NXT UK HITS & MISSES 9/24: Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven, Walter vs. Saxton Huxley, Heritage Cup Tournament Drawing, Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly

By Derrel Freeman, PWTorch contributor


•Opening Segment – MISS: The opening segment was one of those played out things where they have guys lined up in the back like good employees only to force some type of funny interactions. A look that came from Norm Dar and Alexander Wolfe in this segment where they did some spot with a cell phone caused an issue. If they wanted to get all the known seven guys in the Heritage Cup together, they could’ve found another way. This wasn’t it at all. But all this was done to serve as a lead-in to them speaking on the tournament drawing with special guest Pete Dunne.

•Walter vs. Saxon Huxley – HIT: First of all, what made this a Hit for me was the different camera angles they used for the match. The camera shots were different from last week, including tighter close shots with two roaming cameramen who sometimes could be seen in the shots of one another. Now about the match itself, it was a hard-hitting match. Saxon was like a wildman bruiser who was something different from what Walter has taken on in his time in NXT UK. This match was another way to get the champ out there in a match that was supposed to be a show-stealer, but was just a simple match where he can show off his hard-hitting style like with his chops and show his no-nonsense ring style. Walter finish Huxley with his powerbomb finish. After the match, they showed a “During The Break” segment where Huxley going to these steps to I guess a locker room area where he ran into one of the lower card UK guys who said, “Maybe next” which Saxon repeated then stormed off.

•Heritage Cup Tournament drawing – HIT: Next was the drawing for the Heritage Cup. They started this out by playing a package where they discussed wrestlers in the tournament. In that same video package, they showed us the rules of the cup: Six three-minute Rounds, 20-second breaks between rounds, two-out-of-three falls. Once a fall occurs, the round ends. Winning two falls equals victory, and a DQ/KO ends the match and whomever leads after six rounds wins. Now with the drawing. It had seven of the eight guys out there in the ring already with the eighth still yet to be determined. Then Sid Scala announced Pete Dunne, who came out as to his entrance and then cut a promo on what the cup is about and how it’s being used to give a guy a chance to make a name for himself. So, this how the drawing went: 1st draw Joseph Connors to take on Dave Mastiff, Next wildcard entrant vs. Trent Seven, Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-kid. Final two was Alexander Wolfe vs. Norm Dar. The tournament begins next week.

•The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly – HIT: This was another good tag team match. The Hunt is the tag team gatekeepers so putting them up against a young tag team in Pretty Deadly who they trying to build was a good thing. We got to see the in-ring style of Deadly who is like a pretty boy heel team. When you see them coming to the ring, they look like they are just two pretty boys, but they are vicious. They also, like most good heel teams, try everything to stretch the rules to get an advantage. Like I said before, this was a good match and you can see where Pretty Deadly is heading. As of right now, they shouldn’t be in the title picture. Give them a few more wins and continue to allow them to build their tag team style and I think they can be a good young heel team. After the match, Eddie Dennis pulls Pretty Deadly to the side and said something to them. Seem like Dennis might be trying to build some type of faction. After this, the hunt ran into the SWSC who asked them were they of which they looked at them then walked off away from them.

•Sid Scala, Pete Dunne backstage segment – MISS: They showed Scala and Dunne stand in the hallway fake talking. Then the camera runs up to them and showed Scala talking to Dunne about how they can get this tournament started with no problems when you have Dar’s actions and Wolfe seeming to be at Dar’s throat. So, Pete Dunne said he will be the special guest ref to keep order. I didn’t think this was needed at all.

•Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven – SUPER HIT: This was the match of the show and a great way to have your first title match. Ray had excellent heel work and Niven was a good face for her. The match started with Ray using heel tactics to slow down the match. Niven soon took the lead in the match. Niven is a bigger woman, but she can fly around the ring. Then she has the power to go with it. Now, in the middle of this match, they seemed to do a knee injury with Kay Lee Ray. The ref was about to call off the match and had called doctors from the back to check on Ray. Even Niven was buying into the act of Ray which led her to say to Ray, “Hey, we can fight for this some other time, then I’ll take your title.” This would lead Ray, whose heel plan was working, to get the best of her to turn stand tall and slap Niven, which made Niven throw her back into the ring to continue the match. Ray, being the great heel she is, then came up with another plan with pulling a clever move with making it look like she didn’t mean to rip off the bottom turnbuckle pad which the ref tried to put back on. This then led Ray to strategically put herself back in front of the exposed turnbuckle where Niven then flipsped into, thus hitting her head which led to Ray taken the pin. This match was the best match on these first two shows and one the best this week.

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