4/15 NXT UK HITS & MISSES: Frazer thrives against a bigger opponent, Supernova Session misses, more


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Saxon Huxley vs. Nathan Frazer – HIT

This was another building match for Frazer. Huxley was the biggest guy Frazer has ever faced and it looks like they are building him to be a heavyweight challenger who can beat bigger guys. The match was controlled by Huxley most of the time. He used his size to control the match and keep Frazer from speeding up the pace. I enjoyed seeing Frazer having to fight back in a different type of match. When Frazer made the comeback, it came with more aggression than any of his other matches to date. Frazer showed that he can fight back, be strong, not be a one-trick pony, and pulled off a win.

Norm Dar Supernova Session featuring Gallus – MISS

Again, this nonsense of a talk show shouldn’t be on this show. I understand they try to use this segment to build stories and give guys direction, but it simply doesn’t fit. This show allowed Gallus to state their new focus and what they want moving forward. In the end, Eddie Dennis & crew came out and started a brawl.

Isla Dawn vs. Emilia McKenzie – HIT

A solid match for these two women. Isla Dawn showing a darker side is a much-needed switch for her on this brand. These women wrestled with an aggressive style that built up as the match went on. As the match went on longer, the near falls were good and told a story where McKenzie still had much to learn in the ring. She allowed herself to be overcome with emotions and Dawn was able to pick up the win.

Ashton Smith vs. Jack Starz – HIT

This started the push of Jack Starz from being a lower card guy to something more. It’s interesting to see Starz coming down to hype from the announcer. In the match, Starz was shown as a work-hard babyface. Seeing him and Piper Niven together is very interesting. Her on the outside of the ring and acting like a coach is a good role at this point. Jack Starz got the win and it will be interesting to see how this act goes moving forward.

Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan – HIT

This match surprised me in the main event slot and delivered in the role. Both guys wrestled differently than they’ve been shown to thus far on the show. The match was back and forth, with Williams showing the heel tactics. Kenny ended up getting the win, but this was a good showing from both men. A nice main event.

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