Becky Lynch reportedly set to continue as a heel after championship win at Summerslam




The Man is back, but potentially for not very long as a babyface.

PWInsider is reporting that Becky Lynch will be positioned as Smackdown’s top heel moving forward after returning to the WWE at Summerslam and winning the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Sasha Banks was unable to compete against Belair for the title at the event and after Carmella tried to lay claim to the the title shot instead, Lynch walked to the ring, attacked her, and stood toe to toe with Belair before requesting an impromptu match. Once the bell rang, Lynch went for a handshake with Belair, but then clocked her in the face before hitting a new finishing maneuver for the win. The entirety of the match lasted 12 seconds.

Lynch has been away from the WWE since May of 2020 due to having her first child. She defeated Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36 to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, but then relinquished the belt before taking her leave.

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3 Comments on Becky Lynch reportedly set to continue as a heel after championship win at Summerslam

  1. Yep. This is a good idea.

    “AEW is no competition!” – AEW Dynamite proceeds to dominate in the 18-34 demographic, NXT is moved off Wednesday nights with its tail between its legs, and half the roster is dismissed when Vince decides it’s time for a “new direction.”

    “CM Punk is not over as much as he thinks he is!” – Punk shows, sells out United Center, gets memorable standing ovation compared to Flair returning to WCW in 1998.

    Becky Lynch turning heel feels like Austin turning heel in 1997. That was a GREAT move too. So was New Coke, AfterMash, and Ghostbusters with an all-female cast.

    If Tony Khan moved AEW to Monday nights next week, they kick WWE’s ass. Period. And WWE asked for this. Remember, they’re “not wrestling.” They’re “sports entertainment.” Vince McMahon isn’t 40, 45 years old anymore. Now it’s Hollywood writers, no blood, PC and anti-bullying campaign (irony there).

    I kept waiting for WWE to respond, but they’re flailing on the mat like Mike Tyson looking for his mouthpiece. WWE: reboot your product. You may SAY you’re not a wrestling company but your business’s lifeblood is wrestling fans. Recognize it. Or, I guess, keep doing things like this.

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