2/10 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Kenta & Omega vs. Moxley & Archer, Jericho & MJF vs. The Acclaimed, Darby vs. Janela for TNT Title

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Tonight after the show, join me live with guest cohost Jake Barnett to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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-The Dynamite opening theme aired.

-Janela began his ring entrance.They cut to highlights aired of Kenta’s surprise appearance at the end of Dynamite last week. Then they hyped the main event tag with Kenta. Ross said after the opening match, they’d have details on the Moxley-Kenta situation.

(1) DARBY ALLIN vs. JOEY JANELA – TNT Title match

Schiavone said this would be the biggest win of Janela’s career. Excalibur talked about how these two have battled from coast to coast on the indy scene. Janela dropped Darby over the ring apron edge, then dove through the ropes and elbowed Darby in the head. Janela continued to dominate in the ring. When he showboated, Ross said this is time for Janela to win and not parade round the ring. Janela climbed to the top rope, but Darby knocked him down.

A minute later, Darby dove through the ropes and rammed Janela into the ringside barricade. Darby scored a two count back in the ring. Janela countered a coffin drop and then landed a thrust kick on Darby for a two count. Janela stared at the TNT Title at ringside. Ross said if he wins the match, he can take it home with him. Darby recovered during that time. Darby landed a stunner and scored a two count on a Jackknife pin attempt. A minute later he landed his Coffin Drop for the win.

WINNER: Darby in 12:00 to retain the TNT Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match. You could tell these two have worked together before.)

-They replayed Kenta’s attack on Mox last week. Excalibur noted that New Japan Pro Wrestling is the largest organization in Japan and that’s where Kenta wrestles. (It’s a good sign AEW doesn’t assume every viewer is as savvy as their Twitter followers or Being the Elite fanatics.) The announcers also hyped the scheduled matches.

-A pre-taped outdoor promo aired with Moxley in front of a fence. He said Kenta’s been calling him out for months from across the ocean, carrying a briefcase, acting like a dork. He said what he thinks happened is Kenta has realized the time for cheap talk is over. He said he and Kenta will stand eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe on Feb. 26 when they unload on each other until one man can’t stand anymore. He said that’s a sanctioned match for the IWGP U.S. Title match, but tonight is Falls Count Anywhere. He wished Kenta and Omega luck and said tonight is just about fun.

-Sammy Guevara barged into the Inner Circle locker room when MJF was addressing Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Wardlow. He asked for a word with MJF. One at a time, they each got up and eyed Sammy like he was the enemy. MJF even excused Wardlow. Sammy said, “Camera man stays.” Sammy told MJF he knows he’s trying to take over Inner Circle. MJF said when he first got into the Inner Circle, he thought it was just petty jealousy from him. He said he gets it because he was the apple of Chris Jericho’s eye and suddenly he became Jericho’s new favorite. He said he now thinks it’s not jealousy, but he hates Jericho because he wants to be the front man instead of Jericho. MJF said he thinks Sammy wants to take over Inner Circle. (Sammy grabbed MJF’s phone and saw that he was recording him. Sammy threw the phone against the wall and then punched him in the gut. He left as MJF writhed in pain. [c]


Cody’s full ring entrance took place. Cody wore a shirt in support of Equal Justice Initiative. He also shook hands with Brock Anderson, the son of Arn. Schiavone: “Does he look like an Anderson or what?” Ross said, “He looks like his face belongs on a can of peas stew.”

In the opening minute, Cezar attacked Johnson from behind, but Johnson made a swift comeback against Avalon. The announcers talked about Johnson’s 0-29 record, but showing signs of improving. Avalon tagged out to Cezar. Cody also tagged in and took Cezar down with a flying clothesline. Cezar took over and stomped away at Cody as they cut to a split-screen break and then a full break. [c/ss]

Johnson tagged in after the break and worked over Avalon. Cezar charged, but Johnson ducked. Cezar tumbled to the floor. Johnson landed a corkscrew dive through the ropes at Cezar. Back in the ring, Johnson gave Avalon a fisherman’s neck breaker. Cezar broke up the cover. Cody charged in. Cezar threw him over the top rope, then slammed Johnson. Avalon charged at Johnson, but Johnson rolled him up for the win.

WINNER: Cody & Johnson in 9:00.

-Schiavone interviewed Johnson afterward on the stage along with Q.T. Marshall and Dustin Rhodes. Johnson said the Rhodes family are his family and they did this for him.

-The Good Brothers interrupted a Young Bucks backstage interview with Dasha. They bickered over the Brothers getting involved in the battle royal last week. Matt said if they won the battle royal, they could have had a dream match at Revolution. Gallows said they didn’t mean to get heat with them. Matt said he’s fired up and he’d like to defend their titles against Santana & Ortiz next week. Matt didn’t want to do the Too Sweet symbol on camera because it’s their thing they do backstage. Nick got tired of the conversation and just did it to the Good Brothers. [c]

-Dasha interviewed “Hangman” Page backstage. She asked if he’s going to keep tagging with Matt Hardy. Page said no, but then Hardy barged in and said they’re special. Matt said he rented a bar for them to have a big money night. Page agreed if the drinks are on him. As he went to grab his phone, Dark Order were walking by. They stopped and had an awkward conversation before parting for Page to walk past them.


Pac took Nemeth down with some kicks a minute in. Nemeth rolled to the floor. Pac pursued him and threw him into the ring. Back in the ring, Nemeth landed a dropkick and a DDT. Pac rolled to the floor this time. Fenix cheered on Pac to get up. Pac then threw Nemeth aggressively into the ringside barricade. Pac landed a Black Arrow (that they showed with a cool over head camera shot) followed by a Brutalizer for the immediate tapout.

WINNER: Pac in 4:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nemeth is a potential good mainstay in AEW for matches like this. There’s just enough athleticism and presence to make a win over him seem meaningful, and he’s annoying enough fans will take satisfaction in seeing him lose.)

-They went to a video package on the wedding segment last week with new commentary from Miro about Chuck Taylor betraying him. Then they cut Chuck and Orange Cassidy chilling on a couch and reminiscing about how obvious it was that Cassidy would pop out of a cake at the end.

-Dasha interviewed Chris Jericho, Hager, and Wardlow backstage. Santana and Ortiz approached Jericho and said MJF was in the trainer’s room. MJF walked up to Jericho with his ribs taped. He accused Sammy of attacking him unprovoked in the locker room. “He’s an animal!” he said. “I think he broke my ribs.” Jericho asked where Sammy was. MJF said he didn’t know. Jericho said they have a match to wrestle and they’ll worry about that other stuff next.

-Jericho and MJF made their ring entrance to their blended music, accompanied by Wardlow. Jericho seemed distressed over what was going on with Sammy, having an intense conversation with MJF.

(3) THE ACCLAIMED (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) vs. CHRIS JERICHO & MJF

-The Acclaimed made their ring entrance next. Max said Jericho “sucks like a mosquito” and he “hopes his bones aren’t as fragile as his ego.” He said he threw Max out of the battle royal despite all his body oil. A soundbite aired with MJF and Jericho as the bell rang to start the match. MJF said he opened the door for both of The Acclaimed.

Ross said MJF has an excuse if he loses because his ribs are hurt. MJF rolled to the floor seconds into the match after the first offense by Max. Max posed and danced a bit waiting for MJF to return to the ring. Excalibur called MJF “easily detestable.” Excalibur expressed suspicion MJF’s ribs weren’t all that badly hurt. MJF poked Max’s eyes as the ref’s back was turned to take over the match with Jericho. They gave Max a flapjack mid-ring, then posed for the hard camera and high-fived. [c]


Back from the break, MJF had Max in an abdominal stretch and held onto Jericho’s hand for extra leverage. Max hot-tagged in Bowens who leaped over the top rope and took it to both Jericho and MJF. Ross and Schiavone complimented Bowen’s striking. Bowens knocked Ortiz off the ring apron. Jericho caught him with a shot to the windpipe. As he went for a Lionsault, Max hit Jericho with his boom box leading to a dramatic near fall for Bowens. Bowens landed a twisting side slam to set up their Claim to Fame, but MJF distracted Bowens. Hager shoved Max into a Jericho Judas Effect for the finish.

WINNERS: Jericho & MJF in 9:00

(Keller’s Analysis: A lot of distractions and interference at the finish was designed to protect Acclaimed from a clean loss. The Acclaimed looked good in this match.)

-Afterward, Guevara walked out to address the rest of Inner Circle in the ring. Jericho asked him what the problem is. Sammy said he told Jericho on Dec. 9 that if one more thing happened with MJF, he was done. “So I’m out here to tell you I’m done,” he said. Jericho asked what he means by that. Sammy said he quits the Inner Circle. He sent the mic down as the announcers reacted with shock. He walked to the back alone. [c]

-Outside the stadium, Alex Marvez caught up with Sammy. Sammy said he needs time to refocus. “I need time away from this place,” he said. He walked away.

-Backstage Page and Hardy were having drinks together. Hardy said he’s still buzzing off their win last week. Hardy pretended to do a shot, but actually poured it out. Hardy said he could dominate AEW and become richer than his wilder dreams if he signed his contract. “I think I could make you millions upon millions for just 30 percent,” he said. “When you make that much money, what’s the difference.” Page said he thinks he’s right. Page threw that contract aside and signed a different one he had rolled up in his jacket. Hardy told the cameraman he wanted it to be filmed so it’s all on the record. Hardy then signed Page’s contract. Page laughed as Hardy walked away and asked for another drink.

-Schiavone said the street fight has been signed for Revolution. He introduced Sting. Sting joined Schiavone on the stage and let out a big yell. Schiavone asked Sting what is on his mind. Taz immediately interrupted. (Good call.) Taz was in his car. They showed they had beat up Darby in the parking lot. Then they zipped him up into a body bag and drove at a high speed on pavement, dragging him behind. Sting ran out to try to help. [c]

-Marvez joined Omega on the golf course. He shot a golf ball out of a sand pit. He asked Omega about facing Moxley in a match with a guy who doesn’t even like him. “Shouldn’t you preparing for the match instead of playing golf?” he asked. Omega said he’s already proven to be the best pro wrestler of all-time, so being one with nature is how he gets prepared spiritually and emotionally. He said he’s forgotten what it’s like to lose. He said he hasn’t lost in 15 matches in AEW, and he won’t lose tonight. Omega then celebrated a shot he didn’t make when Don Callis kicked the ball in the hole. Schiavone said he cheats in the ring and on the golf course.


After a Hirsh dive onto Rosa at ringside at ringside, Hirsh worked over Rosa’s arm. Rosa made a comeback at ringside as they cut to an early break. [c]

Hirsh countered Rosa with a cross arm breaker attempt into a leverage two count. Rosa came right back with a Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

WINNER: Rosa in 9:00.

-A video aired hyping the women’s tag tournament. Also, next week Sting calls out Team Taz, Serena Deep faces Riho in her first Dynamite match in 11 months, and The Young Bucks face Santana & Ortiz in a title match.

-Kenta’s ring entrance took place. Excalibur talked about New Japan and Kenta. He explained the briefcase that gives him an opportunity at the IWGP U.S. Title. He said the pandemic delayed a match between them. Justin Roberts then introduced Omega with the list of accolades. Excalibur noted that Omega used to be part of Bullet Club in New Japan before coming over to AEW, and Kenta is now part of Bullet Club. He wondered if the “old wounds have been healed.” [c]

-Lance Archer’s ring entrance too place. Then finally Moxley’s.


Callis joined the announcers on commentary. Kenta charged at Moxley and hit him in the head with the briefcase at the bell. Archer stepped in and went after Omega. Kenta smashed Archer across his back with the briefcase. Archer no-sold it and slowly turned around. Omega chop blocked Archer, then Kenta threw the briefcase at his head. Omega and Kenta went after Moxley in the other corner. Kenta shoved Omega out of the way so he could stomp way at Mox. Omega took exception to that. They argued. Mox came back with elbows, but soon Kenta and Omega double-teamed Mox while still arguing a bit. They cut to a break after a few minutes of brawling including using a trash can. [c]

Mox and Kenta were brawling in the stadium kitchen after the break. The announcers had fun with kitchen talk including a sidebar about stainless steel counters and then potato puns. Eventually Archer brawled to the announce desk with Kenta and set up a power slam. The announcers all got up and move. Kenta fought out of the powerbomb. Kenta then landed a running double foot stomp onto Moxley who was on a table on the floor. The table didn’t break, but instead tipped over. Archer then yelled down at Omega at ringside.

They entered the ring. Omega swung a kendo stick at Archer, but Archer grabbed it and broke it over his leg. Archer arm whipped Omega and then chokeslammed him mid-ring. Archer climbed to the top rope and walked the top rope as he held Omega’s hand. Ross cited “The Spoiler” Don Jardine. He leaped off the top rope with a moonsault for a two count.

The Good Brothers came out to the ring to interrupt Archer’s momentum. Kenta landed two spinning backlists. Archer no-sold them, then took him down with a big boot. Anderson charged into the ring and delivered a Gun Stun to Archer. Jake Roberts gave Anderson a short-arm clothesline. Gallows punched Jake who bumped to his knees. Omega then set up a move on Jake, but Mox made the save with a barbed wire bat. He bashed the heels with it. Kenta then gave Mox a GTS. Archer took Kenta down. Archer then tried to double chokeslam Kenta and Omega. Omega and Kenta both kicked him in the crotch. Gallows and Anderson gave Archer their Magic Killer finisher. Omega then delivered a V-Trigger to Archer. The Good Brothers lifted Archer onto Omega’s shoulders, and then he delivered the One-Winged Angel for the win.

WINNERS: Omega & Kenta.

Tonight after the show, join me live with guest cohost Jake Barnett to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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