5/24 WWE RAW TALK REPORT: Riddle talks future with Randy Orton, Ricochet sets sights on United States Championship, more



MAY 24, 2021

Hosts: Kevin Patrick and R-Truth

This week’s guests: Charlotte Flair, Ricochet, and Riddle

– Kevin Patrick opened the show and right away they started in on the Patrick causing R-Truth to lose the 24/7 belt.

(Morgan’s Analysis: Oh, please stop this idiocy. It makes Patrick look ridiculous as a “reporter” and just lets Truth do the worst of his shtick.)

Anyway, Patrick finally started talking about the show and highlighted the final match for the women’s tag team championship and the Reginald angle. They also talked about the aborted Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre match and promoted the rematch next week with MVP and Lashley barred from ringside. Patrick also brought up the Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin match. They then moved on to a break before bringing out the first guest.

– After a vaccine PSA and an NXT promo featuring the Finn Balor vs. Cross championship match, we are back with Charlotte Flair at the desk. Happily, we got the “new” Charlotte who talks normally and if scripted (which based on the slogans she used she probably is) manages to sound like a human being with different inflections in her voice.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I will have to say however, she does sometimes lapse into her older somewhat robotic way of speaking.)

– Charlotte spent the interview touting her accomplishments and dumping on Rhea Ripley and how she is still young.

– Charlotte actually came out and said that she doesn’t “Woooo” anymore. Happy days are here. It was very quick, but an okay interview and after only about five minutes we are out and off to another break for a Smackdown promo (Jimmy Uso angle) and a prolonged promo for WWE being back on the road.

– Back from break with Ricochet was at the desk. Speaking with an attitude, Ricochet said that he wasn’t going to let Sheamus beat up on Humberto like he was, and he attacked Sheamus because he is defending his buddy and trying to stay in Sheamus’ head. After Ricochet did his Irish accent, Truth brought out what he thought was an Irish accent but was a terrible “Shrimp on the Barbie” Australian accent. After this silliness, Patrick asked Ricochet if he was in line for a title shot. Ricochet said that he was because “he took Sheamus to the limit twice.” Then the segment ended.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I will say that using his interaction with Truth, Ricochet came off much better than he has in a while. He is still a little bit “soft” in his promos and doesn’t show a ton of fire, but he does seem to be working on it. If he can get better on the mic, he could move up the card, because in the ring he is great. He just needs to show the talking talent. I’d say that based on tonight, he’s about 50% there.)

– In the break we got another NXT promo featuring the Million Dollar Man and a promo on the Mick Foley Biography on A & E. That is one I want to see.

– Next up was Riddle, heavily pushing his new “Bro-fessional” merchandise and the fact that he had a pedicure. Truth and Riddle spent a little time in their own little world until Patrick finally brought them back to the match versus Xavier Woods and Riddle’s use of the RKO as a finisher. Because this is Riddle, not a whole lot was said that really meant anything but he did allude to Randy Orton and made it seem that he and Orton were on the same page and doing well together. Whether that is true or not, who knows.

– Riddle was really excited that he ended the match with an RKO and Orton, who was on a day off watching Operation Dumbo Drop (yup, they really said that), was behind Riddle using the move. When asked, Riddle said that he and Orton are going to take over. Riddle kept talking in his style and we will have to wait and see if Orton is really okay with Riddle using the RKO, but in the meantime, it is fun to watch Riddle.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I have always thought Riddle was great in the ring, but was a bit turned off by his playing such an obtuse character. However, recently, with the Orton connection grounding everything, I must admit that I am being pulled into Riddle’s world and find myself enjoying him. It is subtle, but rather than using Riddle’s antics and naiveté as a way to downplay Riddle, it is now being used to build him up and obviously build appeal to a live crowd that is just around the corner.)

– And with a quick Ciao, Ciao from Patrick we were out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A very fast paced 25 minutes with the wrestlers getting about five to six minutes each. The show was very watchable. I would have liked more from Charlotte, exploring her somewhat new character. Ricochet was ok, but pretty forgettable. Riddle ended the show with a lot of energy and with the constant allusions to Randy Orton left the viewer wondering what the heck was going to happen. Is RK-Bro really going to soar to the top, or will the Viper turn on Riddle to devastating consequences. It will be a fine line the WWE will be walking but if they can keep us on the edge of our seats regarding what Randy is going to do, then this pairing will continue to add energy to a show that sorely needs something that the audience can talk about and speculate about and stick to the set to see what happens. All in all, a very watchable show, despite R-Truth, though I do get a sort of sick pleasure watching him pine for his lost 24/7 belt.

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