9/7 BEING THE ELITE: Brodie Lee continues to take digs at Vince McMahon, Matt & Nick have a new espresso machine, Swolve explains how to sit pretty at a bar, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 220  – “All Out Fall Out”

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– Matt and Nick Jackson were sitting on an airplane with Brandon Cutler. Matt leaned over and in a soft voice talked to Cutler and said their on the second leg of their flight to Jacksonville, but he can’t stop thinking about a passenger in front of him and what he has in his bag. Cutler pointed he camera to show the back of a man’s balding head and asked if that’s who Matt was talking about. Matt said yeah, he’s talking about Jake Roberts up there and laughed quietly.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were walking through a Walmart parking lot again. Matt said this is their third try on tape to find their action figures in stores. Matt and Nick both said they have yet to see a Young Bucks action figure “out in the wild” yet.

They were walking the aisles and came up to the place where the figures should be, but they were all gone apart from a couple of AEW ring sets. Nick pointed out that it’s a good thing that they’re always sold out, but they would like to find them in the store soon. Matt looked at the WWE action figures and pointed out the Ricochet figure and said “remember that guy?” They both laughed as Matt grabbed a Mike Kanellis action figure and said “I thought this was a John Silver figure for a second.”

– Footage from Brandon Cutler at ringside was shown for the Young Bucks’ entrance. Clips of the Young Bucks & Jurassic Express vs. SCU & Private Party were shown from Cutler’s camera at ringside as well.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were back in their EVP room with Brandon Cutler. Matt pointed out they have a new espresso machine, but Nick wasn’t in the mood and asked how he can even be in a good mood after what happened last week. Nick said it’s been bothering him and he doesn’t even care about the upcoming PPV. He asked Matt if he just wants to go home and Matt said they can’t because they’re stuck in Jacksonville for the next five days. Jurassic Express walked in and started questioning the Young Bucks because they didn’t do their usual pose during their entrance or anything. Luchasaurus was upset they didn’t shake their hands or anything after the match either and Nick said they just weren’t in the mood. Nick said Matt was supposed to take the heat, but Jungle Boy took all the heat and he was supposed to get the hot tag, but Luchasaurus took the hot tag. Matt said it was fine, but there was one thing that would’ve made it better. He said it’s the most basic wrestling move of all… a Canadian Destroyer! Luchasaurus hung his head in shame then said they have a match against them this weekend and maybe he’ll hit a Canadian Destroyer in that match! Matt and Nick challenged him on that and Matt asked Luchasaurus what Helen would think about that. Luchasaurus was very upset by that comment and Jungle Boy had to step between them and said talking about exes is extremely immature. Matt and Nick said now they have a proper feud and Jurassic Express agreed as they left. The camera followed them out into the hallway. Marko and Jungle Boy asked who Helen was and Marko asked Luchasaurus if he dated Helen Hart? Luchasaurus shrugged his shoulders and said she was the original Canadian Destroyer and walked off. Marko turned to Jungle Boy and said that must be why Bret has the long black hair. Luchasaurus turned around and yelled that it was before Stu.

– Christopher Daniels was outside finishing a workout. He dropped the weight and looked into the camera and said “that was 50 reps for 50 plus.” Hangman Page was standing behind Daniels watching. Daniels walked off to grab something and Cutler put down the camera, but kept recording. Page asked if he could talk to Cutler and he said sure. Page asked that Cutler tell Matt and Nick that he’s sorry because he screwed up. Page said the Young Bucks and FTR are right and he’s a real piece of shit. Page said they don’t need to forgive him, but if Cutler could please just tell them that would be great. Cutler said he understands since he and Avalon had a falling out as well.

– Alex Reynolds and John Silver were standing in a hallway and Reynolds told Silver they really need to get more recruits. Silver told Reynolds if they don’t start getting more people “Mr. Lee is going to spank our bare butt, back, and balls.” Reynolds said there’s literally no chance he said that and Silver said he said something like that. They started walking and saw MJF’s poster on a door and decided it was a good idea to go in. They opened the door and Wardlow folding a scarf. Wardlow said that Max wasn’t around right now, if that’s who they’re looking for. Silver dismissively said they don’t want his little sidekick MJF, they’re looking for the main course. Wardlow paused and looked up at them and seemed curious. Reynolds and Silver marveled at his physique and complimented him as Silver said some weird things, which seemed to creep Wardlow out. Silver paused and looked at Wardlow’s butt and said he bets his milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. Wardlow pulled out his phone and said it was MJF calling and asked if they could continue whatever was going on there later. Reynolds and Silver said absolutely and Wardlow said thanks for the compliments and walked off awkwardly. Silver said he hates to see him leave, but loves watching him go. Reynolds then realized they completely forgot to try and get him to join the Dark Order.

– Matt, Nick, and Brandon Cutler were standing outside a restaurant, Nick was holding a Cracker Barrel bag. Matt was trying to convince them that it is so much better than Chili’s, but they were pretty reluctant to agree. Nick said the crowd was a little empty in there. Matt pulled out another Cracker Barrel bag and said Cracker Barrel got them some free swag. Cutler started passing it out and noted that the tags were still on it. Cutler then accused Matt of stealing the shirts and Matt admitted that he did and told them they should probably run. They were shown running away from the Cracker Barrel.

Cutler and Nick were shown in their hotel room admiring their new Cracker Barrel shirts. They asked Matt how his looked and he walked onto the camera in a shirt way too small for him and appeared to be a women’s cut shirt. Matt tried playing it off as a new style. Cutler then tried to tell them about Hangman, but Matt didn’t want to hear it. Cutler continued and said Hangman said some things they really need to hear. Matt and Nick both said no they don’t want to hear it, especially on camera.

– Alex Abrahantes walked onto screen with an audio track of applause. He thanked the cheering audience and welcomed everyone to Speaking Spanglish. He said technology has enriched all of our lives, but we need to continue to evolve as a society. That’s why he’s there to present the “Mi Phone.” Abrahantes then introduced Vickie Guererro and Diamante, who are the vice presidents of product development. Diamante and Guerrero walked on to the screen. Diamante said they have some new exciting features to talk about. Abrahantes voiced over a video of Guerrero and Diamante using the phone and talked about the features including Siri. Abrahantes, Guerrero, and Diamante were standing together showing off their phones.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were walking into Daily’s Place and onto the red carpet ahead of All Out. A voiceover introduced them as “the brothers who cosplay as the Hardy’s.” They stopped and posed for the cameras while there was audio of fake fans cheering playing. They then started describing what they were wearing before finally awkwardly walking off.

– Footage from Brandon Cutler at ringside was shown again, this time during The Young Bucks’ match at All Out vs. Jurassic Express. Highlights of the match were shown. Clips of Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho was also shown including Jericho’s final fall into the Mimosa that splashed all over Cutler and the wrestlers at ringside.

– A graphic flashed and said it was time for a “Public Swole Announcement.” Big Swole was sitting at a bar in a dress. She addressed he ladies and said when they’re at the club or sitting at the bar, you can’t have your legs all open. Swole said you need to sit pretty. Ricky Starks popped up behind the bar shining a glass and asked if she said pretty. Swole was annoyed as Starks posed for the camera. Swole got out of her chair and said he’s always messing up her shot and walked off. Starks just said “oh come on” as she walked off.

– Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alan Angels, and Preston Vance were all standing around while Grayson and Uno spoke in French to one another. Brodie Lee yelled to interrupt them and stomped into the camera and shouldered Uno out of his way. He looked at them and demanded to know where Colt Cabana was. Lee then noticed Uno was on his phone and asked him what he was doing. Uno confusingly said he was on his phone. Lee got in his face, reminded him that they just had a loss on PPV on he’s on Twitch? Uno tried to correct him that he’s actually looking at Instagram, but Lee interrupted and asked what Uno’s Twitch name is. Uno started to respond, but Lee cut him off and yelled not anymore. Lee said Twitch is dead as he looked at the other members of Dark Order. Lee screamed there will be no more third party affiliates because “they are detrimental to my company!” Uno asked if he meant the Dark Order, but John Silver and Alex Reynolds walked in celebrating.

Lee slowly turned around as they continued to celebrate. Lee had his eyes closed and said he doesn’t want to open them because… he opened he eyes and got even more mad when he saw John Silver standing in front of him. Silver said they got a surprise for them, they finally got a recruit! Lee told Alex Reynolds to show him because he was fed up with Silver. Silver said it was on his phone, but okay. He handed his phone, with a glitter case on it, to Reynolds. Lee noticed and asked him why the hell he has a glitter phone case and Silver said he thought it was cute. Reynolds showed Silver a video from Sinbad on Cameo shouting out the Dark Order. Sinbad said he talked to Silver and Reynolds about joining the Dark Order and he’s in. He congratulated Mr. Brodie on winning the TNT Championship, then held his hand up in the Dark Order pose and said “We are one.” He then asked if he’s going to be allowed to join because if not, that would be really jacked up.

Lee looked away from the phone and seemed pretty excited. Lee high fived Reynolds and said that put him in a much better mood after these idiots were on Twitch. Lee teased he may have something for all of them. They all lined up and Lee walked off camera for a minute. While Lee was gone, Uno pointed out that Cameo is also a third party affiliate, but they hushed him as Lee came back. Lee walked in with Griff Garrison and introduced him as Jungle Boy. Silver raised his hand with a question. Lee slowly stared at him then asked him what. Silver yelled out that it was Griff Garrison and Lee turned to Garrison and told them to wait a second. Anna Jay stood up behind Garrison and jumped on his back with a chokehold. All of Dark Order cheered as she wrestled him to the floor while they all cheered her on. They all started cheering excitedly “he’s dead!” Lee stopped them for a second and told them to have fun with his body as he walked off with Anna Jay. All the members of Dark Order started kicking and punching Garrison on the floor.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were loading up their vehicle with suitcases and Cutler, who was recording, asked if they could finally talk about the Hangman stuff. Matt and Nick both said no they don’t want to. Cutler asked if they could talk about the Kenny thing at All Out where he got in his car and took off, but they didn’t go with him. Matt and Nick hesitated, but didn’t respond. Matt paused and said it’s time they start worrying about themselves, then asked Nick why he’s even bothering to wear one of The Elite shirts. They got in the van. Clips of Kenny, Matt, Nick, and Hangman Page were shown from All Out with a still photo flashing between each clip. The clip of Kenny leaving the arena at All Out played and the picture of Cody also flashed. Finally, the big picture of all five members of The Elite was shown in a broken picture frame.


I always enjoy Brodie Lee trying to find a way to take a jab at Vince McMahon and his often outrageous complaints. With WWE recently putting an end to wrestlers using their ring names on things like Twitch or Cameo, this joke seemed destined for BTE and it didn’t take long! Dark Order continue to amuse on BTE and they’re by far the funniest thing on the show.

I found it interesting that the Young Bucks appeared to be teasing going off completely on their own as if The Elite is no more in any capacity. Time will tell, but they said they need to start worrying about themselves at the end of the episode, which indicated to me that they’re done with Kenny Omega for the time being as well. This doesn’t have to be the case and there’s not much evidence to go off of besides that and Omega leaving them at All Out over the weekend when he left. I’m just ready for Hangman, the Bucks, and Omega to get into the roles they’re going to be in for the foreseeable future because it’s muddy right now. Who’s the good guy right now? Is it Hangman? He screwed the Young Bucks out of a possible title match and was manipulated by FTR to do that. The Young Bucks seemed rather heelish in their match last week on Dynamite and at All Out as well. Kenny Omega has been teasing the Cleaner returning and he took some unnecessary cheap shots at Tully Blanchard last week. They all seem like unlikeable characters at the moment so they need to get everyone pointed in the right direction soon. Telling the story is great, but fans need to know where the characters are or it gets very messy.

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