1/18 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Adam Cole vs. Kaun, Garcia vs. Greene, Velvet vs. Vipress, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


JANUARY 18, 2021

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Eddie Kingston

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the show.


A quick Adam Cole Bay-Bay pose led to Kaun showing his power taking Cole down, as he strut away. Cole used the trunks to send Kaun outside and Cole hit a bicycle kick to the floor. A neckbreaker back inside allowed Cole to wear Kaun down with a headlock. Kaun battled back with a series of clotheslines, corner splash and pump kick to the face with Cole hung up in the ropes. Pescado by Kaun got him a two count back inside. Kaun hit a very nice gut buster for another near fall. Kaun wanted a superplex, but Cole fought free with an eye rake, missed a Panama Sunrise, but popped Kaun with an enziguri. Kaun blocked a boot and applied a single leg crab, but Cole got the ropes. Cole surprised Kaun with an enziguri and superkick for two of his own. Kaun countered the Panama Sunrise again into a back suplex for two. Kaun charged, but ate two superkicks as Cole lowered The Boom for the victory. Post match, Tony Schiavone put over Cole’s match tomorrow, but Cole told him to scram as it’s time for Story Time with Adam Cole Bay-Bay. He put over Britt & himself, his undefeated record and called himself the greatest free agent signing this company or any company will ever make.

WINNER: Adam Cole in 8:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Some people will probably criticize Cole for giving Kaun this much offense, but I really enjoyed this match quite a bit. Kaun looked fantastic and Cole was able to pick up an impressive win ahead of his mix tag with Britt tomorrow night.)

(2) GUNN CLUB (Austin & Colten w/Billy Gunn) vs. BISON XL & LARINTIZ X

Excalibur says Austin & Colten remind him of olives, because he hates them too. Bell sounds and we get a loud Ass Boys chant, which has become tradition. Both Ass Boys isolated Larintiz early, with Colten absolutely launching him clear across the ring and hit a follow up clothesline that turned Larintiz inside out. Larintiz got off a jaw breaker on Colten, low bridge on Austin as Bison made the hot tag for about 15 seconds. He made the tag to Larintiz, who was quickly put away with a powerbomb neckbreaker combination for the win.

WINNERS: Gunn Club in 2:30

(Howard Analysis: Chalk up another victory for the Ass Boys, who have quite a few victories under their belts already in 2022. As of this writing, Danhausen promised a song soon about Colten & Austin, so I look forward to that driving the Ass Boys crazy.)


Hirsch got a quick takedown early, as she picked the ankle in the process. Perez got to her feet, but ran into a gut wrench throw from Hirsch. Leyla took a bow, but turned into a jawbreaker, backstabber, running senton for two. Perez hit a charging uppercut, but missed the second try, as Hirsch swept the leg into a running dropkick in the corner. Perez fought off a back suplex before both ladies traded stiff forearms. Hirsch powered through a cazadora German suplex counter and hit a running V-Trigger for the pin.

WINNER: Leyla Hirsch in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: For a three minute match, both ladies were able to trade quite a few stiff shots in this one. I’m happy Leyla seems to finally be getting a feud on TV with Statlander and it’s a feud I hope she wins.)


Archer hit a Thesz Press before the bell and just chopped Cross mercilessly in the corner. Archer kept asking the crowd if they wanted another one, but refused and told them all to shut up. A very quick Black Out could’ve won it for Archer, who opted for the E.B.D. Claw for the pinfall.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I’m happy Archer is back, as he seems to be primed for a big match with Hangman Page coming soon. I can only assume we’re going to get a lot of Archer squashes leading up to that match, which I fully support. I also wonder if the pairing with Jake Roberts is either just on hold or just finished.)

(5) VARSITY BLONDS (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart) vs. ADRIAN ALANIS & LIAM GRAY

Excalibur points out the change in Julia Hart’s demeanor since getting misted from Malakai Black. All her energy is gone as she just is standing ringside. The Blonds double teamed Gray early with a double suplex and hit an assisted dropkick on Alanis. Gray flipped out of a back suplex and sent Griff into his partner. Alanis chopped away at Griff, but Griff hit a roaring elbow, Pillman hit a superkick and Jackhammer for the quick win. Post match, Tony Schiavone interviewed The Blonds, who said they’re sick of the mind games and they’ll beat Black & Brody King’s ass on Dynamite.

WINNERS: The Varsity Blonds in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I firmly believe that when Julia takes off her eye patch, she’ll reveal a red eye similar to Malakai Black and her heel turn will be complete. I’ll honestly be let down if that doesn’t end up happening.)


Vipress mocked Velvet’s stir it up off a shoulder tackle, but ate a leg lariat for her trouble. Velvet hit a snap mare into a single leg dropkick for two. Vipress responded with a roll up into a face buster for just a one count. Vipress hit a Michonoku Driver for two, as Velvet fought back with a nice combo that ended in a round house kick. A superkick to the knee led to The Final Slice to give Velvet the win.

WINNER: Red Velvet in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Vipress got in some solid offense, but it wasn’t enough, as Velvet picked up a quick victory in this one.)

(7) SKYE BLUE vs. ROBYN RENEGADE (w/Charlette Renegade)

Both ladies traded arm bars early, with Blue getting an awkward trip for a one count. Blue tried a monkey flip, Robyn blocked it, which allowed Charlette to trip up Blue and Robyn hit a spinebuster for two. Robyn got a Camel Clutch, but fish hooked the mouth in the process. Robyn trash talked the fans, but missed a corner splash. Blue hit a step up knee strike and cartwheel superkick. Charlette jumped on the apron and ate a superkick of her own, then another one to Robyn before Skye hit a spinning Flatliner for the three.

WINNER: Skye Blue in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: There was a few clunky spots in this one, but Blue looks ready for Serena Deeb tomorrow on Dynamite.)


A couple quick shoulder tackles from Anna got a few near falls. Anna missed a corner attack, which allowed Nieves to hit a few uppercuts and sliding lariat for two. Anna responded with a corner upper kick, spinning Jay kick and sliding dropkick. Anna quickly applied the Queen Slayer for the submission.

WINNER: Anna Jay in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Happy belated 10th birthday -1, the toughest member of Dark Order! Quick win for Anna, as she was able to give -1 a victory for his birthday. I did like Taz saying he asked -1 what he wanted for his birthday and told him for Excalibur to be gone.)


Greene used his speed to take Garcia down early with a few arm drags. When Greene was on the second rope, Garcia sent him crashing to the floor, took the ref as 2point0 put the boots to Greene. Garcia zoned in on the lower back of Greene, as Excalibur pointed out it’s to soften up his opponent for the Scorpion Deathlock. Garcia applied a bow and arrow, but Green spun out into a two count. Garcia popped up with a running knee to the midsection. Garcia sank in a Boston Crab, but Greene got the ropes, despite Lee & Parker pulling the ropes from him. Garcia tried an abdominal stretch, but Greene hip tossed out and hit a jaw breaker into a neckbreaker. Greene hit a float over slam for two, but Garcia fired off a strike combo. Greene bounced Garcia off the ropes and hit a rad Doctor Bomb for two. Garcia avoided a Killswitch, but ate a Greene superkick. Greene went for another one, but Garcia blocked and got an abdominal stretch for the submission. Post match, Tony Schiavone talked about all the problems 2point0 & Garcia have with so many people. They’re coming for the Inner Circle rats and Garcia is coming for the TNT Title in 2022.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia in 7:30

(Howard’s Analysis: When was the last time you saw someone win with an abdominal stretch? I absolutely love that Garcia’s wins come out of nowhere. I’d like to highly recommend the Terminus show that happened last weekend, as Daniel Garcia had a strong showing at that event. 2point0 and their son are one of the best acts in AEW.)


Ryan & Bullock are rocking Zubaz, which immediately made them over with Taz. The bell sounded and both bears hit a bodyslam battering ram on each opponent. Ryan was hit so hard he appeared to do a little pose in the process. Ryan made the tag to Bullock, who he hyped up, but none of his offense had an effect. Boulder gorilla pressed Bullck onto Ryan before Boulder backpacked Bronson for a cannonball in the corner. The Bear Bomb on Bullock won it for Bear Country.

WINNERS: Bear Country in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Bear Country back in the win column after suffering a loss on Dynamite. I’d like to see the Bears get more wins on shows like this and it lead to wins against more established teams. I’ll never complain about a Bear Country squash though.)


Yuta & Avalon traded early takedowns before having a quick exchange. Criss cross by Yuta, who popped Avalon with a dropkick, which sent him crawling to Drake. Both Drake & Orange tagged in, continuing their rivalry from last week. Orange fired the crowd up as slowly as possible, but ate a Drake back elbow, so Orange bailed. Yuta hit a springboard arm drag, but ran into a pop up slam. Avalon tagged in and Nemeth tripped Yuta right in front of Rick Knox, who did nothing, because Rick Knox never scolds anyone it seems. Yuta was isolated and tried fighting free, but Drake planted him with a Boss Man Slam for two. Avalon hit a huge splash off the top for two of his own. Yuta remained isolated until he hit a top rope cross body on Avalon for the double down. As hot of a tag as you could make was made to Orange Cassidy, who immediately hit his shin kicks on Drake. Step up head scissors on Drake and kip up by Cassidy, who hit a tope suicida outside. Orange hit a Stundog Millionaire on Avalon and German suplex from Yuta. Nemeth jumped in the ring and hit with a tilt a whirl DDT before Yuta took out Nemeth & Avalon with a dive. Back inside, Drake missed a corner splash, which allowed Orange to hit the Orange Punch to get the victory.

WINNERS: Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta in 7:30

(Howard’s Analysis: This was an action packed main event from two teams you can always count on to have solid matches on Dark. There was zero mention of JD Drake coming out with masked men last week in his match with Orange Cassidy, so I assume they either forgot or we were just to assume they were The Wingmen and we move on?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: There was a Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson tag match promoted for this show, but it never happened. I don’t know if that FTR match is still happening tomorrow or if it got bumped due to Jon Moxley returning? I want to point out that during this show, Kip Sabian, who I assume that’s who it is, has been sitting ringside with a box on his head like he has other shows. The fans chanted Block Head at Matt Lee during this match and Kip turned around like it was directed at him, which I laughed at. Garcia & Greene had match of the night, with the opener and main event being fun as well. Your standard AEW Dark squashes filled the rest of the card in an otherwise pretty fun episode tonight.

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