4/15 NXT UK TV REPORT: Nathan Frazer vs. Saxon Huxley, Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan, more



APRIL 15, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

-The show started with a video package highlighting the shows and events of WrestleMania week.


Frazer got tossed across the ring after the start of the match when he went after Huxley’s midsection. He tried to take Huxley down again but this time got tossed into the corner. Frazer dodged his attack and got a slap in on the chest. He was then slammed to the mat after Frazer was caught while attempting a cross body from the ropes. Huxley continued his dominance again by sending the wily Frazer crotch-first into the corner post.

After stomping him near the corner, Frazer continued to be manhandled, including a near fall, until he slid down from a slam and executing a dropkick. That was all the offense he got in though, as he was quickly put into a submission. Huxley broke the hold and kept on going strong.

Frazer was placed onto the top turnbuckle and used the momentum to turn that into a cross body. He ran into Huxley a few times before knocking him out of the ring. Obligatory dive through the ropes here. They soon made it back into the ring where Frazer picked up momentum and knocked Huxley down after a springboard from the ropes. he went to the top and landed a dropkick, followed by a frog splash to get the win.


(Koenig’s Analysis: The bulk of the match was a dominant squash from Huxley, who “husses” around the ring as much as the Berzerker. Frazer’s offense throughout the match was used sparingly and believably, being the two have such a size difference. Frazer came out with a strong underdog victory, while Huxley lost no credibility as he looked strong and dominant. Well done.)

-Sha Samuels is shown ranting and raving backstage about Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Noam Dar was there to calm him and let him know that the two will be facing Mustache Mountain next week.

-This week’s SPRNVA SESSIONS saw Dar tell the audience about his match next week before introducing Gallus. They hijacked Dar’s couch and he was forced to sit in their folding chairs. Dar asked where they have been and was told that they have been working out all day and drinking at night. Wolfgang admits that he has been working on himself and controlling his anger. As Joe Coffey was speaking, Eddie Dennis came out and interrupted.

Dennis said that they got involved with Pretty Deadly’s issues and thats why they lost the title. The Hunt then came from behind and they all battled around Dar’s set, as he sat there smiling.

-Sam Gradwell shown trying to get into the BT Sports Arena. Dave Mastiff came to let him in and Gradwell berated him, so he locked him out.

-Mustache Mountain in a taped interview to also announce about their return next week.


The two walked each other around the ring before McKenzie applied a long side headlock. Dawn soon took control of the match and grounded mcKenzie with a backdrop driver. She attempted a suplex, but McKenzie countered into a roll up near fall. Dawn wasn’t having any of it and aggressively slammed her down for a pinfall attempt of her own.

Dawn applied a standing submission that McKenzie escaped from. McKenzie then took her leg out with a dropkick. She then (somehow) took Dawn down with a terrible, weak spear, getting her a two count. Dawn then sent McKenzie into the corner and ran into it before she hooked in a suplex pin for two. As Dawn watching catching her breath, McKenzie came from behind and just barely got Dawn over for a suplex and near fall. Dawn then got a two count in right before McKenzie connected with a dropkick that allowed her to corner Dawn and briefly lay in a series of punches. However, Dawn connected with a sharp snap suplex to get the win.

WINNER: DAWN at 5:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: Dawn continues to improve and McKenzie is showing her ring rust. She is skilled, though, and is welcomed back to the roster. She needs to get some reps in, though. She will be a force to reckon with by years end I imagine.)

-Jinny (with Joseph Connors) in an interview bit calling out Dani Luna and announced their match next week.

(3) ASHTON SMITH vs. JACK STARZ w/Piper Niven

Starz shot for the leg at the bell before getting thrown into the corner. He picked the ankle and brought the much larger Smith to briefly to the mat. They locked back up and Smith got in a wrist lock that Starz escaped from quickly, but was brought back down soon after. Smith went for an Irish Whip that was countered into a roll up for two.

Smith got a near fall after a hard lariat to Starz. Smith lifted him up and took him down again with a big chop and backdrop. He covered, but Starz kicked out at one as Niven yelled “keep fighting!”. Smith then with a lateral press and kicked out of the pinfall. Starz continued to fight back before being caught during a cross body. He was lifted in a standing suplex that he slid out of. He then sent Starz out of the ring.

Niven encouraged her friend as he went back into the ring, but he was met with an uppercut. Things were definitely not looking good for Starz until he caught his second wind that garnered him some offense. He flipped over Smith and rolled him up, giving him his first pinfall victory on the brand.

WINNER: Starz at 5:59

(Koenig’s Analysis: They told a good story. I didn’t think Starz would win, as he literally never has in a one on one match in NXT UK. It was a believable victory, as he caught a roll up. A feel good moment for the veteran Starz.)

-Video package on the breakup and rivalry of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan played.


Jordan ran into the ring ready to attack, and the ref rang the bell immediately as Jordan did just that, not yet even removing his scarves. He grounded and pounded Williams before Jordan left the ring. Williams came after him, but Jordan kicked him in the chest on the apron. Williams attempted to escape back into the ring, but Jordan tossed him into the step. The two went back into the ring and immediately battled all around it, with Jordan getting the first near fall.

The action went outside again, and then back into the ring, with the two fighting in the corner. It was Williams though, that remained in the ring after kicking him out into the barricade, narrowly avoiding a ten count thanks to Williams rolling him back in and immediately going for the pin. He got a two count in and went right back to work on Jordan, even stomping his head before wrenching his arm. Williams then hooked the leg for two. A pinfall attempt then occurred for both men, after a spat of lightning-quick action.

Williams smiled when Jordan kicked out, realizing that it will take more to bring down his former tag partner. He clocked him in the jaw a few times and Jordan kicked out again. Jordan made it back to his feet and the two exchanged blows. Williams dropped him for another near fall. He then started to work on Jordan’s recently repaired shoulder. He turned that attack into a straitjacket before Williams broke out of it and keep the fight going.

The two brought the match to the top turnbuckle. Williams eyeballed a superplex, but Jordan shoved him off and connected with a dropkick. Jordan then slammed him down with a crossbody and backbreaker for two. He went back to the top and connected with a senton. Cover and kick out before the two went into a series of quick 50/50 maneuvers. After that show, Williams hit a hard lariat that left both men on their backs. The blood feud would continue, as they looked eye to eye and slapped the hell out of each others’ chests. Williams caught a kick and reversed it to slam Jordan down. A two count followed. Williams would then attempt to climb to the top, but Jordan ran up and rolled him up for two. Jordan then with a superkick for yet another kick out. Williams slowly made his way to the corner where he removed the middle turnbuckle. He exposed it and whipped Jordan shoulder first into it. He took Jordan down again for the pin to cement the victory.

WINNER: Williams at 11:29

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great chapter to this story. These two were not needed in the tag team division and this match showed that both men can be headliners. The story was spectacularly told, with a lot of fast action, but not by being a spot showcase. I applaud both men.)

-NEXT WEEK: Noam Dar & Sha Samuels vs. Mustache Mountain, Jinny vs. Dani Luna

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