4/10 IMPACT WRESTLING HARDCORE JUSTICE 2021 REPORT: Purrazzo vs. Jazz, Matt Cardona in action, big eight-man tag main event, more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Intro video. Clips of Impact’s stars with a voiceover by Eric Young.


Striker and D’Lo welcomed the audience and said tonight’s show was from the mind of Tommy Dreamer. Bahh and Williams were both surprise partners in this match. Williams was in excellent shape. Alexander and Bahh started the match. Alexander tried punching and chopping Bahh, but Bahh steamrolled him. Alexander made a comeback and took Bahh down. Williams and TJP tagged in. They had a very fast paced exchange.

TJP had Williams in an octopus submission. Ace tagged in and traded blows with TJP. TJP got the upper hand with a unique arm breaker type move. Fulton and Bahh tagged in with Fulton taking over with punches. Ace and Fulton double teamed Bahh. Williams tagged in and had an offensive flurry on Ace. Williams and Alexander worked together on Ace. Fulton got in and power slammed Alexander. Ace got a two count on Alexander after a leg drop. Ace landed another leg drop and scored a two count. Ace super kicked Williams on the outside.

Ace caught Alexander with a Rana. TJP tagged in and got in some quick offense on Ace and Fulton. Alexander made a blind tag and threw out TJP, who had just splashed Ace from the top rope. Williams had Ace in a sharpshooter and put Williams in an abdominal stretch at the same time (impressive!). Fulton broke up Williams’ attempt at a Canadian Destroyer. The match broke down and all six wrestlers were fighting.

Everyone was down for a few seconds. TJP hit the boot wash and Alexander. Bahh and TJP splashed Ace. Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Bahh. Williams tried it on Bahh but failed. Alexander had Bahh in an ankle lock and Bahh tapped.

WINNERS: Josh Alexander and Petey Williams in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good opener. Everyone had their working shoes on. Petey Williams was a fun surprise and hasn’t lost a step. He would make a cool addition to the current X Division roster. TJP, as always, keeps coming up with unique moves.)

-D’Lo and Striker ran down the matches for the evening.

(2) SHERA vs. HERNANDEZ – Chairs Match

This was called a “Chairly Legal” Match, which I didn’t want to actually type, but I just did. Shera got the initial advantage. The action spilled to the floor and Hernandez hit Shera with a chair. Hernandez was sitting in a chair and Shera booted him down. Shera stomped on Hernandez then hit him with a chair. Back in the ring, Shera set up two chairs. Hernandez body slammed Shera onto the chairs, then stomped him. Hernandez set up a chair in the corner and whipped Shera into the corner.

Hernandez rammed Shera’s head into a chair and got a two count. Hernandez kicked Shera low. Shera made a comeback and hit a spinebuster on Hernandez. The action spilled to the floor again and Shera hit Hernandez with a chair. Hernandez ran Shera into a ring post. Hernandez threw a bunch of chairs in the ring. Back in the ring, Hernandez got thrown into the chairs, but Hernandez made a comeback. Rohit Raju came in out of nowhere and hit Hernandez with a chair, leading to Shera getting the pin. Rohit raised Shera’s hand after the match.

WINNER: Shera in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic match. The Rohit appearance was a surprise, so I guess he and Shera are a team again.)

-Swinger’s Palace: James Storm and Chris Sabin were at the table. They complained about not wrestling tonight. XXXL walked in and they agreed to a drinking game. Matt Cardona walked in and asked if Swinger was taking bets. Swinger said they would only take money and not action figures. Cardona said Swinger has been in the business for years and still doesn’t have a figure (burn). Tommy Dreamer appeared and declared “MATCH TIME!” He said he was putting Swinger in a Great American Bash match.

(3) DOC GALLOWS (w/Karl Anderson) vs. BLACK TAURUS (w/Crazzy Steve)

Doc got the upper hand with a clothesline. He whipped Taurus in the corner and punched him. Taurus tried for a comeback but Doc cut him off. Doc threw Taurus to the floor. Back in the ring, Doc rained punches on Taurus. Doc choked Taurus over the ropes. Anderson hit Taurus from the outside. Doc suplexed Taurus, then put him in a chin lock. The action went to the floor and Doc threw Taurus into the rails, then punched him.

Back in the ring, Doc dropped an elbow on Taurus. Doc landed a series of elbows to the head, then put on another chin lock. Doc continued to punch Taurus. Doc caught Taurus with a big boot, a kick, and a splash. Doc cut off a Taurus comeback, then slammed him. Taurus powered out of a chin lock. Taurus caught Doc with a crossbody block, a 619, and a dropkick off the top. Anderson got on the apron, but Steve pulled him off. Doc hit a sit-out powerbomb on Taurus for the pin.

WINNER: Doc Gallows in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: If you are a fan of Doc Gallows on offense, this was the match for you. Taurus wasn’t able to show much except for a brief comeback at the end. I would have preferred a more back and forth match.)

-Violent by Design promo. Music played in the background. Eric Young spoke and talked about getting rid of Tommy Dreamer and his teammates tonight.

(4) JOHNNY SWINGER (w/ The Swingarellas) vs. MATT CARDONA- Mystery Crate match

Crates were on each ring post and the wrestlers could use whatever was in the boxes. Swinger’s women from Swinger’s Palace were at ringside (the Swingarellas). Swinger tried to go for a crate right after the initial handshake, but Cardona cut him off. Swinger took Cardona down with an arm drag then did the strut. Swinger caught Cardona with a low blow that the referee didn’t see. Swinger hit an elbow drop like Paul Orndorff. Swinger opened a crate and there was a picture of Scott Hall in it. Swinger continued on offense and choked Cardona.

Swinger knocked Cardona into the rails outside. Swinger hit an elbow drop on Cardona. Cardona hit Swinger with a chin breaker. Swinger pulled Cardona off the ropes. Swinger reached into a crate and there was a mousetrap on his hand and he was in pain. Cardona made a comeback. Cardona and Swinger ran into each other. Cardona reached in a crate but laughed at what was in there. Swinger reached into the last box and found brass knuckles. Cardona caught Swinger with his running leg drop for the pin. Cardona looked in the crate again and looked pleased as he walked to the back with it.

WINNER: Matt Cardona in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fun match. Swinger cracks me up and I wouldn’t mind seeing him on TV more. With that said, it seemed ridiculous that it took nine minutes for Cardona to beat him. I suppose the crate reveal will play out later.)

-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu from Hardcore Justice 2010.

-Swinger’s Palace: Storm and Sabin were at the card table with XXXL. Acey asked how much longer this would last. Storm said they were just getting started.

-Sami Callihan’s music played and he came to the ring and took the mic. He said that he just wants the best for people. He said he finally brought out the passion in Trey Miguel. He said that Trey knows that Sami can take him to the next level. Sami said that he wants to be on Hardcore Justice and sent out an open challenge to anyone that wanted to get their ass beat. Sam Beale’s music played and he came to the ring.


This was a rematch from a few weeks ago. Sami took control immediately. Beale tried to make a comeback but Sami cut him off quickly and went right back on the attack. Sami worked on Beale’s fingers and wrist, then bit his hand. Striker and D’Lo talked about how Beale was outmatched. The action went to the floor. Sami continued with chops and a suplex on the floor. Beale tried to punch but they didn’t have much effect.

Back in the ring, Beale got two quick rollups but Sami came back with a clothesline. Sami got the package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A basic squash. Between this angle and the Flashback Moment of the Week, the last few minutes have seemed like an episode of the Impact TV Show – minus the Frank Thomas Nugenix ads.)

-Video package on Brian Myers and his feuds with Matt Cardona and Jake Something.

(6) BRIAN MYERS vs. JAKE SOMETHING – Blindfold Match

D’Lo said these blindfold matches usually aren’t much fun (I just had a flashback to Jake Roberts vs. Rick Martel at WrestleMania 7—he’s right). Myers and Jake both had black hoods over their heads. D’Lo and Striker noted that normally the audience can give the wrestlers direction, but today they are in an empty arena. Myers fell out of the ring and grabbed a trash can lid. Jake came up from behind and Myers hit him with the lid. Myers attacked Jake with a stick. The fake crowd roared its disapproval.

Myers hit Jake with a cookie sheet then they rolled back in the ring. Myers had Jake in a chin lock. Myers hit a DDT then went for the cover but Jake was on his stomach. Jake powered out of a suplex attempt and turned it into a powerbomb. Jake made a comeback with a series of moves. Jake accidentally hit the referee. Myers took his mask off and attacked Jake. The referee recovered. Matt Cardona came to the ring with his crate from earlier.

Cardona threw the crate to Jake, who hit Myers with it, followed by a Black Hole Slam, and the pin. A bunch of action figures were in the crate and had spilled all over the mat.

WINNER: Jake Something in 7:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Mostly comedy. Despite the blindfolds, it was a pretty standard match.)

-Team Dreamer promo with Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards.


This match determined the number one contender for the Knockouts title. Weapons are legal and everyone could be in the match at the same time. Susan was the last wrestler to be introduced. Susan walked out on the stage. Thanks to the magic of editing, Su Yung’s music played and took her place. The wrestlers all stared at Su. Tenille rolled out. Su got knocked to the floor, then Rosemary and Havok went at it. Alisha and Jordynne mixed it up also. Jordynne fought Tenille and Kaleb on the floor.

Alisha used a staple gun on Tenille’s butt. All the wrestlers closed in on Tenille and Kaleb ran in for the save. Alisha stapled him in the stomach then the wrestlers beat him up and he got thrown out of the ring. Su hit a flip on Kaleb to the outside. The ring cleared and Havok leg dropped Alisha. Havok and Jordynne went at it. Alisha threw a trash can into the ring. Jordynne slammed her. Jordynne slammed Alisha onto the trash can. Su broke up the pin attempt.

Su wedged a chair in the corner. Su kicked Jordynne into the chair. Rosemary tied a rope around Su. They clotheslined Havok with the rope. Rosemary speared Su and she rolled out of the ring. Rosemary tied Jordynne in the ropes. Rosemary grabbed a small bag. Could it be tacks? Yes, it was tacks. She poured them on the mat at ringside. Rosemary dragged Alisha but Alisha turned it into an elbow drop on Rosemary into the tacks. Alisha pulled out a kendo stick and hit Rosemary right in the head with it. Su put the mandible claw on Alisha and took her away from ringside.

Jordynne and Havok fought in the ring. Nevaeh came out and threw powder into Havok’s face. Jordynne took over and hit a series of moves on Havok. She went for a pin, but Kaleb pulled her out of the ring and super kicked her. Tenille hopped in the ring and got the pin on Havok. Tenille and Kaleb celebrated in the ring.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Really fun match and everyone had a chance to shine. I guess we will see if this is the return of the Su Yung character. Tenille should make for a fresh number one contender.)

-Swinger’s Palace: Acey looked woozy from drinking. Storm and Sabin kept saying “He’s gonna puke!” (like Vince McMahon in Beyond the Mat). Larry asked Storm and Sabin when they were having a match. The Swingerellas pulled out ping pong balls and gave one to Storm. Acey staggered over to Storm and they played beer pong. Acey missed the cup. Sabin threw a ball and knocked the cup off the table. Larry threw a ball and missed. It was Storm’s turn and he bet double or nothing. He threw the ball then he and Sabin attacked XXXL. They threw Larry through a table. Storm and Sabin celebrated. Sabin held a cup and Storm put the ball in. Swinger asked John E. Bravo if he had paid the insurance premium. Bravo said “on an illegal casino?” Swinger said “Bad rib” and walked off.

-Video package on the Deonna Purrazzo/Jazz feud.

(8) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. JAZZ – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Jazz was on the attack early and got the advantage. Deonna battled back. Deonna went to the floor and slingshotted Jazz. Deonna started taking control of the match and worked on the arm. Jazz made a comeback but was cut off by Deonna. Deonna continued to work on Jazz’s arm. Deonna tied Jazz in the ropes then did a sliding dropkick to the arm. Jazz fell to the mats outside and favored her arm. Deonna aggressively kicked Jazz as she was getting back in the ring.

Deonna clotheslined Jazz for a two count, then went to an armlock. Jazz mounted a comeback. Deonna missed a charge and fell to the floor. They brawled on the outside, with Jazz getting the best of it. Jazz ran Deonna into the post. Jazz threw a chair and other weapons in the ring. D’Lo noted that this was an “old school rules” match (no DQ). Back in the ring, Jazz landed a series of punches, clotheslines, and kicks. Jazz got a two count after an X Factor.

Deonna hit a Russian Leg Sweep into an armbar. Jazz made the ropes. Deonna picked up the title belt but Jazz knocked it out of her hands and hit a Samoan Drop. Jazz hit Deonna with a chair repeatedly. Jazz hit a DDT on the chair and got a two count. Jazz punched Deonna. Deonna landed two pump kicks and a suplex. Deonna hit a Queen’s Gambit piledriver for the win.

The announcers put over Jazz’s career and her accomplishments. Jordynne Grace ran to the ring and hugged Jazz. They walked up the ramp as Jordynne raised Jazz’s hand. D’Lo said he would cherish Jazz’s friendship for the rest of his life.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The ending seemed abrupt, but it was a really good match. No one seems to actually retire in wrestling, but if this is really Jazz’s last match, she went out on a good note and she should be proud of this run in Impact. Deonna continues her dominant title reign. Up next is Tenille Dashwood, which should be interesting.)

-As the rules were shown on the screen, they cut to the back to show that Tommy Dreamer had been attacked backstage. A doctor showed up and said there was no way he could wrestle. Scott D’Amore told Swann, Mack, and Eddie they had to go to the ring for the match.


Two men would start the match, then a new wrestler will come in every few minutes. The match can’t end until everyone is out. Eddie and Deaner started the match and brawled on the floor. Back in the ring, Eddie took control with suplexes. Then they fought on the floor again. Eddie had the advantage back in the ring and hit a backpack stunner on Deaner. Rhino was next in the ring. He brought a kendo stick to the ring.

Rhino and Deaner double teamed Eddie. Deaner used a chair on Eddie. Willie Mack was the next wrestler out. He brought a chain and a kendo stick. Mack and Eddie took over on Deaner. Eddie used the kendo stick on Deaner. Eddie pulled out a toaster from under the ring and threw it to Mack. Next out was Joe Doering. Eddie and Mack double teamed Doering as he got in the ring. Doering double clotheslined Eddie and Mack.

Deaner used the toaster on Mack’s hand. The next wrestler out was Rich Swann. He brought a parking sign and used it on Doering on the ramp. Swann got in the ring and cleaned house. Eric Young was the next wrestler. He brought a hockey stick to the ring and used it against his opponents. Young fought with Eddie on the floor. Deaner worked on Mack in the ring. The clock counted down for the surprise final person (to replace the injured Dreamer) and it was Trey Miguel.

Trey was on fire and took control of the match. Trey squared off with Doering, who was a head taller. Trey took the fight to him then did a dive to the outside on Rhino and Deaner. Doering hit a big running crossbody block on Trey. Young’s team started taking over. Doering set up a table into the corner. Eddie clotheslined Doering over the top rope. All the wrestlers were in the ring and traded moves. Rhino speared Swann through the table that was in the corner.

Swann kicked out of Rhino’s pin attempt. Eddie threw Rhino out of the ring. Doering suplexed Team Dreamer and Young off the top rope. Doering fought Eddie on the outside. Trey hit a meteora on Doering through a table on the outside. Wrestlers fought in the ring and traded moves. Deaner hit Mack with a trash can lid. Young piledrived Mack for the win. Young’s team celebrated in the ring afterwards.

WINNERS: Eric Young & Joe Doering & Deaner & Rhino in 20:00.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Yet another good Impact Plus special. This was quite the prelude to WrestleMania. Nothing was too newsworthy but there was good action throughout. The show was highlighted by Jazz’s retirement match, Johnny Swinger’s antics, the Cardona/Myers angle, the Knockouts weapons match, and the main event. Good effort by all.

CATCH-UP: 4/8 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Kenny Omega in the main event, Cardona vs. Jake Something, Sabin vs. Deaner, more

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