9/6 ROH TV RESULTS: Pageot’s alt-perspective on La Facción Ingobernable vs. Shane Taylor Promotions, the semi-finals of the ROH Women’s Championship tournament

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor



Commentary: Ian Riccaboni

Opening theme.

-Quinn McKay was at the backstage news desk and ran down tonight’s card.

-A video package recapped Trish Adora and Miranda Alize’s journeys through the women’s tournament so far with new comments from both competitors outlining their strategies in this match. Alize said that Adora was the first woman she beat when she arrived in ROH.

Lenny Leonard and Chelsea Green were with Riccaboni on commentary. [C]


Adora tossed Alize aside and slammed her to the mat. Alize ran away to ringside. Adora pursued and took her down with a hiptoss back in the ring. Cattle mutilation blocked from Alize. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors from Alize. She bit Adora’s fingers and followed with a lungblower. Draping DDT for a two-count. They wound up at ringside again with Alize chucking Adora into the barricade. [C]

Crossbody from Adora. Rear naked choke. Rope break from Alize. Crossface. Swinging neckbreaker. Samoan drop from Adora. Cattle mutilation. Alize got to her feet and broke the move in the corner. Kick to the back of Adora’s head. Ripcord knee. Cutter. Drive-by knee but Adora got back to her feet. Headscissor into a crossface. Alize left a lot of light between her hands and Adora’s chin so Adora crawled away. Back into the crossface and Adora tapped.

WINNER: Miranda Alize in 12:16.

-Code of honor and a hug. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: Bizarre. What does Maria see in Alize that I don’t? I’m sure she’ll make Rok-C look good in the finals in that they’re roughly the same size and both Latina but I doubt there was one person who looked at the original tournament brackets and thought Alize should go to the finals ahead of Savoy, Kay, Adora… She’s also been so off and on with her heel work. If she had picked a lane and stayed a smarmy heel throughout it would have given us a bigger payoff when Rok-C beats her for the title this Sunday.)

-Video package with Angelina Love accusing Maria Kanellis-Bennett of having it out for her and booking her against a monster in the last round. Love claimed she’s still injured from that one. She’s been wrestling longer than Rok-C’s been alive and was on her way to her eighth championship. Rok-C put over her previous opponents, Sumie Sakai and Quinn McKay.


Love nursed her left arm from her previous match, giving herself an excuse for a loss here. She still took the early lead and worked over Rok-C with a one-arm clothesline and sidewalk slam. Handspring double knees from Rok-C. A slap from Love after begging off in the ropes. Rok-C rammed into the ring post. Side Russian leg sweep to Love back in the ring. [C]

They traded forearms. Eye poke from Love. DDT for two. Crossface from Rok-C into a Fujiwara armbar and Love tapped.

WINNER: Rok-C in 7:35.

-Rok-C was shocked that she did it. Love left and Alize walked out for a stare down. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: All signs point to Rok-C winning the gold. She’s beaten two former Women Of Honor Champions, division mascot Quinn McKay, and her match with Sakai remains the only match in the entire tournament to get a main event TV slot. She’s a perfectly fitting choice for the new champion if ROH really wants to sell that things are different and this version of their women’s division is really, truly going to be treated seriously this time. She’s uber-talented and is very reminiscent of a young AJ Lee or Bayley. How will the live pay-per-view crowd treat the two new faces? That’s an entirely different question. This whole tournament playing out in an empty arena has made it really hard to gauge and giving Rok-C wins over two popular babyfaces and a sympathetic heel was some questionable booking.)

Death Before Dishonor lineup update:
Eli Isom vs. Dalton Castle
The OGK vs. The Briscoes
Rok-C vs. Miranda Alize for the women’s title
LFI vs. Shane Taylor Promotions for the trios title
Josh Woods vs. Jonathan Gresham for the pure title
Bandido vs. Brody King vs. Demonic Flamita vs. EC3 for the world title

That’s this Sunday on pay-per-view and Honor Club.

-Backstage promo from LFI. King addressed Shane Taylor. The last time they were in the ring together Taylor was left on his back and it would be the same here tonight. Rush said they’ll destroy everybody.

-Backstage promo from STP. Shane Taylor said they’ve been dealing with these bitches for a year and a half. Their empire will come crumbling down at the hands of STP.

-Caprice Coleman replaced Green and Leonard on commentary. Both teams brawled at the foot of the ramp and fought into the empty arena. Security showed up for some reason, which Coleman called out. [C]

-Out of the break, both teams were lined up on the apron like good responsible children. There was a second referee at ringside, potentially setting up shenanigans.

(3) LA FACCIÓN INGOBERNABLE (Rush, Kenny King, La Bestia Del Ring, & ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee) vs. SHANE TAYLOR PROMOTIONS (O’Shay Edwards & ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor, Moses, & Kaun) – LUCHA RULES

Moses and King started. Moses beat him down and King fled to the floor. Lucha rules meant Dragon Lee could enter without a tag. Kaun joined him. Lee hit a slingshot dropkick. Kaun with a right hand. Kaun fell to the floor and ate a suicide dive. Edwards pounced on Lee, then took him back into the ring. Powerslam to Lee. Bestia entered illegally and speared Edwards. Lee rolled out and Edwards got gang-attacked at ringside. Bestia and Edwards traded chops in the ring. Bestia with a suplex. Edwards with a running powerslam. Rush and Taylor tagged in.

Rush with a German suplex and dropkick. Edwards and Kaun in but Lee helped Rush clear them. Everything broke down at ringside. Taylor and Lee were left in the ring. They traded knees. Package piledriver to Lee but Rush pulled the referee out of the ring. Moses was unconscious at ringside. King kicked Taylor between the legs. The ref returned to count three.

WINNERS: La Facción Ingobernable in 7:28.

-LFI stood tall to close the show.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Everyone knows getting kicked in the groin is enough to knock you out cold for a three-count. Anyway since this was taped (a while ago) Rush was announced as being out of action for eight months. I can’t say I recall if Death Before Dishonor is typically one of the bigger pay-per-views for ROH but it certainly doesn’t feel like it here with only two matches on this go-home show being used to hype the PPV. Next week will likely be the last episode taped from this cycle so hopefully in two weeks we get some TV footage with fans in attendance.)

-Next week: it’s Violence Unlimited vs. Kenny King & Dragon Lee for the tag titles.

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