11/16 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: John Silver new BTE Champion, Matt Hardy dismisses Young Bucks’ accomplishments in comparison to his, AEW plays real life version of Among Us, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 230 – “Trent vs Silver”
NOV 16, 2020

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1. John Silver wins BTE Championship in a game of bottle flipping.

2. Matt Hardy downplays Matt and Nick Jackson’s tag team success in comparison to his accomplishments.

3. AEW talent play real life version of Among Us.


– Frankie Kazarian was sitting on a couch sipping from a glass of wine when John Silver and Alex Reynolds walked up and sat right next to him. Reynolds sat on the arm rest, while Silver decided to try and cuddle Kazarian. Kazarian sarcastically told them this wasn’t awkward at all and they agreed, completely missing the sarcasm. Kazarian told them to cut to the chase. Silver tried buttering him up with compliments, but Kazarian knew they were up to something and asked them to just get to it. Reynolds finally asked him to join the Dark Order. Kazarian said he would’ve considered their offer if Dark Order hadn’t spent the first three months of the year beating up SCU every week. Silver and Reynolds tried to change the subject and said Kazarian is as handsome as Brad Pitt. Kazarian said they seem like cool guys, but he hates the Dark Order.

Silver jumped in screaming “Do ya?!” like Kazarian does all the time, but Reynolds looked at him like he just made a huge mistake. Kazarian put his wine down and yelled at Silver saying that’s his BTE bit and threatened Silver not to take his bit. Kazarian apologized saying he’s been stuck in Jacksonville for six months, which is the worst town he’s ever been in. Kazarian then explained that everywhere but Southern California is tied for last place on his list best towns.

Silver then started talking in a funny southern accent like Kazarian did for a few episodes of BTE as he interacted with Broken Matt Hardy. Kazarian again yelled at Silver for mocking his “affliction.” Kazarian yelled at him saying he still has PTSD from it and occasionally slips back into that voice.

Jerry Lynn walked up and asked if Kazarian was okay. Lynn suggested they may need an intervention. Kazarian sighed and asked him what the intervention would be for and Lynn said anger management. Kazarian immediately yelled that he doesn’t need anger management. Kazarian chased Lynn off camera as he yelled and threatened him.

– BTE open aired.

– Peter Avalaon was sitting behind a bar sipping on a drink in his robe. He turned and welcomed whoever was in the room with him, but as he turned he sighed in disgust as Arthur and Trevor were there. Arthur said he thought the Librarian gimmick was the shits, but this “pretty” gimmick is even worse. Trevor tried to calm Arthur down and said that Peter Avalon is fine looking and has a great mustache. Avalon jumped in and asked if they understand irony. Avalon said he knows he has a big, dumb face. Arthur was quick to agree with him. Avalon asked if they’d like to stay and have a drink, they both agreed.

A graphic flashed that said “37 Minutes Later”

They were all shown toasting, clearly drunk. Arthur complimented Avalon saying he’s heard he’s well endowed. Avalon agreed as Arthur said maybe this gimmick is actually a good idea after all. Arthur was then heard puking off camera as Avalon and Trevor toasted again.

– Matt Jackson walked up to his brother Nick while filming and said he has something for him. Matt handed Nick a pair of gold nameplates and said he’s been holding on to these for a while now. Matt looked at them and said they need to get them on. One of the crew members was shown changing the name plates.

A graphic then flashed that read “Speaking of belts…”

Matt asked Nick what happened as he stood next to Sammy Guevara and Joey Janela. Someone could be heard off camera saying “it didn’t even last a week.” Guevara then explained he filmed a bit where he was going to cut the title in half, but Fuego del Sol was supposed to save the day, but it went wrong and he ended up cutting the belt in half. Matt finally moved the camera down to the table to show the BTE Championship cut clean in half. Guevara apologized as Nick said they need to go find Trent. Nick said he thought this was a joke. Guevara then revealed a hidden camera and said it is a bit. Nick called him a little prick and laughed as Guevara pointed out his various hidden cameras.

The camera cut and Sammy was shown with Trent, who had the real title belt.

– Brandon Cutler was standing next to Frankie Kazarian. Cutler said he has two wins in a row now and was trying to figure out if that’s considered a streak. Kazarian put his head in his hands out of frustration. He called Cutler a mark and asked if he’s Taker now that he has a streak. Kazarian said the only streak Cutler has is the one in his underwear. Alex Marvez walked up and told Kazarian his match was next. Kazarian looked at him and yelled “do ya?” Kazarian quickly realized that made no sense and refocused on Cutler and blamed it on him. Kazarian told him to get it together and went to leave. Cutler mumbled under his breath that Kazarian could really use those anger management classes, but Kazarian heard him and turned back around to chase Cutler off.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were sitting on a couch next to each other. Matt said tomorrow is the big day for them, the day their autobiography comes out. Matt said it’s something they spent over two years working on. Matt and Nick had a box of them and said they were going to sign them for people who are featured in the book and had an influence on their career. They were shown writing personal messages in the front covers. Clips were shown of them handing books and giving out hugs to Chris Jericho , Tony Khan, and Matt Hardy. Matt Jackson said their story is unique and they couldn’t have done this without everyone. They handed a copy to Cody, who looked through it and laughed at some of the pictures. They joked and asked people to go buy the book so it can become a New York Times best seller.

– Private Party were arguing with Stu Grayson about how good Dark Order’s party was. Grayson quickly spun around and demanded that they act cool. Anna Jay walked up and shoved Grayson over the table behind him and he crashed to the floor. Private Party yelled damn and laughed. Grayson got back to his feet and scurried away.

A group of on air personalities and wrestlers were sitting in chairs, all wearing different colored shirts, and appeared to be asleep. Alex Abrahantes jumped up and said they appear to be stuck in a room together and “there are two imposters among us.” Brandon Cutler chimed in “oh like the game!” They all plugged their Twitch channels where they play Among Us together on Sundays. They all started walking around to complete their tasks. Allie attempted a task when Cutler walked up and killed her. Allie laid on the ground until Leva Bates discovered her body and called for a meeting. After quick discussion, they decided to eject Leva for self-reporting. Leva was ejected.

The crew was shown doing tasks again. Cutler turned the lights off as Kip Sabian said he was pretending to do a task. Abrahantes was standing next to Sabian and, as the lights flickered, Sabian killed Abrahantes. Evil Uno saw the whole thing and reported an incident as he yelled “that was my friend!” Uno tried to say he saw Sabian, but Sabian blamed it on Uno, but Sabian forgot who he killed. They voted off Kip, who was one of the imposters.

Colt Cabana, Nyla Rose, Evil Uno, and Brandon Cutler were all shown staring at each other, scared to walk way for fear of being killed. Finally they split up and Cutler followed Uno. Cutler killed Uno as he was attempting to take out the trash. Uno fell face first into the trash can which fell to the floor. Cutler was then shown killing Nyla Rose and Colt Cabana. The imposters were declared victorious.

– Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy were in the locker room together. Taylor said he’s doesn’t even care that Trent won. Taylor was trying to hang some plastic up. Trent walked up shirtless, but wearing the BTE Championship belt and said he doesn’t care either. Taylor was surprised to see him. Taylor said he was covering the room in plastic so they could celebrate his win. Taylor then cheered on Cassidy and told him to spray him. Cassidy slowly and lazily poured some Dr. Pepper on Trent’s shoulder as Trent said he doesn’t even want the belt, but he’ll defend it. Taylor then asked if he could have a shot at the title. Trent said this ski is dumb and the camera turned to show Shawn Deen just standing in the corner. He agreed and called the skit dumb and they all laughed.

– Dark Order were all in their lounge and Silver said they need to get back on track. Silver said he just lost the biggest match of his career because his supposed friends weren’t there to help him. Silver then asked where Grayson and Uno were because he hasn’t seen them on Dynamite in forever. Uno said that hurt him deep and Grayson said they’re getting wins on Dark over and over. Uno said it’s time they start acting like a family again. Anna Jay was very upset that Silver didn’t hug him last week. Silver double down on last week and hugged 10 again and they jumped around mocking her. 5 said they should consider family therapy. They all yelled at him. Uno then realized the one thing they all have in common is treating 5 like crap. They all yelled at 5 until Reynolds stopped them and said they should cut his hair. They all cheered and grabbed 5 to cut his hair. Chunks of the blond wig went flying and 5 was shown crying covered in blood. They all laughed and left as he held a chunk of the hair.

– Matt Hardy was in the EVP room alone lounging on the couch. He said he understands why Kenny Omega is always sleeping in here, it’s comfortable. Matt and Nick Jackson walked in with their championship belts and wearing the custom hats and shirts SCU got them. Hardy congratulated them and said they’ve finally gotten their one reign as champions. Nick politely interjected that they’ve had 16 or 17 other championship reigns before. Matt said he and his brother probably have 16 or 17, then said the Young Bucks have one all theirs in little regional independent companies. Hardy dismissively said that’s cool, but AEW champions now! Matt and Nick said thanks, but were a little hurt by his dismissive comments.

Hardy asked how they were feeling and they admitted they were sore and Matt Jackson mentioned his knee injury. Hardy said he doesn’t think they could handle a day in his body, but he knows they’re like ten years younger. Matt and Nick looked slightly annoyed, but Hardy told them they’re at their peak right now. Hardy talked about them pay homage to various tag teams in the match and that was cool, but he wanted to apologize. Hardy said their match told a great story and what not, but he felt there was another match on the card that told a better story that people really loved; his match! Hardy took credit for creating cinematic matches and noted he’s now had three “deletion” matches across three companies and they all had an interconnected story. Matt and Nick congratulated him as Hardy pointed out again that he invented the modern day cinematic match.

Hardy reiterated he was happy and proud of them, but also said that their match was no Wrestlemania 17 TLC match like he had with the Dudleys and Edge & Christian, but there’s was great. Matt Jackson annoyingly said that’s one of his favorite matches. Matt then said he was the one who thought of tag team ladder and tables matches, which means he kind of created the entire TLC concept. Matt Hardy then asked if Matt Jackson was named after him and Matt Jackson awkwardly said no because Hardy was like 8 years old when he was born. Hardy said he’s so excited for what’s to come in AEW and he has his mojo back. Hardy then noted he wrestled Rey Mysterio in the first Cruiserweight match to ever main event Smackdown. The Young Bungs frustratingly admitted they were there for that. Nick noted Hardy is talking about himself a lot and Matt Jackson muttered under his breath it makes him want to kill himself.

Hardy congratulated them again and left after saying they’re going to be big deals one day. Matt and Nick were left alone. Nick asked if something seemed different about Hardy and Matt Jackson said it seems like a new version of Hardy and called it “an AEW original.”

– Trent and John Silver were sitting next to each other with Orange Cassidy and Alex Reynolds behind them. John Silver looked extremely focused as Trent said hello. Trent again noted he doesn’t want the BTE Championship, but he’s there to defend it with everything he’s got. Trent said they’re going to flip a bottle of water and the first have it land upright three times will win the title. Trent missed the first and John Silver got it. Trent responded and got it, but Silver got his second one. Trent said he actually feels pressure right now. Trent missed again and Silver got his third flip on his fourth try. Silver celebrated and hugged Reynolds as he fake cried. Trent just stood behind him looking dejected until Silver demanded he got his belt. Trent stared blankly into the abyss as Cassidy took the belt off of Trent’s waste and handed it to Silver who held it up and cheered.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Among Us segment was very entertaining. For those who haven’t heard of the game, it will seem extremely weird, but if you’ve heard of the game, I think you would enjoy it. Overall, this episode is largely skippable, but it is very entertaining. If you’re hoping for any storyline developments, this episode didn’t do much of that at all, but I found it to be a fun 29 minute episode. There are plenty of funny moments including Matt Hardy downplaying all of the Young Bucks’ accomplishments when comparing them to his own and John Silver being John Silver. I still hope to get somewhere with Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, but they’re dragging it out. It’s frustrating, but hopefully the result will make the wait worth it!

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