9/21 BEING THE ELITE: FTR-Young Bucks and Omega-Page essential storyline developments, Dark Order continue to act opposite of Dynamite personas, Cabana gets his face fixed

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

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– Matt and Nick Jackson were standing next to each other staring at the camera, but not saying anything. After a few seconds the camera moved to show Brandon Cutler who said they’re in Jacksonville for another Dynamite. He tried to get Matt and Nick to talk, but they weren’t interested. Cutler asked them what they have on Dynamite this week and they said nothing, no match, no interview, nothing. Nick flipped off the camera and Cutler said maybe he should just cut it.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Alex Reynolds and John Silver were in a hallway as Silver practiced his impressions. Reynolds tried guessing who it was, but wasn’t right. Britt Baker walked through them and appeared to be in a hurry. They stopped her and tried recruiting her to Dark Order. Britt seemed interested. Reynolds and Silver sounded excited about her being able to bring some bread or cakes to their meetings in the future. Britt called them both idiots and said her name is Britt Baker, but she’s a dentist, not a baker. Silver and Reynolds seemed confused because he name isn’t “Britt Dentist” it’s Britt Baker so she must be a baker. Reynolds and Silver said Dark Order already has a good dental plan, they don’t need a dentist. Baker said she’s not interested and walked off as Silver and Reynolds still tried to wrap their mind around her last name being Baker, but her not being a baker.

– Brandon Cutler was holding a camera close to his chest and he was standing outside of Tony Khan’s door. He was talking with someone off camera and said, when the Bucks paid their fine and threw cash into Tony Khan’s office, he thinks there was some money in the ceiling. Cutler proposed splitting whatever cash he could find with this off camera person if they’d be on the lookout for him. The person agreed and Cutler walked into the office with a ladder. Cutler went up the ladder and saw some cash and grabbed it. As Cutler got down off the ladder, the person holding the camera said he’s coming. Cutler then yelled run and ran down the hallway as hundred dollar bills flew out of his hands.

– Stu Grayson was pacing back and forth angrily in the Dark Order lounge. Grayson swore he was going to kill him, Evil Uno asked who he was talking about and Grayson said John Silver. Grayson said Silver tried to frame him, Uno told him he can’t because there’s a lot of paperwork that goes into a murder and he’ll have at least six papers to fill out if Grayson does that. Grayson accused Uno of thinking he’s afraid of John Silver, Uno denied that. Grayson asked if Uno thinks he’s afraid of Alan Angels who was sitting behind them with his blonde wig on, Uno said no he doesn’t think Grayson is afraid of a guy in a dumb wig. Angels heard that comment and was dejected by Uno’s insult. Grayson started ranting about how he’s not afraid of anyone in AEW at all. As his rant continued, Anna Jay walked up behind Grayson, which made Grayson stop in his tracks. Jay asked if everything was okay and Grayson stood at attention, not wanting to look her in the eyes, and said “yes ma’am.” Jay asked if there’s anything he wanted to talk about and Grayson said no. Grayson had a sudden burst of confidence as he turned to Jay and told her he’s not afraid of anyone, but as he looked her in the eyes his confidence vanished and he said he’d never mess with her though. Jay grabbed Grayson by the ear and dragged him away and said they need to go have a talk. Uno thanked her and waved.

– Colt Cabana started knocking on Doc Sampsons door again while wearing a bandage over his head. The trainer came out and said Doc Sampson is gone right now for important business. Cabana asked if he could fix it and he said no, he’s not a doctor he’s an athletic trainer. Cabana asked if he’s ever worked on faces before and he admitted he took a course in college. Cabana heard enough and told him to fix his face as they walked into the training room.

– Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Tay Conti were having a conversation at a bar. Luchsaurus was telling Conti a story about the 12th century and their focus on love. Brandon Cutler (wearing a dragon mask) turned around behind Luchasaurus and Conti pointed it out. Luchasaurus said dragons aren’t real and they’re an insult to dinosaurs. Conti stopped him and pointed out the dragon behind him and Luchasaurus panicked and ran away. Cutler took off the mask and asked Jungle Boy and Conti what Luchasaurus’ problem was.

– Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, Preston Vance, and Alan Angels were all standing together as Angels said he doesn’t see anything wrong with people liking feet. Anna Jay was sitting behind them. Uno agreed with Angels, but said he’s more of a belly button man himself…

A loud yell was heard and the camera turned around to show John Silver on Alex Reynolds’s shoulders wearing Brodie Lee’s robe. He yelled and asked them what they’re talking about. He yelled at them for their conversation. Silver then demanded someone hand him some papers and got in Stu Grayson’s face and called him a little bitch. Brodie Lee walked in and asked if he heard someone say little bitch. Silver tried to cover up Reynolds behind the jacket, but Lee opened it immediately and stared him in the eyes. Lee told Reynolds to put Silver down because he’s not going to look up at Silver. Silver got down and Lee asked where he got his jacket.

At that moment Trent’s mom Sue walked in and they all changed their tone and welcomed her and smiled. Sue handed them a bag of treats and they all celebrated and told her they love her. Lee thanked her and walked her out of the room as Silver excitedly said they have some lunch now.

Lee walked back in and grabbed the bag out of Silver’s hand and slammed it into the ground as he started yelling at him again. Sue walked back in and asked what happened and Lee told her that Silver doesn’t like her food. Lee pulled out a roll of papers and handed it to Sue. Sue threw them at Silver, but missed. They all laughed as she gathered the papers to throw them again. Lee encouraged her to do it again with a big smile on his face as she threw the papers again. Lee then demanded Silver fall down and sell for Sue, which he did. Lee then walked out with Sue.

– Clips of the Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz match was shown from Cutler’s camera.

– Cabana and the trainer were back. He asked Cabana if he was ready to see the results and Cabana said he’s ready. The bandage was removed and it was Michael Nakazawa. Cabana screamed in horror since he now looked just like Nakazawa. He cried as the trainer tried convincing him he will get used to it after some time.

– A clip of a dark room with some skulls and burning candles was shown. An older woman pulled out a doll with Santana’s face on it.

The camera cut to Santana and Ortiz sitting in a couple of chairs chatting.

The woman was shown again with a needle and she poked it into the neck of the Santana doll.

Santana reacted with a sudden pain in his neck.

The woman put another pin in Santana’s arm.

Santana jumped out of his chair and grabbed his arm.

The woman pulled out an Ortiz doll and stuck a needle in its butt.

Ortiz freaked out and yelled about his butt pain as he rolled on the floor.

The woman then put a needle in the Ortiz doll’s throat.

Ortiz started gagging, he slapped the floor, and threw up and X with his hands as Ortiz looked on confused.

The came rose up to show it was Sue with the dolls. She looked into the camera and laughed.

– A clip of the Young Bucks super kicking Mike Posey on Dynamite last week aired with some added rock music and the commentary playing as well. The Young Bucks were shown walking off and tossing money at Tony Khan.

– Matt Jackson was sitting at home looking at his phone. He smirked and his phone was shown on AEW’s website with the headline that the Young Bucks were given another fine. Matt then looked at a text from Nick. The first message shown was from Matt who sent Nick “1/5/16” and Nick responded with a screenshot of a Young Bucks tweet and asked if Matt remembered. Matt looked at the tweet which was “One day we’ll wrestle The Revival & everyone will rejoice. Remember this tweet.”

FINAL THOUGHTS: I had to Google it to make sure I was correct, but I think the 1/5/16 text Matt sent Nick was about the day The Elite was formed. On January 5, 2016 Kenny Omega became the leader of Bullet Club after the Young Bucks super kicked A.J. Styles symbolically removing him from the group. Omega, Nick, and Matt would form The Elite as a group within Bullet Club and this was the official date that all began. Does that mean we’re going to get a heel trio of Kenny and the Young Bucks? I’m all for it!

At the same time, they continue to tease the FTR vs. Young Bucks match. It will be interesting to see how they get there if both groups are heel. Maybe they’ll continue to tease it for now and it’ll happen somewhere down the line, but FTR don’t seem like they’re going to turn and if the Young Bucks are in the midst of a turn I don’t know how you go back? You could always do heel vs. heel, but that leaves the audience in the awkward position of picking between two groups who want booed. Personally, I’m really enjoying the story of the Young Bucks as well as the Omega and Hangman Page stories right now. I think BTE has been a good supplemental piece to telling those stories and I’m not sure if the Dynamite-only viewer is getting enough to agree with me and call it interesting. I continue to question BTE as “shoulder content” when there are some actual developments, but you also have Dark Order being the polar opposite of their Dynamite characters. It’s a weird mix of worlds and I wish they’d find consistency in that respect.

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