HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 3/24: Britt Baker delivers pinpoint follow-up to last week’s match with Thunder Rosa


TNT Championship announced for next week's Dynamite


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-A tremendous opener between Kenny Omega and Matt Sydal this week. This was smooth throughout and told a well enough story from a psychological perspective where in the end, Sydal winning was believable. Here’s to Kenny Omega finding a way to harness the energy and character he brings in the ring and transfer that to his promo work outside of it.

-So, what gives with Adam Page? Does someone want to give this guy a legit storyline? Perception is reality in pro wrestling. The longer the guy hangs out in the middle of the card, the harder it will be to move him up.

-Britt Baker has found herself on the microphone. This promo was the right tone coming out of the star-making match she had last week with Thunder Rosa. Not only did this keep her firmly planted as a heel, but it gave clues as to what her next path is going to be. Hikaru Shida has to be on the horizon. The time is now to put the belt on Baker.

-Bottom line? Christian did not come across like a “huge, huge star” on the show this week. Maybe that’s an unfair standard, but it’s the standard AEW set.

-AEW has something significant with Pinnacle. Those guys look the part of a dangerous faction and have the perfect babyface foil in Inner Circle waiting to confront them. When those two teams clash, watch that rating number go up.

-Team Taz looks to be a bit lost after the big feud with Sting and Darby Allin that concluded at Revolution. It will be hard to top that in terms of relevance for them, but pivoting to internal dissension seems illogical given how close the group was just a few weeks ago. That said, if dissension is the way things are going, I need to see Brian Cage sell it better. I’m not believing him and its hurting the story.

-The Kenny Omega promo on the show isn’t what I want from Kenny Omega promos, but it was better than normal as some of the quirk was left backstage. Look, there doesn’t appear to be a front-runner established in terms of a next challenger for the AEW World Championship. The program with the Young Bucks is all Omega has going on. That says something about the booking of the world champion, but the big question lingering in my head is how does his feud with the Bucks get paid off?

-A Cody and Brandi Rhodes reality series? Let’s all be honest with ourselves. We won’t want to watch it, but we absolutely will.

-I’m proud to raise my hand high and admit that I had Tay Conti figured wrong. While watching her work in NXT, I always got the sense that she was happy “playing” wrestler instead of working to perfect the craft. She’s turned a major corner in AEW. Not only does she seem fully invested, but her abilities have grown by leaps and bounds. The judo arm drags on Nyla Rose were a thing of beauty.

-An Arcade Match? Really? Fine, AEW. I’m with you. If this match ends this saga between Cassidy & Taylor and Miro & Kip Sabian, I’ll cheer it. Whatever you want, just make it stop.

-I thoroughly enjoyed the Darby Allin vs. John Silver match. Darby looked great in not only winning, but with his performance and effective looking offense too. I like John Silver, but AEW needs to be careful. He’s a fun novelty act. Period. Presenting him as anything else at this point opposite your key talent hurts them more than it helps Silver. Silver has a ceiling. Guys like Darby Allin and Hangman Page don’t.

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