ROH wrestler Shane Taylor discusses learning from The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, has he heard back from the Superkliq regarding his challenge, says contract talks have reached the serious stage with other companies

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


Pro Wrestling Torch columnist Sean Radican interviewed ROH veteran Shane Taylor in a VIP exclusive podcast. Taylor discussed a wide-variety of topics including the formation of Shane Taylor Promotions, his reaction to hearing ROH was going on hiatus and what the atmosphere was like at the TV taping that took place shortly after, his relationship with Keith Lee, Darius Lockhart’s tweet about black wrestling building from within, and his to his upcoming Fight Without Honor match against Kenny King at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2021 PPV.

The following are quotes from Taylor about what he learned from being around The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and Cody Rhodes when they were in Ring of Honor together, his recent challenge on Twitter to the SuperKliq to face Shane Taylor Promotions, moving Shane Taylor Promotions as a whole to a new promotion, and whether or not they have had serious talks yet with other wrestling promotions.

-Taylor was asked if he learned anything about branding himself from working with The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes when they were on the same roster together in Ring of Honor. Taylor said he learned a lot from watching what they did to market themselves and grow their own brand. “Of course, youre not really doing yourself any favors if you’re not trying to learn from everybody and why would you not try to learn from The Bucks and Learn from Cody, guys who have built an empire,” said Taylor.

“They built an entire company off of their self promotion… Definitely taking and learning from afar as much as I can about what they were doing, the moves they were trying to make, and just putting your hat in as many rings as possible. You got to respect everything that they’ve done. The run that they’re on, it’s legendary. Definitely got to try to learn from that as much as possible and apply it to your own way of doing things as much as you can.”

-Taylor was also asked about making a challenge to SuperKliq (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson & Adam Cole) recently on Twitter and whether or not he’s heard anything back from the other side. Taylor said he hasn’t heard anything from them. “I haven’t heard anything back, “said Taylor. “Here’s the thing, right. If you’re going to say you’re the best trio in professional wrestling, you have every right to feel that way. The problem is they have things that determine the best trio in wrestling primarily being championships that determine who is the best trio in wrestling.

“The last time I checked, the SuperKliq didn’t have any championships to say that they are the best trios in wrestling. We do. Especially since your EVPs, especially since you have all of the ability all of the stroke to say hey we want to challenge these guys or we really want to see who the best is, all of that is possible. So, my point to them was hey, if you haven’t faced us, I don’t care who else you beat. I don’t care who else thinks that they want to try to jump the line. We’re the ones that are here right now holding championships that say we are the best trio in this sport and if you’re not in there with us or you haven’t beat us, don’t call yourself the best. You might be the most popular. You can call yourselves that. You might be the most chanted. You can call yourselves that, but don’t call yourselves the best.”

-Taylor was asked about the challenge of moving all of the members of Shane Taylor Promotions to a new organization. Taylor admitted that it would be difficult for them to move as a unit to a new company, but he thinks it is possible given the value they present to a wrestling company.“It’s a challenge for sure,” said Taylor. “It’s not going to be easy to move those contracts at once. We understand that, but in this sport it’s about what you’re going to make on the back end. I believe that the return on investment for Shane Taylor Promotions as a collective is going to be tenfold and we are to be very very special and ven just the last two years understanding that the rise we’ve had has been 99% just self promotion and us going out there and performing to the very best of our ability and the people that we’ve had a chance to work with going out there and performing to the best of their ability and just building a brand and a following off of that alone and so for me the idea of having corporate backing that want to market and promote us as much as possible only makes me think were only to become bigger and better as time moves on.”

As a follow up Taylor was asked if the contract he had had so far had gotten serious. Taylor said talks had gotten to the serious stage with a few companies. “Talks have been serious with a few,” said Taylor. “Obviously you know we’re all kind of just waiting to see how the landscapes shake out and things like that, so a lot of options are on the table and we’re kind of just waiting to see what happens.”

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