NWA POWER HITS & MISSES 3/23: Strictly Business sets the table nicely for reboot, The Pope shines, more


The Pope D'Angelo Dinero Elijah Burke (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


Strictly Business Interview: HIT

This was a very good way of setting the tone for the reboot of Power. Having your incumbent heel faction taking the lead and putting the rest of the roster on notice defines this group as being in the upper echelon of the promotion. Aldis was excellent and very captivating on the mic, as usual.

Kamille defeated Alex Gracia: HIT

This was a strong showing by Kamille who has really sharpened her in-ring skills since last year. Similar to her win over Thunder Rosa, she used two spears to put Gracia away.

The Pope interview segment: HIT

The Pope hasn’t lost a beat. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this was TNA in 2015. Pope said that he was going to go out there week in and week out to defend the television title with honor and prestige. This was a great promo filled with passion and conviction. As he was talking, Austin Idol came out with Tyrus and cut a promo on Pope saying he was fortunate to stand on the same set as him. Idol announced Tyrus as his new client and promised to take him to the top. He stated that he would make Tyrus the best NWA Worlds Champion of all time and his path begins with the Pope. I enjoyed both of these promos and would like to see a matchup between these two men. In Latimer and Tyrus, the NWA has established two formidable opponents for Pope.

Thunder Rosa interview segment: HIT

Thunder Rosa came out and said that she wanted to get her NWA Women’s championship back. She stated her disappointment over her loss to Kamille at Back for the Attack in the number one contenders match. She shuttered to think what the women’s division would be like with Kamille at the top. Melina came out and offered her support to Thunder Rosa. Melina basically wanted to bury the hatchet and offer an olive branch to Rosa, who wasn’t drinking the Kool-aid. I am glad that Thunder Rosa told Melina that she would rather go alone. Thunder Rosa was held back by Melina before and certainly doesn’t need her now.

Strictly Business & Chris Adonis defeated TV champion The Pope and Tag Team champions Aron Stevens and Kratos: HIT

The story here is Kratos was frustrated with Steven’s lack of rule-breaking. Stevens showed a more ethical side which ultimately led to him being rolled up by Adonis for the win. Post-match, Steven’s and Kratos got into it over Krato’s desire to use a chair on Adonis to secure a win, which backfired. It will be interesting to see where this story goes moving forward.

Fred Rosser defeated Matt Cross & Marshe Rockett to become the # 1 contender to the TV title: MISS

This was a fast-paced triple threat, but it lacked intensity and continuity. It is always good to see Fred Rosser in action, however, it appeared that there wasn’t much chemistry between Cross and Rockett. Rosser got the win with a gut-check on Cross for the pinfall. How many opponents and contenders does the Pope need? Instead of putting all of their eggs in one basket, how about building a feud for your world champion?

Slice Boogie interview: MISS

Certainly, they could have filled these two minutes with something more significant than Boogie trying to prove that he is ready for all comers. The worst part of this segment was the ending where he went from sounding tough to asking the interviewer out. Just awful stuff.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The return was an easy watch with compelling stories. I would like to see new contenders established for both the national and world’s heavyweight championships.

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