, plus Edge, Goldust,Ryder, Usos, Miz, Henry

5 YRS AGO: WWE live event in Victoria, B.C. with Stardust (Cody) vs. Zack Ryder (Matt Cordona), Team PCB (Paige & Charlotte & Becky) vs. Team BAD (Sasha & Naomi & Tamina), plus Reigns, New Day, Bray, Rusev, Miz

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