9/16 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on NWA Women’s Title match Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse, FTR vs. Jurassic Express, Parking Lot Match, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


September 16, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The normal pyro blanketed Daily’s Place to open the show. The Young Bucks came out and super kicked the referee in the ring for the Jurassic Express and FTR bout. They then there a wad of cash at Tony Khan to preempt their fine. FTR and the Bucks meet and the Bucks walk off.


Jungle Boy and Cash Wheeler started the match with Dax Harwood getting the quick tag. Luchasaurus got a quick tag, avoiding the typical 5 minute working over of Jungle Boy. Cash and Luchasaurus stared down, Dax got a cheap shot in which leveled the playing field for Cash. Jungle Boy eventually was tagged in, he and Dax traded mat moves, Harwood got a rebound off the rope slam on Jungle Boy.

Cash entered and got a near fall on Jungle Boy, Wheeler then did mat work and got a hold to wear down his opponent. Dax then was tagged in and began to work over Jungle Boy in the same fashion. FTR traded tags and worked over the isolated Jungle Boy. Many tag attempts were shown, and one near fall occurred during this portion of the match.

Jungle Boy hit a clothesline and got the tag, Luchasaurus entered and took control of the match, leading to a choke slam on Cash, that lead to a near fall. Jungle Boy tagged himself in, tandem offense by Jurassic Express lead to a near fall on Dax. Jungle Boy went back and fourth with FTR, he attempted to get a tag, but Luchasaurus was still on the floor.

Dax eventually was alone in the ring with Jungle Boy, after Luchasaurus was  sent into the crowd. With a heel assist by Cash, Dax got the pinfall on Jungle Boy.

WINNER: FTR in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a solid match to start, I wonder how over Jurassic Express would be at this point if live crowds were still a thing. The heel finish by FTR was classic, and did a good job to establish them to the TV only audience)

-The announce team went over the card for the evening.

-Matt Hardy and Private Party are shown backstage, Matt Hardy is in pain and holding his knee. Jericho and Hager entered the frame and make fun of the injury to Hardy.[c]

-Kenny Omega joins the commentary team. Frankie Kazarian enters the arena.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the bout. Kazarian got control after a drop-toe, he stood up Page and continued to work from a standing position. Page got a reversal into a body slam, Page hit chops and suplex’s. Kazarian got a second wind out of the corner, but Page hit a cross body over the tope rope. [c]

Both men were trading strikes in the ring once the show returned from break. Neither was able to get the advantage after the exchange. Page hit a Fall Away slam into a running Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Kazarian was able to get a backslide and get a near fall.

The two men went back-and-forth trading strikes and slams. Page hit a Sit-Out Powerbomb and got an additional near fall. Page then hit a Lariat outside the ring and threw Kazarian back in. Page hit a Buckshot Lariat to get the pinfall.

WINNER: Adam Page in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a really good match, this is the perfect use of Kazarian. The guy is such a good worker. Page looked like someone who is a star who is starting to climb the ladder. I liked that commentary was talking about Page like the audience only knows him as a Tag-Team wrestler.)

-MJF walked out for his upcoming match. [c]

(3) MJF vs. Sean Dean

MJF tapped out Dean with an arm bar.

WINNER: MJF in 00:06

(Sage’s analysis: The match was what it was. The promo was ok, very traditional heel. I did not like the Shane McMahon heel yelling at the ring announcer gimmick)

-MJF said he is honest, Moxley is a cheater, MJF should be undefeated and AEW World Champion. Everyone is to refer to him as MJF: Undefeated, Undisputed, Uncrowned, AEW World Champion. He had Justin Roberts make the call. He said that you need to be in a stable to get things done. Maybe its about time he joins a Wolfpack.

-Taz talked about Ricky Starks finisher.

-Eddie Kingston and friends are in the ring. He had three points. 1) He didn’t get eliminated from the battle royal 2) They are all a family. He tells Butcher & Blade to get a victim. The four men all beat up on Blackwood, who was in the front row, as well as Griff Garrison. 3) It is time for Blade to get his house in order. [c]


Marc Quen and Hager started the match. Quen used his speed to get out of many hold attempts by Hager. Quen tagged in Kassidy and got tandem offense in on Hager. Private party did several high flying moves and dives on Hager and Jericho. After these series of moves Jericho was tagged in and started to work over Marc Quen. Jericho cut off the ring and brutalized Quen, then tagging in Hager. He continued the work that Jericho had started.

Marc Quen got a small comeback, with a jumping kick off the top rope. Quen got the tag into Kassidy. Kassidy got Hager off the apron and got a near fall roll up pin on Jericho. Hager used a bat on Kassidy, out of the view of the referee. Jericho hit a baseball slide. [c]

Hager was in ring, dominating Isiah Kassidy, as the show returned. Kassidy got a small comeback, but Hager was able to knock Quen off the apron and get a strike on Kassidy. A tandem DDT more by Private Party got Hager off his feet. Both teams got a tag simultaneously. Jericho and Marc Quen entered, with Quen getting the advantage. Quen then hit a dive on Hager and a springboard fly on Jericho.

Quen tagged in Kassidy who hit a set of double moves which lead to a near fall on Jericho. A Hager slam led to a Kassidy Rana on Jericho for a near fall once more. Kassidy then hit a springboard cutter and went up to the tope rope for a senton that Jericho rolled out of, into a Judas Effect for the pinfall.

WINNER: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager in 13:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was exciting and enjoyable to watch. From a wrestling standpoint, I don’t love a match that has the faces getting in 85% of the offense and getting in 10+ near falls. To only lose to one move. I also did not like the 50/50 style booking in the post-match angle)

-Jericho hit the walls of Jericho after the match, Marc Quen hit a Pele kick for the save. [c]


Ivelisse hit Rosa with a stiff slap to get things going. Rosa responded with and arm drag and Rana. Ivelisse resounded and used some Lucha moves of her own. Rosa got the advantage back and got Ivelisse to the ground and hit her with a drop kick. A stiff knee from Ivelisse evened the match up. [c]

Upon return, Rosa got the advantage with a leg screw. Rosa hit a drop kick from the top rope and kit body and leg kicks to Ivelisse to get her off the ground. After a few moments Ivelisse hit a Tiger Driver to get a comeback. The two were entirely back-in-fourth this part of the match.

Thunder Rosa hit a elbow and a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Ivelisse then got a near fall of her own. Again almost every part of this match was back and fourth. Thunder Rosa hit a Pile Driver to get the win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa in 10:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was really good. Thunder Rosa is so good, she made Ivelisse look like one of the more talents performers on the roster. The post match angle was fine, I just hope Rosa can continue appearing on the show.)

-Diamanté attacked Rosa and stole the NWA title. Shida came in for the save and gave the title back to her.

-Miro’s introduction form last week is shown. Miro said that he will be throwing hime the best bachelor party. They then talked about video games as it faded to black. [c]

-Lance Archer entered the arena and choke slammed someone in a Lucha match. Jake Roberts had a promo about how in life you sometimes find odd bedfellows. Archer needs 2 men for his tag match next week against Moxley. Roberts asked Taz to come out.

Taz came out, he and his men are happy to do business. Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks are a unbeatable trio. But, there is a deal. When Archer wins the AEW title, Brian Cage gets the first shot at the title. Archer says that they are friends now, but when he is champion, there is a killer as champion. He and Cage will go at it, he will keep his word.

Moxley’s music hit and he walked out to the concourse. Starks and Cage where in the crowd and they attacked Moxley. Will Hobbs came out with a chair for the save. Moxley annoys that Hobbs is one of his teammates. He also asked Darby Allin to join the team. [c]

(Sage’s analysis: I really liked this set up for what could just be a random tag match next.  These 8 minutes made the match feel like a really big deal. Also, very excited to see Will Hobbs get this opportunity.)


The match stated with The Best Friends in a circle of cars. Santana & Ortiz walked in with legit scary face paint. The men all threw each other into the cars. Santana and Taylor were paired, Ortiz and Trent were against each other as well. Trent put Ortiz under the hood of a car. Taylor and Trent hit moves onto the hood onto Ortiz.

Trent grabbed a sheet of plywood over the bed of a truck. Santana grabbed the baton form a wheel well. He used it on both Trent and Taylor. He swung Trent up into the opening of the truck bed. Ortiz threw a sledgehammer at Taylor, missing and going into a windshield.

Ortiz and Taylor were on a car, Ortiz suplexed Taylor onto the roof, which shattered the back windshield. Trent grabbed a door ad put to on the hood of a car and the ground. Trent speared Ortiz through said door. Ortiz hit Trent with a meta dustpan. Chuck Taylor wedged a metal barrier on the ground and hood of a car. Taylor suplexed himself and Ortiz through that barrier.

Santana broke a piece of wood over Trent. Ortiz hit a low bow on Trent, and power bombed Trent on the roof of a car. Santana & Ortiz bombed Trent into the windshield of a car and it was brutal.

Santana & Ortiz had both best friends on the ground. Ortiz put Trent on the wood that was put on the truck bed. Santana had a lead pipe, but Orange Cassidy was in a trunk and made the save, knocking out Santana with a punch, a chain was on his hand.

Trent hit a pile driver through the wood sheet on Ortiz for the win.

WINNERS: The Best Friends in 14:00

(Sage’s analysis: WOW! That was absolutely insane, I cannot believe that match was on basic cable TV. If you even liked that match in the slightest, you have to check out the work in Game Changer Wrestling.)

(Overall show analysis: This show was a little slow in the first hour. But, that is to be expected with a reset of a lot of the talent, fro last weeks show. Usually the first hour of Dynamite is stronger. But this week the finally three segments really were great. The NWA Women’s title match, the set-up for the 6-man next week, and the parking lot match was an awesome 40 minutes of TV.)




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