9/14 BEING THE ELITE: Bucks throw their fine money into Khan’s office, Dark Order bathroom skit is dumb, cheesy, must-see comedic gold all at once

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 221  – “A Very Slippery Rope”
SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

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–  Matt Jackson stood at the front of a small room of wrestlers including Luchasaurus (without his mask on), Nick Jackson, Trent, Trent’s Mom Sue, Marko Stunt, and Eddie Kingston. Matt welcomed them to promo class and said they’re going to start with having Kingston cut a promo on a cookie. Matt handed him a plastic wrapped cookie and sat down. Eddie asked for a countdown and looked at the cookie in his hand for a second. He started speaking very emotionally and looking away from the cookie. He said it kills him inside that it’s so tasty and delicious, but in pro wrestling he has to look better in the ring. So he can’t eat the cookie because he needs to look better and make more money so he can buy more cookies, but when the time is right, it’ll be just him and the cookie. He looked up and said that’s all he’s got and everyone in the room applauded and laughed. Trent laughed and said he thought Eddie was going to cry, the camera panned back over to show Kingston taking a big bite out of the cookie with a smile on his face.

– The BTE open played.

– Brandon Cutler held the camera and said they are at Dynamite. Matt and Nick Jackson were standing behind him and didn’t seem interested in being on camera. Brandon said he’s trying to get them to record like usual, but they don’t seem interested. He asked if they felt better and they both sarcastically responded that they’ve never felt better. Nick said he thinks the fans are sick of the “we’re here in Jacksonville” vlog stuff so he doesn’t want to do it. Matt said he’s in a much better mood than Nick. Matt said he’s done some thinking and maybe it’s time for the “OG Young Bucks” to come back, the ones who “don’t give an F” and who super kick anyone and anything that’s walking or breathing. Eddie Kingston walked up behind them as they were talking, looked around, then walked off. Matt and Nick said they got away from what got them popular because they were too worried about the jobbers on their show instead of worrying about themselves. Nick said they aren’t even going to wrestle tonight. Cutler said they are supposed to have an interview with Marvez. Matt and Nick laughed at that idea and walked off.

The clip from Dynamite of Alex Marvez knocking on the Young Bucks’ door and getting super kicked was shown.

A picture of a tweet announcing the Young Bucks were being fined $5,000 for super kicking Alex Marvez was shown as the audio of Jim Ross announcing it played as well.

Matt and Nick were walking down a hallway as the audio of Jim Ross asking what’s gotten into them played. Matt and Nick walked up to Tony Khan’s office. Matt pulled out a wad of cash, opened the door, and threw it blindly into Khan’s office before walking away.

– Alex Reynolds and John Silver were standing together. Silver said if they win the dance off, then they will leave them alone, but if Silver and Reynolds win, they join the Dark Order. The camera turned around to reveal Jack Evans and Angelico. Angelico danced, Alex Reynolds tried to tap dance, Jack Evans back flipped and danced, then John Silver awkwardly did a couple of dance moves while they all looked on confused. The official then threw it to their panel of judges to decide the winner. Wardlow chose Silver & Reynolds as his winner and Orange Cassidy chose “those guys” while lazily waving a hand towards TH2. The third judge was Stu Grayson, who smirked and addressed Silver and Reynolds as if he was going to pick them, but instead told them they suck and chose TH2. Grayson flipped Silver off and walked off.

TH2 left and Silver and Reynolds immediately tried giving Orange Cassidy some Kool-Aid to recruit him to Dark Order. Cassidy slowly started pushing the bottle towards the edge of the table. Reynolds and Silver yelled for him to stop, but never interfered as Cassidy pushed the bottle off the table. Reynolds and Silver yelled in frustration as Cassidy sat in his chair completely indifferent.

– A graphic flashed that said “A few days before All Out”

Matt and Nick Jackson were sitting with Kenny Omega. Matt put his pencil down in celebration and the camera showed they were writing out the names of the Battle Royal on a piece of foil. Omega asked how the win/loss records looked and they looked it over. Michael Nakazawa walked in and asked them what they’re up to. Nakazawa asked them what number he was in the battle royal. They all laughed and asked if he was being serious, Nakazawa said he was. They all laughed and said people pay to watch this show and he’s not on it. Nakazawa asked if he wasn’t good enough and Omega said it’s not that, because he thinks he’s great, but all the spots are filled. Omega said all they have is the joker spot left. Nakazawa said they could give him the joker spot, Matt laughed and said he is a real joker if he thinks he’s getting that spot. They all laughed again and high fived. Omega said the joker spot is supposed to be a big surprise to help them get more buys. Nakazawa asked who the joker was since it can’t be him. Omega leaned in and revealed that it’s going to be Matt Sydal. Omega said “he’s the guy who does the shooting star press, people are going to love it!” Nakazawa said that’s fine, he’s leaving and he’s going to go make an impact. They all look confused as he left.

The camera cut to Nakazawa pouring his oil all over the top turnbuckle followed by the clip of Sydal slipping off the top rope when he attempted his shooting star press at All Out.

Matt, Nick and Kenny were shown backstage watching the show. Omega turned the TV off and said this battle royal is garbage and asked who the hell put this thing together? Matt and Nick both said they all did. Omega said now he and Page have to save the whole damn show. Nick said Sydal looks like the Shockmaster now, worse even. Nakazawa walked into the office and admitted he did that. Omega told Matt to go “Hangman Page” Nakazawa’s gear so Matt got up, grabbed Nakazawa’s bag and threw it between his leg like he was snapping a football while staring directly at the camera stone-faced.

– Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alan Angels, and Preston Vance were standing together as Uno said he had to show them something in the bathroom. Angels said they measured last week and Uno said yeah and they all came to the conclusion that Grayson is the longest. Grayson nodded in approval. Uno opened the door and they all walked in. Anna Jay was leaning against the wall and they all said hi. They walked in to see “Brody Sux – Stoooooo” written on the mirror. Brodie Lee walked in screaming and very angry about the mirror writing. Lee asked who did this.

Lee asked Vance and Angels to show him their hands, Vance showed that his hands were clean then flexed, which Brodie approved of.

Angels showed his clean hands then whipped his blonde wig, to which Brodie complimented his hair.

Uno showed his hands were clean, but got yelled at because Lee hadn’t asked him yet. Lee asked Uno to turn around, to which Uno complied and put his hands on the wall like he was going to be frisked. Angels laughed, which caused Lee to get in his face and yell at him some more.

Lee moved on to Grayson, who was holding a paint brush. Grayson said he was asked to hold this for him. Reynolds said it’s a smoking gun as Lee reacted to seeing the brush in his hands and seemed hurt. Lee then turned to the writing on the mirror and counted the letters in “Stooo” before realizing it couldn’t have been him. Lee asked Grayson how he spelled his name, to which Grayson said “S.T.U.” Lee said it clearly couldn’t have been him because it’s spelled wrong, so he’s been exonerated.

Alex Reynolds winced like he made a mistake as Lee approached him and yelled. Lee asked to see his hands as he called him a little bitch. Reynolds eventually revealed his hands were covered in red paint. Uno gasped and said his hands are red. Lee threw down his TNT Championship and asked where “that little piece of shit child tag team partner of yours” John Silver was. Reynolds said he hasn’t seen him. Silver emerged from the bathroom stall covered in red paint.

Uno thought he was Matt Cardona. Lee stopped what he was doing and told Uno he doesn’t even get that joke. Uno tried to explain, but failed. Lee yelled at Uno and said they’re so over on the internet right now and all he brings to the table are some crappy Matt Cardona jokes?

Lee went back to Silver and told him to go put his head in the toilet immediately. Angels and Vance then walked over and started cleaning the mirror.

– Colt Cabana knocked on Doc Sampson’s door and cried out for help underneath his bandage wrapped head. Someone came to the door and said Doc Sampson can’t help him any further and he isn’t even there. Cabana walked away crying out for a doctor. He yelled and cried as he walked down a hallway. He saw a sign on a door that read “DR” so he knocked. Dustin Rhodes answered the door and Cabana asked if he is a doctor. Rhodes said no, he’s not a doctor and closed the door. Christopher Daniels was walking down the hall and said “hey doctor” to someone off screen. Cabana turned around and asked him if he was a doctor, but Daniels said no he just calls everyone doctor and Cabana knows that. Cabana told Daniels he needs a doctor and Daniels noticed the sign on the door they were standing in front of read “DOCTOR” so he tried that door again. Luther answered the door and yelled at Cabana to get lost and Cabana walked off defeated.

– Christopher Daniels was sitting at a bar, he poured himself a drink then said if you’re over fifty you should try “Silver Fox Vodka.” Daniels said it’s also aged fifty years. He took a drink, repeated the name, and held up the bottle as he smiled. Brandon Cutler said cut and Daniels shook it off saying that it was a stiff drink. The camera scrolled over to show Hangman Page having a drink as well. Daniels thanked him for letting them use his bar and Page said he’s welcome any time. Cutler asked Daniels if he could hold the camera while Cutler had a word with Page. Cutler said this isn’t for BTE, it’s real stuff. Page poured himself a drink from Daniels’ vodka bottle.

Cutler said hi to Page and Page offered him a drink. Page poured himself a big drink as he offered Cutler one. Cutler said no thanks, he doesn’t drink and Page said if he had Cutler’s W/L record he’d definitely drink. Cutler absorbed that mean comment, but moved on. Page asked if Cutler ever said anything to Matt and Nick for him. Cutler said he tried, but they just don’t want anything to do with him and wouldn’t allow Cutler to talk to them about Page. Page questioned if Cutler really gave it his best effort. Page said he’s got two contracts, but can’t do one simple job because he’s too worried about playing DnD and his dice with too many sides on it. Page then told Cutler he should go to the Young Bucks’ locker room and try to do it right this time. Cutler said he knows that Page is trying to get him mad so he will call him names, so when Cutler leaves, Page can feel bad about himself and not think about his real problems. Cutler said he’s not going to give him that satisfaction and left.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were standing together when Matt Hardy walked up holding his youngest son. Hardy said Barty, his son, wanted him to pass along a message to them. Hardy said he’s so happy he got to debut on AEW Dynamite because his oldest brother debuted on Impact and Wolfgang debuted on WWE, but Barty debuted on AEW. Hardy also said thank you for bringing him in because he feels like it’s a family environment. Hardy hugged them both, said thank you again, and left.

Matt and Nick looked at each other and seemed almost creeped out by how “normal” Matt Hardy was. Nick said he’s too normal now.

– Brandon Cutler was dragged Nakazawa down the hallway towards Matt Sydal. Nakazawa did not want to be there as Cutler told Sydal that Nakazawa had something to tell him. Nakazawa apologized to Sydal that he slipped and fell in the match and it’s his fault. Sydal said it’s nobody’s fault, these things happen in wrestling. Nakazawa said no, it’s literally his fault. Nakazawa pulled out he bottle of oil and admitted he oiled the turnbuckle up because he wanted Sydal to slip and possible break his neck. Sydal asked if he was demented because that’s the meanest thing he’s ever had said to him. Nakazawa took off running down the hallway as Sydal chased after him yelling.

– The camera was zoomed in on someone’s cleavage. The camera backed out to reveal it was Matt Jackson who was wearing his women’s Cracker Barrel shirt. He was sitting next to Nick Jackson when Brandon Cutler walked in and asked if it was a good time to talk. Matt said if it’s about Hangman, absolutely not. Cutler said it’s not about Hangman, it’s about him actually. Cutler said he and Peter are having their big blow off match on Dark this week and he doesn’t want to ask any favors or anything, but it would mean so much to him if they’d be ringside for him. Matt and Nick said yeah they were already planning on being out there, but seemed confused by Cutler not asking for more (seemingly booking him to win). Cutler sat down on the couch relieved they said yes and said that’s all he wanted.

– One of the independent wrestlers from AEW Dark, known as Megabyte Ronnie, walked down a hallway carrying a couple of cakes and talked about being a cake delivery man to himself. He walked into a room looking for Brandon Cutler to deliver the cakes and Cutler said he had to call someone to see what they wanted him to do with the two cakes. Ronnie put them on a table and took a closer look at them. Cutler spoke to Hangman on the phone and said the cakes are there and Cutler assured him that the Young Bucks would like it. Behind Cutler, Ronnie opened one of the cakes and stuff his face with it. Cutler then talked to Hangman about getting icing for the cakes and what he wanted put on them as Ronnie continued to eat the cake like he was in an eating contest. Ronnie destroyed the first cake then started going at the second cake. The video sped up to show Ronnie completely destroying the second cake as Cutler had his back turned. Cutler eventually turned around to see Ronnie and what was left of the cakes. Ronnie apologized and said he can’t help himself. Cutler looked on in complete shock as he continued to apologize.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Young Bucks clip to open this episode was great. I thought the visual of them walking down a hallway and casually tossing their fine money into Khan’s office without seemingly caring at all was great. I hope they show that clip on Dynamite because it just screamed “we don’t care.”

I also enjoyed the Matt Sydal spoof with Nakazawa. I think one of the things that makes BTE great is their willingness to be self-deprecating and turning that mess up into a skit to make fun of on BTE is exactly that. They often make jokes at their own expense too and it’s hard to capture in text, but it’s some of the funniest things on the show. Omega telling Matt to “Hangman Page” Nakazawa’s gear (a.k.a. throwing it out) was just really funny for me, and the way Matt did it made it even funnier.

The Dark Order bathroom skit is one of the dumbest and cheesiest things I’ve watched in a long time and I laughed the entire segment. If you watch any single part of this episode of BTE, watch that segment. It starts at 12:30 and is well worth it. It’s so dumb it’s comedic gold. Brodie Lee is a great character on BTE. It doesn’t match is Dynamite persona at all, but on it’s own the BTE character is just comedic genius in my opinion. It helps he has stooges like John Silver to play off of. I think Silver is another perfect character within the Dark Order because he’s the punching bag idiot who keeps getting into trouble. Dark Order really are the best thing on BTE.

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