12/2 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on “Winter is Coming.” Moxley vs. Omega, Chris Jericho vs. Frankie Kazarian, Cody & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs, and The Dynamite Battle Royal

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


DECEMBER 2, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The show started by showing all of the constants of the battle royal at ringside. The last two competitors have a match next week.


The match started with MJF saying goodbye to the ring, and hoping that a member of inner circle gets the ring.

Serpentico was eliminated by Hangman Page.

Matt Sydal was eliminated by Shawn Spears.

Shawn Spears was eliminated by Scorpio Sky.

Scorpio Sky was eliminated by Wardlow.

Reynolds was eliminated by John Silver.

John Silver was eliminated by Marc Quen.

Adam Page was eliminated Matt Hardy

Kip Sabian was eliminated by Orange Cassidy

Lee Johnson was eliminated by Miro.

Marc Quen was eliminated by Miro.

Matt Hardy was eliminated by Miro.

Joey Janela was eliminated by Miro.

Miro was eliminated by Inner Circle.

Sammy Gueverra  was eliminated by MJF.

Jungle Boy was eliminated by MJF.

Wardlow was eliminated by Orange Cassidy.

FINALIST: MJF & Orange Cassidy in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine battle royal with the right two guys getting set up for a fun match next week.)

-The announce team ran down the card for the evening. [c]


The two started the match with traditional strikes and resting holds. An eye poke by Jericho broke the match open. Kazarian and Jericho ended up outside the ring. On the outside, Kazarian had to battle back Hager and Ortiz. [c]

When the show returned Jericho was in control, but Kazarian hit a quick roll up attempt to even the odds. The two then went back and fourth several times over the next few minutes. Kazarian hit a reversal off the top rope and had a near fall. Jericho countered, then went for the code breaker. Kazarian countered that into a Walls of Jericho on Chris Jericho.

MJF emerged and looked like he was gonna throw in the towel, Sammy pulled the towel away. Kazarian took advantage and had two near falls. Jericho hit the Judas Effect for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This had too much going on for my liking. I don’t mid interference that advances the story but this was far to much. I’m not gonna say it was WCW 2000 territory, but it was closer to that than it wasn’t.)

-After the match Inner Circle Jericho and Inner Circle MJF fought in the ring. Jericho announced that next week there would be an Inner Circle Ultimatum.

-The Young Bucks were interviewed back stage. Next week they will be going against The Hybrid2. Max and Anthony of The Acclaimed entered and hit a heel freestyle on the bucks, setting them up for the blindside assault by TH2.

(3) DR. Britt Baker vs. LEYLA HIRSCH

Hirsch went for an armbar to start the match, Baker grabbed the rope to break the hold. Hirsch controlled the match with grappling for the next 90 seconds. Baker hit and armbar, face kick, and DDT to regain control. [c]

Upon the shows return, Baker was in control. Hirsch hit serval forearms and a German suplex to get Baker on the ropes, and then to the outside. Hirsch did a dive and took out Rebel, Baker hit a sling blade to get in control. Hirsch countered and got an armbar locked in. Baker countered with a Lockjaw attempt. Hirsch rolled back into an armbar.

The ref was distracted by Rebel, Baker took advantage and got the Lockjaw for the submission win.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker in 10:00

(Sage’s analysis: A really average match, that is a positive statement. This was a match that wasn’t earth shattering, but deserved the time it got on TV. A really positive sign

-Post-match Thunder Rosa attacked Baker, the two needed to be separated by the refs and coaches.


The match started before the bell rang with all four men going at it. [c]

Cody and Starks were in the ring battling it out. Darby was tagged in and he chased Starks around the ring, Hobbs tackled him and threw him into the barricade. Hobbs was then tagged in, he worked over Darby. Starks was tagged in and continued the assault. Hobbs was tagged in to continue the heel beatdown.

Cody got the hot tag and he took out Hobbs and then the legal man Starks. Starks attacked the eyes of Cody, while Taz distracted the ref. Darby tagged himself in, and hit the Coffin Drop on Starks for the pinfall win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: A very fun match that had a predictable match and result. I didn’t love the post match stuff, but I did really enjoy Sting making his appearance and saving the day.)

-Post-match Hobbs attacked Cody. Arn Anderson came in and stopped the assault, before he was beatdown. Dustin Rhodes come out, then Cage came out. The group had Cody, then the lights went out, it was Sting! His appearance cleared the ring of Team Taz. [c]

-The announce team ran down the card for next week.

-Shida was interviewed backstage. She said she was not afraid of Abadon, she was then startled by a noise.

-Jon Moxley had a pre-tape video talking about the big match between Kenny Omega and himself. [c]


The two men met forehead-to-forehead, they stared each other down as they walked back to their corners. A collar and elbow tie up started the physicality of the match. The two traded holds and simple strikes to start the match on first gear. Kenny started with chops as the two then traded chops and Kenny hit a snap Rana. Moxley countered a dive attempt and knocked Kenny to the outside.

On the outside Kenny threw Moxley into the barricade several times. Moxley hit a suplex on the outside of the ring, to regain control. [c]

Moxley dominated during the picture-in-picture portion of the match.

Omega threw Moxley, knee first into a barricade. The two got back into the ring. Kenny started to hit his fast paced moves to gain the advantage. Moxley was tied up in the corner, Kenny then hit a dropkick on the injured knee of Moxley. Moxley got enough energy to hit a huge lariat, leaving both men laying on the mat.

Omega played opossum  and put Moxley in a kneebar hold. Omega had contl of Moxley’s left wrist, and chopped him over and over again. Moxley in fact could escape, and countered with a German Suplex. Moxley then hit a Pump Handle Exploder. Moxley took advantage and hit a slam on the beaten down Omega. [c]

When the show returned Omega hit a huge top rope dive front flip on Moxley. Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift, but Moxley did not cover. Instead he grabbed chairs form under the ring and threw them into the fray. Moxley set up the chairs and sat down, he offered the second chair to Omega. They traded face slaps seated in the chairs, this led to stiff face punches, Omega hit a V-Trigger and a series of Snap Dragon Suplexes. Moxley hit a lariat that looked more like a Spanish Fly. Moxley hit a 2nd Paradigm Shift for a near fall.

Omega rolled out of the ring, Moxley did a suicide dive, which Omega countered with a V-Trigger. Back in the ring, Omega hit a Missile Dropkick, into a Tiger Driver 98, this led to a near fall on Moxley. Several knees of Omega were thrown into Moxley’s face. Kenny had the One Winged Angle in position, Moxley countered out of it. Again Moxley was in position, he elbowed out and Omega hit a Suplex for a near fall.

On the outside, Moxley hit a Paradigm shift into the heaters. The ref called for the doctor to look at Kenny to see if He could continue. Moxley threw the refs away and rolled Kenny in the ring. Moxley then punched Kenny in the head several times in the ring. Moxley hit Don Callis at ringside

Kenny hit Moxley with the mic, causing Moxley to bleed. A series of insane V-Triggers greeted Moxley four times. Omega hit the One Winged Angel for the Pinfall.

Winner: Kenny Omega in 29:00

(Sage’s analysis: That was a really great match, I would say that any reasonable person would have a hard time putting another TV match up against this one in terms of match quality, stakes, and big fight feeling. The announcement by Callis that Kenny and he would talked about it next week on Impact was a huge surprise and very exciting news. This was the biggest show in AEW history and it’s main event was worthy of that.)

-Kenny Omega and Don Callis ran out of the arena into a waiting car. Callis announced that he and Kenny would talk about it on Impact on Tuesday.





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