8/31 BEING THE ELITE REVIEW (Ep. 219): Dark Order’s new obsession with Hangman Page, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega, Orange Cassidy, Bucks celebrating pre-sales of their book

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 219  – “You’re Out Of The Elite!”
AUGUST 31, 2020

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– Brodie Lee sat on one of his new riding lawnmowers in a suit and holding the TNT Championship. Other members of Dark Order were chanting “F— Hangman” while Lee admired his title. After a few seconds, Lee turned to John Silver and told him to shut up and the chanting stopped. Lee said he only has one thing to say, he looked into the camera and yelled “F— Hangman!” They all cheered and started chanting again as Lee stood up on the mower and raised the belt above his head.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in a parking lot and said they were at the airport about to fly out. Nick pulled out a copy of their new book. Matt said it’s an advanced reader copy in paperback and they showed the cover that included a circle on the front to show it’s not a for sale copy. They said pre-sales just started and their book was number one on Barnes and Noble’s website. Matt said he sent a picture proving they were number one to their parents and said it made them cry. They plugged where to buy the book again and said Barnes and Noble was so pleased with the initial release, they bought more copies.

The camera cut to Matt and Nick standing outside a Walmart. Matt said they’re in Jacksonville now and they’re trying to find the action figures again. Nick said he’s been to maybe 10 different locations trying to find them, but hasn’t been able to and Matt said he’s been to 15. Matt said he needed to adjust his mask first before they go inside and he revealed a freshly shaven face. Cutler asked him about it and Matt said he botched his shave earlier in the day so he had to shave it all off. They went inside and managed to find a couple of figures, but there were only Cody and Kenny Omega figures left. Matt laughed and said he just wants to see himself on the packaging. They looked at the Omega box up close. The three of them were then shown checking out at Walmart buying the Kenny Omega action figure.

– Evil Uno was reaching John Silver and Alex Reynolds on how to make some dish. Alan Angels walked up with a blonde wig under his mask and asked them what’s going on. He asked them if they noticed anything different as he whipped his hair in front of them. Silver said he’s speaking with a stupid French accent and Stu Grayson jumped in and said he’s the French one. Angels ignored him and got in Alex Reynold’s face. He said there’s a new “hair guy” in Dark Order. Reynolds got mad and they started shouting at each other and flipping their hair back and forth. They all stopped and turned around as Anna Jay walked in. Jay approached Grayson and asked where her $10 was, but Silver shoved him out of the way and said he’s got it. Grayson backed off looking like he was afraid of Jay. Silver tried a pick up line, but Jay pushed him aside. She asked Grayson where her money was again and he immediately handed her some cash. She patted him on the chest and called him a good boy. As Jay walked away Silver tried getting her to come back by calling himself the best kisser. Uno said it’s not Silver, Grayson is the best kisser. Uno told Grayson to show Silver he’s the best kisser and Silver challenged him to, but Grayson had no interest.

Brodie Lee walked in and yelled over them and asked what they were talking about. Angels jumped in saying they were talking about kissing. Silver screamed for him to shut up, which lead to Lee yelling at Silver to shut up. Lee said Silver better be talking about something else when he comes back and left.

Silver started talking about kissing again and they yelled for him to stop. Lee walked back in and yelled that he’s back. Reynolds said he prepared something for him and started dancing while Silver hummed a tune for him to dance to. Uno seemed very impressed, but Lee was not. He asked if Reynolds seriously spent $1 million of Chili’s money for “those dog shit dance lessons?” Lee handed a roll of papers to Uno and told him to handle it. Uno asked if he was supposed to throw them at Reynolds and Lee said absolutely not, throw them at Silver. Uno threw them, but Silver didn’t react. Silver said he doesn’t sell for Uno, the only person he sells for is “the Good Lord” because he’s Dark Order AF. Lee yelled in anger and walked off.

– Nick Jackson, Brandon Cutler, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page were hanging out in the EVP room. Cutler was admiring everyone’s shoes. Matt Jackson walked in and they all seemed annoyed to see him. They all said hi to him by flipping him off and blaming him for ruining their Chili’s sponsorship again. Matt pulled his mask down and Hangman laughed at his new shave. Matt said he made a stop on his way to the venue after they left Walmart and he revealed a bag of food from Cracker Barrel. Nobody seemed too impressed and they asked him if he got them a sponsorship deal with them. Matt mumbled as they asked about the deal he got them. Matt stuttered trying to let them down easy and revealed he got them lunch. Cutler asked if he meant they were going to start giving them free catering and Matt changed the subject saying Cracker Barrel is so much better than Chili’s. They all started flipping him off again. Nick threatened to go on a singles run as the Merch Freak. Matt slowly left the room in defeat.

– Colt Cabana was wearing a bandage over his head outside the training room as he begged to see Dr. Sampson. The trainer Cabana talked to said Dr. Sampson already fixed him by getting the gold off. Cabana cried saying he’s still grotesque under the bandage and needs fixed. Cabana walked away upset and crying. He came to a door labelled doctor. He knocked on the door and begged the person to fix him. The camera moved to reveal Britt Baker. Britt called Cabana a dumbass and said she’s a dentist. Cabana asked if that means she’s a doctor. She said of course she’s a doctor. Cabana said she has the ability to fix him then. She talked about the dental work he needs done and said she’s not going to help him because he’s a jackass and then slammed the door in his face. Cabana dropped to his knees crying.

– Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon were arguing backstage. Cutler scolded Avalon for cheating because he’s the one that got hit with the book. Avalon said Cutler got in the way. They continued to bicker until Leva Bates cut them off. She said they’ve both had their chances to speak and now it’s her turn. She said the world isn’t black and white, it’s various shades of gray. She said they won’t win being “all white/all good or all black/all bad.” Bates said they need to meet in the middle. Bates said she sees something nobody else sees, she sees greatness. Bates got emotional as she pleaded with them to take her advice and believe in her. She walked away as Cutler and Avalon stood there absorbing what she said.

– Christopher Daniels addressed the room and said he’s not there to discuss AEW or Dynamite business, he’s there to discuss BTE business. Daniels said the fans have spoken and they are, by far, the most popular segment on BTE. He said that, since the fans are speaking, so are the sponsors and they asked that they be co-spokesmen on a new product. John Silver and Alex Reynolds walked into frame and seemed excited about being spokesmen for another product because it means more money. Daniels looked into the camera and said “let’s see how this goes” looking nervous.

Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Alan Angels were on screen wearing their masks and introduced themselves as 3, 4, and 5 respectively. Christopher Daniels walked up behind them and said he’s 50+ and they’re all there to tell the audience about Insta-fit Vitamins. Daniels tried to hold up a bottle of the vitamins, but it was Kool-Aid. Daniels asked the camera to cut and asked where the vitamins were. Silver said he ate them all because Reynolds dared him $20. Silver started yelling and flexing saying he felt great. Daniels got mad and stormed off as Silver stood there flexing and grunting.

– Brandon Cutler was standing in his garage and he held up the necessary items to change the oil in your car as Matt Jackson voiced it over. Cutler took off the old oil filter and drained the oil while Matt instructed viewers how to do it. Matt said, once you remove the oil plug, let it drain for 15-20 minutes “or the length of an MJF promo.” Cutler then put the new oil filter on and put the oil plug back in. Cutler then added the new oil to the engine and Matt congratulated everyone for changing their oil. Matt said once you’re done, make sure you clean up because “we wouldn’t want to run a sloppy shop, now would we?”

– Matt and Nick Jackson were talking to Jurassic Express. Nick said they’re teaming with them in a couple days and if they win they’ll face each other at All Out to climb the rankings. Jungle Boy was sitting on Luchasaurus’ shoulders as Matt and Nick said they’re going to quiz them because they’re the veterans.

Nick said they’re clearly the babyfaces, so who takes the heat? Jungle Boy said he usually does and Luchasaurus also pointed to him. Matt seemed offended and said he’s been taking the heat for 17 years. He said Jungle Boy is probably only 17 years old and Jungle Boy said they look the same age (another shot at his shave.) Luchasaurus put Jungle Boy down and got offended they’re talking about age around the dinosaur.

Nick then said let’s assume Jungle Boy is taking the heat and he’s reaching for a hot tag, is he going to tag him or Luchasaurus. Before Jungle Boy could answer Nick said he has the best comeback in the business so he better tag him. Luchasaurus disagreed and said he may have the best “human” comeback in the business and reminded them he has a Masters Degree.

Nick said let’s assume Luchasaurus tags in then, he said Luchasaurus better end the comeback with a Canadian Destroyer. Luchasaurus looked concerned. Jungle Boy said that’s old and they need to get over that move. Matt said that’s day one wrestling type stuff and said everyone does a destroyer now. Luchasaurus looked embarrassed as Matt said he has seven variations of a destroyer. Nick said the only way he allows Luchasaurus to get the hot tag is if he does a destroyer and he walked off. Matt said anybody can do one and said his five year old son hit him with a destroyer the other day, it’s super basic. Matt left as well. Jungle Boy asked Luchasaurus why he’s so scared of doing one and he said his ex was Canadian.

– Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were hiding behind a corner at the end of a hotel hallway. Brandon Cutler walked towards them as Chuck Taylor explained their plan. There was a yellow string across the floor that he referred to as a trip wire. Once he trips over the wire, they’re going to stab Cutler. Taylor flashed a plastic fork, spoon, and butter knife as their weapons. Cassidy was in charge of the pull rope, but as Cutler got closer, he didn’t pull it tight. Cutler walked past them and out of frame. Cassidy then pulled on the string and it came unattached from the other side of the wall. Taylor said he thought that would work. They said back to the drawing board and walked off.

– The clip of Hangman’s interference to prevent the Young Bucks from winning their match on Dynamite aired with some sad music.

Matt and Nick were shown back in their EVP room still furious. Matt grabbed Hangman’s bag and threw it in the hallway. The clip of them throwing Hangman’s drink on him was also shown.

Clips of Matt and Nick’s comments to Page were playing while Kenny Omega walked up to his vehicle, but stood outside and hung his head for a moment and seemed conflicted. Nick Jackson was shown arriving home and hugging his daughter. Page was shown looking into the broken mirror. Matt was staring at his reflection in his pool. Omega was shown again through the rear view mirror in his car. Nick was shown again washing his face. The screen went black for a moment and the music stopped. Omega was shown again wearing his aviators while some creepy music played.


I’m all for a return of “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega. The BTE teases and the little Dynamite teases have been great. I hope All Out is the launching point for Omega and Page too for that matter.

Dark Order’s newfound obsession with mocking Hangman Page makes me think he’s going to be the one to go after the Lee and the TNT Championship. I think Page joining FTR and that faction trying to hold all the championships would be interesting, but you have to figure out how to have Page lose to FTR then join them in a faction, which is tricky. If Kenny is turning heel, having Page turn on him in the match wouldn’t make much sense so they have some work to do if that match is going to be the launching point for both Page and Omega to split and do different things. I can’t wait to see what happens and, it’s by far the most interesting match coming up on All Out from a BTE perspective.

CATCH UP… 8/24 BEING THE ELITE: Dark Order continue to produce intended laughs as Reynolds and Silver arrive with a big bag of Chillis, plus Bucks, Hangman Page, Omega

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