4/8 NXT UK TV REPORT: NXT UK Prelude featuring Walter vs. Rampage Brown, Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar, more



APRIL 8, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

-This is NXT Prelude. An episode that they hyped to be the equivalent to their annual NXT UK Takeover.

(1) TYLER BATE (with Trent Seven) vs. NOAM DAR (with Sha Samuels) – #1 Contender’s Match for the Heritage Cup

-British Rounds Match

-A-Kid appeared on the screen prior to the match to let both competitors know that he will be watching closely.

Round One: They locked up at the bell before faking each other out a little bit. Dar then locked arms in hopes of hitting a backslide, but Seven was too strong and both men continued to back the other into the corner. Bate eventually executed one for the first pinfall attempt of the match. Bate then rolled Dar up and actually got the win for the round with 1:45 remaining.

Dar: 0 Bate: 1

Round Two: Bate taunted Dar at the start of the match before applying a wristlock. Dar escaped but was quickly caught in a body scissor. Dar reversed it into a pinfall attempt before Bate reversed that one, getting one of his own. Bate bridged his way up and the two remained in a long lock up. Dar grounded the action and got a quick two count in. Samuels was coaching him from outside of the ring and in the final few seconds, Bate got his shoulders down, but he lifted them in the nick of time to end this round.

Dar: 0 Bate: 1

Round Three: Dar Attacked early on with a couple of vicious kicks before going to work on Bate’s leg while he was on the mat. Dar connected with a spinning black elbow for a two count.

He continued to abuse Bate as he sold his injured leg. He slammed Bate down again for another near fall. With a minute left, Dar cornered Bate but got pushed away. Bate quickly went to the top and got a flying forearm in. With thirty seconds left, he lifted Dar for a long airplane spin, surprisingly going all the way to the bell to leave that round scoreless, but Dar was left dizzy and tired.

Dar: 0 Bate: 1

Round Four: Dar got put in another airplane spin at the start of the round and dumped for Bat to get his second pinfall, but Dar kicked out. When Bate went for a suplex, Dar back-elbowed his way out of the hold, connecting with Bate in the process to earn himself a near fall.

Halfway through the round, Samuels was coaching Dar to attack, which he did to Bate’s leg. A punch tom the face took Dar down. They made it to their feet and went blow for blow. When Bate was by the ropes, Dar kicked Bate down onto the apron. He then took down Dar and the two rolled on the mat until the round ended.

Dar: 0 Bate: 1

Round Five: The two came in slugging for a bit before hitting the ropes. As Bate ricocheted off of the ropes, Dar caught him and applied a figure four, which made Bate quickly tap out with 2:20 remaining.

Dar: 1 Bate: 1

Round Six: Seven connected with an early suplex and got a two and a half count. Bate went for a Tyler Driver that Dar countered with a roll up for two. Bate then went to the top rope, but Samuels distracted him. When that happened, Seven went over and those two battled outside of the ring. Bate then sent Dar out of the ring onto them. Bate dove through the ropes to connect with Dar but instead took out Seven and Samuels. Dar grabbed Bate and tossed him into the stairs before tossing him back into the ring. Dar went for a Nova Roller but Bate went him with a solid forearm. Bate then with a Tyler Driver 97 to earn the victory withe 1:26 left on the clock.

Dar: 1 Bate: 2

WINNER: Bate in Round Six with 1:26 remaining

(Koenig’s Analysis: There was no doubt that this would be a great match. They connected the dots from round to round to tell a great story with believability. Dar continues to be a great, slimy heel, while it’s impossible to hate Tyler Bate. Fun match and a great watch.)

-Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster interviewed in the training facility stating that they have to work their way back to the top.

-An Ilja Dragunov vignette aired explaining his change since the match with Walter.

-Jack Starz training with Piper Niven, who asked in Triple H-fashion “Are you ready?”, referring to his match next week. He excitedly said that he was ready.

-Jordan Devlin (holding the belt that he lost the night before) said that he was ready to come back still holding the belt.


McKenzie and Dawn start the match slugging. Dawn locked in a headlock that McKenzie countered with a roll up and near fall. A second one followed after a roll through. Tags were then made to both partners.

The two hit the ropes and Satomura scored a near fall after they charged into each other. Ray then tossed the veteran into their corner and exchanged tags, to keep her down. With Dawn the legal woman, she tossed Satomura into the ropes. She came back and connected with Dawn, before taking Ray out in the corner. She went back to work Dawn’s arm and took her down for a two count.

A tag was made to McKenzie and the two double teamed before McKenzie getting a near fall. Tag was then made back to Ray who countered her Gory Bomb and tossed her around the ring. McKenzie then speared the champion for a two count. After that, Dawn ran over and took out Satomura’s legs while Ray got a near fall after a lariat.

Dawn then tagged herself back in and started clubbing on McKenzie. She hooked the leg for two. McKenzie battled her way back up and connected with a DDT. Tags were then made to both partners.

The champion was taken down with a Pele kick and a suplex. Satomura got a two count after a distraction from Dawn. Ray and Satomura exchanged blows before connecting with a Gory Bomb that McKenzie broke up. Dawn then ran in to help but all four took hits. The legal women remained in the ring and Satomura started fighting back. She locked in a face lock that was broken after Dawn handed her the ropes. Ray then suplexed the legend before tagging Dawn back in, who came in with a flying knee and pinfall attempt.

Satomura made the tag to McKenzie and was met with a kick to the head. Dawn lifted her up but McKenzie countered by rolling her up for the win.

After the match, Valkyrie stood at the top of the ramp, holding a feather while staring down the winners. She left the feather at the foot of the ramp.

WINNER: Satomura & McKenzie at 9:01

(Koenig’s Analysis: Another fun match. It’s amazing how this women’s division has upped its game since the arrival of Satomura. McKenzie will be a welcome addition as she is already very good in the ring. Dawn’s improvement these pasty few months doesn’t go unnoticed.)

A-Kid in what looks like a home video saying that he is looking forward to building his legacy, and welcomes another match with Bate.

Amir Jordan shown entering the venue, hell bent on finding Kenny Williams. He saw Sid Scala who said that the two will fight next week. The video cut to Williams from earlier in the day. He said that he was the one who did all of the work and carried Jordan this entire time and can’t wait to prove himself next week.

-SPRNVA Sessions next week with Gallus.

-Recap on Walter and Brown’s rivalry


The two monsters started the match exchanging headlocks and charging into each other, with Walter taking the first fall. A standing dropkick from Brown sent Walter to the outside of the ring. Brown followed and charged into him. Brown then attempted to suplex him but Walter was having none of that. Instead, he slapped Brown across the chest and tossed him onto the apron. He then tied Brown up into the ropes to lay in more blows.

Back in the ring, Walter took control and started to beat the hell out of Brown. He locked in a Boston Crab that Walter broke himself so he could lay in some knees to Brown’s back. Walter went for a suplex that was countered into one for Brown of his own. Both men used each other to help themselves up and continued going blow for blow when they made it back to their feet. A heavy chop took down Brown for a near fall before applying a long headlock that Brown attempted to break out of.

Brown powered his way back up eventually and slammed Walter to the mat. Both men were flattened and made it up slowly. Walter went for a powerbomb that Brown reversed into a lariat. He then went to the top and took the beast down for a one count. Walter soon went to the top himself, but Brown followed suit and executed a great looking superplex, earning a near fall. Both men lie in the ring before getting up, and Walter being floored again with a side suplex followed by a Walter bomb from Brown. Walter held onto the rope while Brown attempted to drag him. Brown attempted a backdrop that was unsuccessful, giving the champion a chance to gain momentum again, and got a near fall after a pair of lariats.

Both men were obviously drained at this point. Brown climbed the ropes to get back up. He was met with a sleeper from Walter, followed by a suplex and powerbomb for two. Walter went back to the top with a frog splash for the win.

WINNER: Brown at 13:43

(Koenig’s Analysis: A battle of two behemoths for sure. It was a hard hitting and demonstrated both men’s power. I genuinely felt that Walter would drop the strap here to go full time onto one of the three WWE brands in America. Brown looked fantastic in this and even in loss gave him great credibility. This was a different type of match that Walter’s clinic with Ilja Dragunov but still worth the watch. The entire show was very good.)

-NEXT WEEK: Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams, SPRNVA Sessions with Gallus, a match with Jack Starz, Saxon Huxley vs. Nathan Frazer.

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